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Friday, February 27, 2015


Tomorrow is the final day of February 2015...seems impossible !!!

For the past month, have been mentally and physically ready to walk and roll back to BELLINGHAM, Washington, put SAM back in storage, fly via DELTA to PORTLAND, Maine, recover SPIA out of storage and continue our way to KEY WEST ... then diagonally back to BELLINGHAM.

The persistent deep freeze and most recently, some foot of snow on the ground, have kept SAM and ME inside DALLAS' home and off the treacherous winter roadways.

Last night was 10 F.  Starting tomorrow, temperatures will be at or above freezing.  Alas, our flight from BELLINGHAM to PORTLAND, Maine is on June 21 ... not enough time to walk and roll the 2,500 miles from CULLODEN to BELLINGHAM. to catch our prepaid flight.

We detailed a route from CULLODEN to LAUREL, Mississippi, thence taking US Route 11 to Maine.  That route places SAM and ME in PORTLAND, Maine in late August, 2015...too late in the season to walk out of the North East before another winter descends upon us.

We are leaning, therefore, toward leaving HURRICANE in the next few days, on US Highway 60 East over the Allegheny Mountains to Virginia where we will pick up US Highway 11 North via the SHENANDOAH Valley, on to WASHINGTON, D.C., then via MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY, sequentially through central CONNECTICUT and  RHODE ISLAND, to BOSTON, Massachusetts, and finally to PORTLAND, Maine to retrieve SPIA; then, the pleasure our long standing Dinner Date with VICKY and her Hubby awaits in their NEW HAMPSHIRE home .

Yours Truly...Bruce Maynard...after nearly five years walking America with SAM...twelve crossings with some 27,000 miles passing underfoot.

Betting on this product to render a temporary fix to the oil leak in SPIA's Rear Main Seal.

SPIA's Name...? :  Coined by a incarcerated teenager following SAM and ME since 2009:


Please say HELLO to JAY, MIKE, and crew member chasing down a utility malfunction in below ZERO ( COLD ) weather.

The Contractor.

A few hours later...progress is evident.

Coal Train passing the SENIOR CENTER in HURRICANE, West Virginia.

Please say HELLO to PAUL.  PAUL is the Senior Center CHEER LEADER, daily reminding ALL to " everything on your plate to be Me."... "...see, I never leave ANYTHING on my plate...", gleefully holding up his (mostly) empty lunch tray.

Lots of "sharing" and "trading" going on at lunch.

MY NEW tent being tested in DALLAS' Family Room.  Previous tent wore out, nearly drowning SAM and ME a while back over nighting in MINNESOTA

Interstate 64 traffic passing the home of DALLAS'.  Passing trucks actually shake the house as they seem to roar through the walls.  Believe Coal Tunnels may pass under the Freeway AND DALLAS' property, conducting sound and vibration through the tunnel(s) just under the surface.

Temperature at DALLAS' home this morning.  Has reached near MINUS 20 F.

Sunrise from DALLAS' covered backyard patio.

DALLAS' Front yard parking

4th Street, CULLODEN, West Virginia, leading to DALLAS' home some 600 feet distant over the wee hill.

*  * * * * * * * * *

I have been experiencing some breathing difficulty the past few weeks.  No breathing problems walking - some 6 to 10 miles daily - just difficulty when lying prone.  Am maintaining medication prescribed, but also have a persistent lower throat / lung cough.

Must get back on the road where all becomes normal again ... and where I will lose the added weight while receiving wholesome daily meals.  Am down to the final belt buckle hole which will never do.

Was doing great while dancing with SALLY,; ... Alas, she has been taken away ... SSssoooo,

Plan "B" ...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Five months in West Virginia has left an indelible impression...about the land...about the people...about the language...about the fierce pride instilled in the folks who call this Tri-State corner home.

SALLY has peeked out from her hidy hole ...even accepting my dance (Jitterbug / Swing) request last week...making it clear and final that there is no space for further relationship between us.  Grateful for the few moments we shared gliding above the (concrete) dance floors of Huntington, Milton and Culloden.

