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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Recent Blogs have alluded to a number of confusing events and aimless travel  back and forth across America ... travels with no apparent purpose ... laced with costly expenditures designed to keep our back to the wall.

Not about to cry WOLF or look for excuses, I will admit only to having lost faith in some principles central to our WALK, including investments and expenditures made in and on behalf of individuals.

To be sure, plenty mistakes rest on my doorstep.  Curiously, most hurtful have been errors not of omission, but rather of commission; i.e., taking on too much ... not realizing when enough is enough.

Fraught with recent illnesses coupled with desire to excel no matter what ... or who ... might suggest otherwise, has caught up with me.   Yes, anything CAN be possible.  But at what cost.

I look around this morning from an unfamiliar place.  Expecting to find OZ,  I find instead lots of unfinished involvements.   I must polarize my energies and accept one reality .... I can no longer do this alone.

...nor must I !

... and I look around once again.  I have a full belly; I am of sound mind and spirit, I have a plan to  complete repairs to SPIA; reinstatement on my Washington Drivers License is imminent;  illnesses are under control ....

... AND I wish to share a magical reality:  I am not alone.


Saturday, September 10, 2016


Update for our drive to Washington State from Kansas City, Missouri (via DENVER, Colorado)

Distance to travel is 1,500 circa miles.

We have some $60.00 available until October 03, 2016.

Obviously, we must selectively delay our arrival pending receipt of $$ from Social Security $$.

Weather conditions may become a factor as we must cross the 5,000 foot High Plains AND the higher Rocky Mountains.

A new factor is our need to replace all four tires to remain safe.

"Shame on me" might be the obvious retort.  I plead GUILTY.

2016 has not been kind to us.

Going "to ground" soon is necessary to stay safe.  We therefor plan to find a suitable resting spot within NEBRASKA - more than one if necessary - .  We could divert via I-29 and I-90 into South Dakota, but that gains us little and possibly looses to increased inclement weather.

Our decision was made for us when DALLAS withdrew his invitation to move into his apartment ... well, probably much sooner than that.  I keep coming back to his comment to me nearly one year ago when he pleaded:

....." ... forgive me, Bruce, but I'm just trying to stay alive ..."

No offense, DALLAS ... I'm on your side !!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

POST 1529; Driving To Washington State; Sept 09, 2016

Seems to be no end to surprises and to disappointments.  I have been one who looks to my own failures ... a single shortcoming is now and again expected ... but events since arriving at the home of DALLAS have been a bit much.

Our arrival - at the personal invitation of DALLAS and his new wife - has been over ruled by THE GARDNER.  Yes, DALLAS' 15 - year Gardner has taken exception to my arrival and presence.

Some time ago, while pushing SAM across the State of Texas, DALLAS contacted us through our Blog.  DALLAS was frantic, explaining that his ill Wife had just died, further explaining that he was now alone and asked if SAM and ME could quickly come to his CULLODEN home to help him.

He was, he explained, unable to care for himself and was facing amputation of his foot.

SAM and ME immediately changed our plans to walk to The Outer Banks.  Instead, we drove directly to DALLAS, finding him usable to walk or fend for himself.  In his own words, DALLAS announced to mutual friends that I "... saved his life."

During the many following months, DALLAS pleaded for me to stay in his home, where I assisted him on a daily basis with his doctor's directed treatment, including accompanying him to and from his medical appointments;

I prepared nearly all his meals - including purchasing most of the food;

I daily cleaned ... our home;

,,, and daily, I mowed his lawn - including his deceased wife's next door property -, even purchased a new powered lawn mower;

... and each Friday and Saturday night, accompanied DALLAS to the local dance.

One could easily say that I alone supported DALLAS and care of his property during the many months of his treatment and care ... all at his request.

During this entire time, I asked for NO $$ from DALLAS.  Neither, did I request or did I receive any $$ from DALLAS for my own costs expended on his behalf.

