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Friday, July 25, 2014

POST 1388; JULY 25, 2014; AUBURN, MAINE

A bit of a culture surprise this morning.  Leaving behind the mountain foothills, we entered flatland...sans lakes.  Have completed two walks, one on Route 26 - a heavily travelled two lane roadway leading directly to PORTLAND, Maine...and the second on Route 121, leading to the rather large twin cities of AUBURN and LEWISTON.

Have discovered little of real interest...this corridore to the mountain and Lake Region we left yesterday. ..for our blog.  Will do some of the town before we settle down for the night at the local WALMART.

Tomorrow will lead us toward the FJORD-Like Atlantic Ocean Seacoast about 50 miles North and East of PORTLAND, Maine.

White dot center-right is SPIA, where she parked last night and remained while I walked Route 26 this morning.

Route 26 heading to PORTLAND, Maine.  Good walking roadway...nice wide berm and well maintained...albeit, heavy traffic.

Fresh veggies and fruit as we near the town of AUBURN.

A popular Ice Cream destination:  GIFFORD'S.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am still quite sore around Neck and Shoulders from the fall.

Nose is still letting me know it got slammed rather HARD into the pavement; acts like something inside may be damaged to remain sore like this.  Would not be surprised to have a wee concussion to deal with.

No, no Doctor visit...those guys will take one look at my heart and throw me into cardiac prison.  I landed on my chest - as well as my face - , my camera taking the brunt of that impact, transmitting the result to the area of my heart kinda close to the new Stents installed 5 days before beginning this journey back on January 02.  So far, only mild discomfort, so we'll keep an eye on it.

Will go walk this town some this afternoon ... is now only 11:30 am.  Will then settle down for a nap in SPIA's Back Seat Bedroom ...and later read some more of my new BOURNE adventure.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

POST 1387; JULY 24, 2014; NORWAY, MAINE

We have arrived at the apex of our trek North, reaching into the range of rising mountains.  Reluctantly leaving Lake KEOKA, spent a couple hours walking the village of HARRISON, MAINE, which lies at the North End of LONG LAKE, of which we walked the Southern reaches last week.Then drove part way to the small city of NORWAY, walking the final few miles.

Will stay overnight at WALMART, Norway, walking Route 26 and 121 toward the large city of LEWISTON in the morning.

SPIA - so far - is performing fine.  NO oil leak following the TLC from JOSH.



Please say HELLO to AL and RICH, Town of Harrison PARKS DEPARTMENT.

 Image of the walking bridge over the Lake Feeder Stream.


The soaring curved poles are intended to hold the moored boat from being pushed by strong winds into the dock./



Looking toward CANADA, some 100 miles plus distant.

* * * * * * * * * *

My fall -  tripping on the storm drain grate - did no apparent lasting damage.  Pulled many muscles in the crotch, elbows and shoulders, all nearly healed already.

Receiving the brunt of the impact was my nose which seemed to be smashed flat into the pavement.  Some internal left nostril bleeding kept on for three days.  Beginning walking this morning, sensed some internal - behind the eyes - pressure.  May have received a bit of a concussion as am a bit unstable and blurried eye.

Will watch carefully.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


In the midst of an intense LIGHT and SOUND SHOW, am attempting to fashion a presentable blog update.

This is Day 3 that CYNTHIA has delivered her beach home into my hands.  Beauty unsurpassed ... blue waters of LAKE KEOKA Campground. bikini clad homeowner bathers, fishermen, and beach loungers from Sun up 'til Sun down...backdropped by the beginning of the State Of Maine Central and Northern Mountains.

SPIA has been repaired, changing her Right Side Valve Cover gasket together with grommets, seals, and two valve stem "O" Rings by JOSH, who worked for two days off and on; Cost:  $182.00... perhaps one-half what he should have charged.  Thank you, JOSH.  Will see you in the morning on my way out of town.

KEOKA BEACH Campground, where I have been welcomed recovering my strains and bruises from falling three days ago...and awaiting the magic of JOSH and his wrenches.

Please say HELLO to CYNTHIA once again...with one of her two Yorkys.

I owe you BIG !

The nearby town of HARRISON...where Cynthia has taken me for excellent breakfasts each morning.

RUBY SLIPPERS ... Breakfast...on the shore of CRYSTAL LAKE.

Awaking this morning to fog shrouded waters among Pine Forests.  It has remained a bit misty in the humidity much of the day.

At the moment, the second wave (FRONT) of Lightening and Thunder pounded it's way across LAKE KEOKA,  I do believe more fronts are coming our way shortly.

View through the lakeside trees  fronting "MY" Holiday Beach Front Summer Home.

Ya know, I could be comfy here writing my  books...memoirs...or whatever.

Calm before the storm...only one hour ago.

Black clouds rolling in.

Wind has picked up...

First drops of rain are falling...

From the waterside deck of CYNTHIA's Home.

Truth be known, Cynthia made herself scarce except for breakfast and first evening LOBSTER dinner.  Was looking for "visit" time, but was not to be.