Betty, too, has taken a road divergent from her invitation into her life, her and automobile keys have been returned to her...she kept my $500.00.

But for the recent snow storm, SAM and ME would be on our way once again.  For the moment, DALLAS and CAROL welcome our continued presence in their Culloden home.  I have some weeks ago initiated morning and evening home cooked meals together, rewarding us with more moments together if not a few new-found pounds we could all do without.

I must admit to growing loss of day and night vision...loss significent enough to become worrysome.

We have a new tent, air mattress and sleeping bag.

The STENTS are causing increasing irritation./..if not some pain... night and day.  By-pass surgery has been suggested as being a near-future option.

Waiting for a proper weather window.  Have not settled on a time or route to walk.  Plan arriving by mid June in Portland, Maine to retrieve SPIA from storage.

HURRICANE private Mail Box bearing the last name ( LOVEJOY )  of DALLAS.  Not a relative of DALLAS, however the name LOVEJOY is common in these parts.

Please say HELLO to CAROL, DALLAS, and FLORA, Sister in Law of DALLAS.

FLORA and ME at the CULLODEN Saturday Night dance.

Please say HELLO to FLORA, a most delightful lady...and Widow to the Brother of DALLAS.

Please say HELLO to JAMES ....

.... and his wife, BETTY, both of whom oversee the Saturday Night CULLODEN Dances.

One of two US FOODS Warehouses in CULLODEN / HURRICANE, West Virginia, receiving and distributing fresh foods nationwide. 

Senior Center facilities located in neighboring City of NITRO...home town of CAROL

Many activities are available daily, including a nutritious lunch.  Most local cities and towns in the Tri State Region offer similar Senior Centers.

Please say HELLO to DON, a local Disc Jockey offering dance music at NITRO Senior Center. 

Line Dancing to DON's music.

DO-SI-DO ...

DON and CAROL.  For years, CAROL was a fixture at the NITRO City Senior Center

Please say HELLO to Yours Truly and RUTH .....

Please say HELLO to DONNA, Director of NITRO Senior Center.

NITRO Senior Center Facilities.

Please say HELLO to LILLY, HURRICANE City Senior Center Staff member.

Please say HELLO to sisters PATTY and RUTH

Please say HELLO to ROB who stopped in at the Senior Center to interview DALLAS regarding reaching old age.

Please say HELLO to CAROL, dedicated to helping DALLAS through daily Diabetes treatments.

12 inch snow pack tn the back yard of DALLAS' home.

Garbage Can Art ... yes, a good 12 inches inabout 12 hours.  Next few days will see another + / - 4 inches falling in "MINUS" Temperatures.

CAROL's Pontiac blanketed under a foot of feather-light snow.

Here comes the CSX Coal Train.

In the midst of our snow storm of yesterday, the 109 Car Crude Oil Train from North Dakota derailed and self destructed by exploding some 60 miles from HURRICANE.

* * * * * * * * * *

The WART on the bottom of my left foot is healing nicely using DR. SCHOLL'S "Clear Away".  Absolutely criminal Dr. White demands $700.00 to LOOK, LANCE, and BANDAGE the Wart on my foot.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Winter cold and snow has finally arrived in CULLODEN, West Virginia.

SAM and ME have been hosted for a bit over four months by DALLAS...having been invited to Winter Over.  Looks as though another two or three weeks will see SAM and ME on our way, walking and rolling back across America.  Plan to route ourselves to DeKALB, Illinois, (to visit Sister CAROL for the sixth time on foot), thence West via Highway 30 and 20, transiting YELLOWSTONE, arriving at the BLAINE, Washington USA/CANADA Border Crossing approximately June 01, 2015.

June 21, 2015, have prepaid DELTA Airline ticket from BELLINGHAM, Washington to PORTLAND, Maine, where we will recover our MAZDA MPV, "SPIA" from storage.  Once again, SPIA, and ME will cross AMERICA.  SPIA will go back into storage at BELLINGHAM while SAM and ME will walk and roll East...shaking bushes to discover new treasures...which we will share in pics and narrative blog updates.

