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Monday, June 30, 2014

POST 1364; JUNE 30, 2014; NEWARK, NEW YORK

New York is getting hot and humid.

Last night was, I hope, typical in that a massive thunderstorm moved in as the Sun slipped beyond the horizon.  Lightning strikes reached out followed by earthshaking thunder.  One strike was right on top of SPIA...stunning blast of light simultaneous with SPIA rocking on her springs from the crash of thunder . 

Continuing for about one hour, the air cooled at least 30 did the humidity. 

...and the storm was gone as quickly as it appeared.

Bank informed me my DEBIT CARD PIN was in the mail.  They also suggested I could use the card as a CREDIT CARD, by-passing the DEBIT PIN.  Tried it to purchase Ice this morning at WALMART, and it worked just fine; so, I again have access to my meager remaining stipend .  Only three more days until SS $$ arrives at the bank. more thing.  Today I begin my 80th Year. 

I often tell folks that THIS MOMENT is my most important moment since my walk began.  I insist on making this moment the most important moment I have.  Decisions (or lack of decisions) may well result in success or failure - or something in between - , so I project that same reasoning to my age. 

Today I experience 1/365 of my 80th year on this Planet.  Tomorrow I will enjoy 2/365 of my 80th year.

I see no reason to claim 80 years only on day 365/365 of my 80th year.  I intend to make EACH day of my 80th year the most important as they occur.  Kinda like the reasoning that I have lived since 40 years ago...the day I mentally RETIRED, completing 40 years of RETIREMENT as of TODAY.

It's all a matter of perception.

I have already completed 40 years of RETIREMENT...quite a jump on those who waited...and so very many failed to experience the enjoyment of the reward(s) RETIREMENT brings.

Spent last night at WALMART in the town of MACEDON.  ERIE CANAL LOCK 30 is in MACEDON.

As $$ are somewhat short, have begun to eat from my RESERVES, which I provided on January 02, 2014...Day Number ONE of this walk.  Thanks to a number of timely DONATIONS along the way, my RESERVES are still at 100%.  You know who you are and I am forever in your debt .

Route 31 which I am walking, following the ERIE CANAL from end to end.

Still finding the rare farms along the way.  Most communities are evolving into something more, such as increasing tourism and becoming home to a growing number of industrial and commercial businesses.

New York's FINGER LAKES are passing five to ten miles South of Route 31`.   CANANDAIGUA LAKE is directly South down CANANDIAGUA ROAD.  The next Finger Lake will be SENECA LAKE, laying below the village of LYONS, some 10 miles East on Route 31 from NEWARK, where I am creating this update at McDonald's at 3:00 pm EDT

Have been working on the computer for 3 hours already, with another hour or so to go.  Looking out McDonald's window facing West, thunderheads are once again building, most likely preparing for this evening's storm.

Local Mailbox.


I continue to be concerned at the lack of birds...birds of all types, Coast to Coast and Border to Border

ERIE CANAL Lock Number 29, PALMYRA, New York.

Father and Son fishing for Large Mouth Bass in the "BYPASS" to Lock 29.  Bass were being caught in great numbers at this says the Father...Bass 18 - 20 inches on Saturday, two days ago...not so today, however.

The ERIE CANAL is constantly changing elevation (above Sea Level), requiring "NEW" water being added and removed to keep the water flowing at a more or less constant depth.  This requires an influx of additional water at several places along the course of the canal.  Conversely, water must be removed for the same reason.

CLICK to enlarge.

West end of Lock 29...currently (mostly) empty of water.  Boat arriving from the East will drive into the "empty" (or nearly empty) lock.  As the Lock Chamber fills with water, it will "LIFT" the boat about 16 feet to the level of the EIRE CANAL water in the next section of the canal.

To transit the Canal, each boat will be lifted or lowered many times.

Empty Chamber of Lock 29 awaiting arrival of the next vessel traveling West.

PALMYRA advertises itself as the QUEEN of ERIE CANAL cities.

These pictures tend to support that claim.

Too bad I'm going to miss Sunday FREE Dinner.

PALMYRA MURALS are concentrated together on a communal wall 1/2 block off Main Street (Route 31).

* * * * * * * * * *

Should complete POSTING by 5:00 pm EDT, leaving 3.5 hours until darkness sets in.  Will go find WALMART, park, and set off on my third walk of the day.

I trust the changing format - a bit more in depth attention to people, events, and villages instead of A to B walking the road - is pleasing.  I am flexible, so comments and suggestions will be eagerly received and considered for implementation; for example, a short drive to a Finger Lake might be appealing.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


A slight change in plans this morning put me back on the road after breakfast with CAMP ABILITIES

Back to searching out Barns and other familiar features was a bit of a let down from intense personal contacts the past many hours.  So pleased to have been invited to share Camp Indoctrination...moments I shall not soon forget.

Parked SPIA at this Convenience Store a bit on the outskirts of BROCKPORT on Route 31 while I walked 4 hours (16 miles).