My continued assistance to DALLAS came to an end when DALLAS met and married his "new"  bride;  but, not until after she and DALLAS directed me as to how and where to move her furniture and belongings into her new home.

It came, therefore as a great pleasure that DALLAS and Mrs. DALLAS, jointly telephoned me a few days ago to return to their home and accept that I - at no charge - to move into the upstairs Apartment.

It came as a greater surprise that the "used to be Gardner" called the SHERIFF accusing me to be trespassing.  I was not allowed to plead my position, but was ordered to vacate the property by morning.

The SHERIFF also threatened me about my "Washington State License"  which he said was no longer no explanation.

DALLAS, in the mean time retorted to me that he would do nothing about this turn of events, refused to speak to me, being replaced by the Mrs, who began yelling at me   ....

My (deceased) Mother once told me to avoid those did not want me.  I considered Mother's feelings for an few hours, but as darkness fell, I opted to heed good advice,

As of this moment I am enroute to The State of Washington to satisfy the question raised about my license.

Monday, September 5, 2016

POST 1528; HURRICANE' WV; SEPT 05, 2016

Good Afternoon from HURRICANE, West Virginia.

Traveling for over two months after leaving ISLANDO's ART QUARRY, SAM, SPIA and ME have strived to recover from the severe lack of funds ... coupled with a series of failures to properly repair SPIA ...

We experienced three weekly periods during the past two months when we ran out of $$ for food and gas to move forward on our continuing journey to reach DALLAS' home in CULLODEN.

We have now arrived at our destination.  Our first day has been filled with the pleasure to be again with our many friends.

Along the way, many old and new friends have come forward to encourage and assist us.  We parked for two weeks in LOVE'S Truck Stop in POST FALLS (COEUR d'ALENE), Idaho.  We again stopped for a week ... this time at WALMART parking lot in COLVILLE, Washington; followed by another week delay in the mountain community of REPUBLIC, Washington.

These "Rest Stops" were forced on us as available funds ran out.

Two times, $$ funds reached us from our Social Security U.S Government monthly checks.  Because  car repairs previously charged were due, not much was available for gas and food.  So, we halted again and again ... getting somewhat proficient at learning hunger restraint 

Reaching the beautiful city of BELLEVUE, Iowa on the banks of the MISSISSIPPI River, we again parked one week awaiting funds to catch up.   
Two weeks ago, we arrived at Sister Carol's.  Busy with medical appointments, Carol was to spend our visit pretty much alone as we again parked at WALMART.

On September 02, 2016, Uncle Sam's $$ again arrived.

We immediately drove the 500 final miles to West Virginia.   YES. we do have enough $$ to pay the final debt still owed.  Next month we can eat and drink.


5 years ago SAM, SPIA and ME embarked on our trek to meet and help SENIORS as we crossed and recrossed America.  We did this with intent to find our own limits.  Until our recent foolish effort to reach beyond our ability to help SENIORS, we did very well.  We had no business not sticking with our objective to limit our efforts to SENIORS.

* * * * *

And, with these words I move on ...




Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We have arrived at the mountain town of REPUBLIC, Washington, located some 50 miles West of COLVILLE, Washington.

Some 71 years ago, I was a somewhat often visitor to REPUBLIC situated high in the pristine NorthWest mountains on US Highway 20 in the State of Washington.

During the years from 1945 through 1953, my parents owned and operated the trucking company
TRI -CITY Freight Lines, serving eastern Washington.  Among cities often visited was the thriving mining and logging community of Republic, from which our trucks transported finished lumber products to the cities of KENNEWICK, PASCO, and RICHLAND.

Richland, the "home" of  HANFORD ATOMIC WORKS,  produced "BIG BOY", the ATOM BOMB which the USA dropped on NAGASAKI, JAPAN in 1945.


This update has been interrupted by the WIFI connection at the public library.  Because I did not SAVE my work in short spurts, my work of many hours was lost when WIFI was intentionally turned OFF without my knowledge.

