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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seniors Walking Across America

Been 7 long weeks since my initial post. That Blaine 50-mile walk resulted in shin-splints which have taken that long to heal. For 7 weeks, have not walked a step. Everyday my damaged shins & feet received 30 minutes each of gentle reflexology. Yesterday, I began walking again - covered 16 miles in 2 sessions. Today, my shins are tender again...not pulled/damaged...just tender; kinda like turning out for the first day of basketball practice. Will take it easy for the next week or so to strengthen the muscles/tendons.

In the meantime, I'm nearing completion building "Sam", my travelling companion to Key West. Next blog, I will attach a photograph of Sam. Sam is my high-tech baby stroller, equipped with a 36-volt hub motor, battery pack, ac charging system, 90-watt solar panel charging system, controllers, thumb switches, etc. Also included is an auxiliary 12v battery system for lighting, GPS, inverter for AA & AAA battery charging. Have also added bicycle-style lighting fore & aft. Being completed next week is my "shelter", an integral part of Sam which can be set up in a 4 x 8ft space in less than 5 minutes. My shelter includes spaces for cooking, sitting, overhead lighting, & well as Sam snug inside. No need for a tent. Would like a name for my shelter...any suggestions?

This afternoon, I took "completed" Sam on a powered 1-mile shakedown walk. WOW...Sam is everything I planned. later....