Drove closer to ROCHESTER, New York, but quickly entered city streets..totally unsuitable for walking.  Should have required 10 minutes to follow Route 31 cross town.  Became "LOST" three times because of unreadable road signs and unexpected Route 31 changes of direction.

Considered - but rejected - taking the Freeway Circle route.

Big mistake !

Finally re-found Route 31 and McDonald's WIFI in a Shopping Center, where tackled this update offering - meager as it is.  Again, positive from negative, a middle age lady stopped to chat which led us to taking lunch together...affording me the opportunity to pick up her tab.

Even got a Birthday HUG as she went on her way and I happily completed the update posting.

Lunch Lady, KAREN, did tell me of a WALMART some 5 miles distant on Route 31.

Route 31 approaching ROCHESTER, New York.


Not many barns in this region, but did manage to find this nice Red one.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now 3:00 pm EDT. 

Will attempt to Post, then drive to WALMART

My Bellingham bank helped resolve the blocking of my DEBIT CARD.  One month ago, received a new card, which came with a new PIN number.  After sctivating the new card, did not use that card again for 3 weeks.  When I finally ran it through ATM, I had forgotten about the new PIN number, causing repeated "DECLINE" messages; after two such DECLINE messages, VISA automatically put a HOLD on the card in an attempt to defeat fraud.

Cannot find or remember the new PIN., my  
remaining $$ continue to be blocked until the new pin reaches me.

Must put my mind to rest regarding the welcomed interaction with so many super folks the past couple days.  Re-visited the stress of LEAVING yet again.  Then KAREN the Lunch Lady also extended that "empty" feeling that remains after the final GOOD BYE.

Am on a mission.  Interludes are swell, but test my psychological stability a bit.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Two days ago, had arrangements to over night at WALMAET in BROCKPORT.

It was still early, so took a trip to the ERIE CANAL.

About to cross the Canal over the Lift Bridge, was asked by a lovely lady - surrounded by a bevy of young delightful women - the significance of my Safety Vest SENIORS WALKING AMERICA.  By the time I got it explained, I was invited to dinner...invited to stay overnight at BROCKPORT COLLEGE CAMPUS...was asked to join a "CAMP ABILITIES" week  

Dinner I accepted.
Overnight, I accepted
Would decide in the morning about CAMP ABILITIES.


Turns out CAMP ABILITIES is a camp week for the BLIND - DEAF, comprising 19 camps each year located around the World.


Downtown BROCKPORT, New York.

Please say HELLO to LAUREN, Founder and hands on organizer of CAMP ABILITIES camps world wide.

Dedicated to teaching BLIND "Campers" the fine arts of a series of Sports, including Track and Field, Swimming, Gymnasium, and Gymnastic events,  one of 60 volunteer - mostly exciting college students working on Advance degrees - are paired with one of 60 Campers.

In addition, Experts for each sport is on staff to assist Instructors and Campers on a Group by Group basis.  The Campers / Instructors are paired in four groups of 15.  At the end of Camp Week, Group Competitions are held.

Please say HELLO to STANLEY, Father of LAUREN.

Over dinner, I also met STANLEY's Grand Daughters and a couple Nieces, all of whom participate at some level for CAMP ABILITIES. 

20 years has gone into creating and refining CAMP ABILITIES.  Staff, including LAUREN, work as VOLUNTEERS, receiving NO compensation.  The entire organization world wide is supported by grants, contributions or Fund Raisers sponsored and executed by the Staff.

ERIE CANAL, BROCKPORT, New York, at dusk as we made our way to the ICE CREAM and CANDY store on the way to the Dormitory at the College.

Stanley and one of his support staff taking me to meet more staff and lead me to my room; a private room with sitting room and bathroom.  Appears that most rooms sleep four.

I was asked to address the entire Staff, Experts and Instructors at this morning's indoctrination meeting.

Difficult for me to follow all four groups today.  Training activities under the auspices of the Sport "Experts" included blindfolds covering the Instructors eyes...this to receive hands on training simulating being blind as the Campers  - for the most part - will be.

Instructors pairing off, taking turns wearing blind folds.

Small groups of 15 allow personal attention from the "Experts" who oversee training activities.

Tomorrow morning will include more indoctrination of the volunteer Experts and Instructors.

Around mid day the Campers arrive.  Lauren and Stanley have asked me to stay at least one more night to the opportunity for me to address them about SAM and ME.

I am in my room creating this update...when I would like to be with the Staff at a campus event at the football field.  Waiting for pictures to upload, I did my hand laundry.  Room looks like the AGEAN I on my 1999 - 2000 round-the-world-cruise...wet laundry hanging out to dry overnight.

Please say HELLO to SARAH, a lovely friend of LAUREN, who addressed me with sign SARAH is hearing impaired.

My Oh My (Seattle Mariners Announcers quote)...what a surprise and wonderful day.