Please say HELLO to JENNIFER (JEN), of the BRIDGTON Bank, who helped me this afternoon pry loose some $$ from my AMEX Credit Card, as JOSH absorbed my remaining DEBIT Card Funds...and still 10 days to go before SS $$ are available.

Thank you, JEN...and for the HUG.

* * * * * * * * * *

Interesting how things work out.  Coming to BRIDGTON was an optional Route...and having opted for BRIDGTON, turns out to be the salvation of SPIA - Thank You, JOSH; and  my Angel of MERCY, CYNTHIA standing by as I threw my poor body, smashing it into the macadam...not to mention unbelievable quisine, shelter, and many of her friends helping me make it through my sojourn to Lake KEOKA.

Thank you all.

Third FRONT just announced itself crashing into the lake only 50 feet from where I sit...rain beating down on the metal roof...reminded of swinging at anchor in the San Juan Islands with rain beating out a staccato on TICINO or JOURNEY's cabin top...Oh, so many years ago !

Tomorrow morning = back to our walk.

Monday, July 21, 2014


A day full of surprises, injury, beautiful homes and lakes...and numerous new friends, without whom my day would have ended a disaster.

Please say HELLO to ROB and KIM HUBBARD and their Grandchildren.

We met in McDonald's yesterday as I completed the update.  Look forward to touching base with ROB and KIM again soon.

BRIDGTON main street.

Have included many of BRIDGTON's business buildings and homes.

Next 5 images are of art murals on downtown buildings...

A meandering Brook flowing through BRIDGTON.

Beautiful Stone Dam in downtown.

Local map.

Click to enlarge.

Please say HELLO to ED...a local business man fabricating custom Kitchen Cabinets from Cedar.

Never saw the likes of this vehicle before.

A Stone Wall.

Please say HELLO to my benefactor, CYNTHIA DiCENSCO.

Returning from my 2nd walk, I tripped on the Drain Grate in the next image...flying in a rather good layout, smashing my nose into the asphalt pavement and momentarily stunning myself by the impact.

CYNTHIA stopped at the traffic light, jumped out of her still idling car, ran to me, telling me to stop moving.  I leaned against a signpost letting the stars clear, feeling my nose was totally smashed flat .

Stood still as she ordered.  She moved her car into the adjacent Bank parking lot, returning to me.  Inspecting me over, found I received not a single scratch to hands, arms, or legs.  My nose was bleeding slightly from cuts on it's tip.

Otherwise, I seemed to be fine.  My head - except for the nose direct hit, did not hit the pavement.

I am, many hours later, still astonished I received NO real injury.  I really slammed down hard, stretched flat out.

I think I felt CYNTHIA say..."gotcha ... and gonna keep ya."  Yes, I know, an old man's vanity.

Please say HELLO to CYNTHIA's Helper - Mr. No Name, one of Cynthia's tons of town huggers, kissers, and plain ole adoring friends...also, this gentleman is owner of a popular town watering hole


Please say HELLO to the entire staff of the adjacent Bank .
where CYNTHIA and her friend took me to recover my wits - I thought I was fine...had no pain - Wet paper towels, glasses of ice water to drink and worried employees shuttled from their work stations to check on me

"You want to see a doctor - go to the hospital...?"


So, saying thank you to half of BRIDGTON, CYNTHIA drove me to fetch SAM, with orders that I follow her car...we're going home for the night.

And, that is how I have spent the past many hours meeting dozens of "friends", CYNTHIA's kissing - hugging - friends in town, at CYNTHIA's mountain top home - each room a theme of some World location...and one mile down the mountain, her beach front home on one of MAINE's pristine lakes.

Yes, our Lobster dinner was beyond excellent.

WATERFORD Lake as viewed from CYNTHIA's home.

MAINE's mountains reaching North into CANADA as viewed from CYNTHIA's mountain top home.

Some decor found inside CYNTHIA's mountain top home...see below...

Hand painted Circular Saw Blade...

Hand painted Cross Cut saw.


Please say HELLO to CYNTHIA, Lady Of The Lake, Auntie to a large tribe of young people,. and continual benefactor to her Lake family.

Cynthia's view across the public beach in front of her home.

Looking down the beach from my comfy beach chair, Cynthia is sitting in the sand on my left.

Is now dark 10:00 pm.  Visitors have gone home, as has Cynthia, gone back to her mansion on the mountain be with her two PURE WHITE German Shepherds and two itty bitty months old Yorkies.

Me?...I relegated to the beach house for the night.

Tomorrow morning, "WE" have an appointment with JOSH - another of Cynthia's kissing friends, Josh being the premier Auto mechanic in BRIDGTON.  You see, SPIA developed a major smoking Engine Oil LEAK.  JOSH drove out to the lake to look at SPIA recommending NO MORE DRIVING HER until a full inspection.  SPIA is in real danger of an engine fire !

CYNTHIA swears my falling on my face in front of her was pre ordained...for her, not for me.

We shall see.