My 5-year plan to walk from LISBON, Portugal to BEIJING is still on, but becoming somewhat dim with world turmoils blocking our route...and lack of $$ to finance our way.

Please say HELLO once again to DALLAS and his sidekick, BUDDY. 

Please say HELLO to JOY, Director of HURRICANE, West Virginia SENIOR CENTER.  Monday through Friday, Lunch is served for a cost of from $1,50 to $4.00 - based on individual $$ income.

Senior Center is hosting Seniors to FREE IRS Tax Returns...a $180.00 value...among other benefits available to all Seniors .

HURRICANE SENIOR CENTER and IRS Tax Return visitors, receiving FREE lunch while waiting their turn.

Scenic back roads in Winter's Majesty...SAM and ME have, for the recent months, walked and rolled these byways preparing for our continued crossing(s) of America.

DALLAS' Church in nearby BOURBONVILLE.

After church lunch potluck offered each Saturday.

Please say HELLO to DALLAS and the family of his SON, SCOTT, during their visit last week.

Please say HELLO to sleepy Grandson BRYSEN, Wife, AMBER, Baby LANDON, and SCOTT.    .

Dead-end drive adjacent to the home of DALLAS.  I-64 forms a "T" at the end of the drive.  City of CHARLESTON, Capital of West Virginia, is 35 miles East (to the right).

* * * * * * * * * *

DALLAS has during recent many weeks, submitted to daily out-patient Diabetis treatments, which continue for some weeks into the future.  His friend, CAROL, has been at his side as unofficial caregiver and companion.  I have taken it upon myself to see to providing - buying, preparing, and cleanup - balanced meals for the three of us - with grateful participation by Carol and the Senior Center.

A minor foot irritation led me to visit the local hospital, where Emergency Room Dr. ADKINS, MD, certified a CALLUS on the bottom of my left foot was the cause.  Dr. ADKIN referred me to Dr. WHITE of the WEST VIRGINIA FOOT CARE SPECIALIST,   I made an appointment with Dr. WHITE to look at my CALLUS.  The following occurred:

Technicians began by beginning tests related to my heart.  I expressly told them not to do that as my visit was to be limited to my CALLUS.  The Technicians then proceeded to take a series of X-Rays...which I again objected to as having nothing to do with my clearly visible CALLUS.  They insisted on completion of six X-Rays over my objections.

Dr. WHITE appeared, lifted my foot to examine, saying he was going to freeze it...again over my objection.  Dr. White then, without another word, taking a scalpel, proceeded to cut open my foot.
followed by taking a photograph with his IPhone...proudly shoving the phone under my eyes..."See, said he"...BLOOD.  "You do not have a CALLUS"..."you have a WART !"  Where upon his technician applied some liquid and a bandage, as Dr. WHITE, left the examining Room saying, "We'll give you a kit.  "Follow the instructions and come back in two weeks."   I did NOT take his "Kit", which cost $19.95...his method of gathering in some extra $$ from the local pharmacy???

I was handed back my walking shoes with the explanation that new insoles had been substituted for my own.  I objected that my insoles were perfectly fine...removed the new ones and reinserted my own.

Upon leaving the crowded waiting room, I was LOUDLY called back to pay my Office Visit Co-Pay of $167.00.  I asked .."for what?...I was here all of 10 minutes.  The clerk said my entire charges were $699.00, most of which was being billed to MEDICARE.  "You gotta be kidding", was my shocked reply.

I objected, demanding a detailed cost breakdown, which after a short delay was presented with the following $$ breakdown in writing:

$181.00     Code 99203 - Office Registration -:i.e. signing me up
$203.00     Code 17110 - Dest Benign Lesion - i.e. Dr. WHITE's treatment of my WART
$280.00     Code 73630 & 73610 - X-Rays
$  35.00     Code 40664 - Shoe Insert

$699.00     TOTAL

Not the first time medical experts have disagreed on my conditions...which may be found in prior posts.  I have easily self-treated WARTS on the bottom of my foot.  This one I could not see, but with continued self-treatment, it is nearly gone.  Proper diagnosis by ER would have avoided any referrals and the resultant questionable charges.