We learn as we go forward.

Frustration is mounting with each blip in WIFI connectivity.  REPUBLIC townspeople, being at the end of the wagging INTERNET TAIL, appear to be as frustrated as I. 

If this is the future of INTERNET, we are in for BIG troubles !

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Back at McDonald's ...

Year 2016 has been for SAM, SPIA and ME, one to commiserate and ponder.  Shortly after leaving Dallas and his new Bride, we made a  swing East to West circumnavigating America.  Mostly to put space between the many months of our time with Dallas, it became clear that we had lost our "edge".  My body had become "soft".  Concentration on "walking" became nigh on impossible. 

I dived into a new project ...;  Friend BOB invited me to crash his couch.  The property, after many years' of miss use and abuse while acting as a rental, had become a veritable Jungle.  Bob gladly turned me loose on his property.  The next few weeks drew Ooos and Aahs from neighbors, passerbys, and Bob himself, as Bob's home turned into a showplace.

It was about this time that events began to change ... starting with the night I fell off the commode
in pitch blackness, striking my head on the bathroom sink.  Stunned, it was a few moments before I moved.  My spine was rearranged from being pushed DOWN into my neck.  My left shoulder still rides a bit askew.  No, I made no complaint to Bob or my Doctor.   I am reluctant to assume that a concussion may have resulted, but a twitch continues to "pinch" my neck from a sudden twisting movement. 

Had it not been for the purported STROKE which closely followed the unfortunate COMMODE event, I would not be so curious about the STROKE coincidence.  Beasitmay, I was admitted to the hospital in BELLINGHAM, with an apparent stroke.

Two days later,  I was discharged from the hospital.  My Primary Doctor suggested she arrange for on-going tests, to which I agreed.  Two days later I was notified that no test arrangements had been made.

I became disgruntled ... first with the hospital staff who took no interest to my STROKE ... then to my own primary doctor's apparent disinterest.

I decided to let events flow as they may.  I packed up SPIA, feeling really good, and departed BELLINGHAM.  

Many weeks later I returned to BELLINGHAM. having once again circumnavigated America.

In May 2016, the hospital called my personal phone,  a mechanical sounding voice asking ... how was I doing .  I responded that if the voice really was interested it would have not waited from February thru May to ask.  I hung up on the voice. 

Walking across the local BELLIS FAIR MALL parking lot, a not so young lady asked for my help to load her car with a bulky item.  The lady then asked if I wanted to earn some money to help her move from her present home to her new "Senior" apartment.  I agreed to help her move, but would not accept any remuneration.  She agreed.  The next 3 weeks, I worked each day for the lady, accepting no payment ... except when she insisted that I accompany her a time or two for dinner in the new apartment dining room.

In April, 2016, I accepted a "job" with The Art Quarry of Alger, Washington.   For three months I worked for The Art Quarry.  My "position" consisted of a kinda "GUY FRIDAY".  For the duration of our association, I "lived" in my car ... began work daily by 6:00 am, working without breaks through 4:00 pm EACH AND EVERY DAY, taking not a single day off .

For my effort, I PAID THE ART QUARRY $175.00 per month.

Yes, I said it correctly ... I PAID the ART QUARRY $175.00 per month for the privilege of working for them !

 ... and I was happy to do so.
As I was being dismissed, the OWNER, Heather, handed me $200.00, as she said, ..."to help me on my way...".  

I immediately departed BELLINGHAM, driving some 500 miles to BURNS, Oregon, home of my daughter.  In BURNS, I was overcome by the heat ... and I must say from exhaustion from toiling for THE QUARRY ... .   As the result, I fainted, was transported to the hospital, and subsequently released
without prejudice

Leaving my Daughter in BURNS,.  I drove to near SPOKANE, Washington, where I parked in a Truck Stop, sleeping in SPIA.

For two weeks. I stayed with SAM and SPIA, parked in the Truck Stop.  Leaving BURNS, Oregon, I was without any $$.   As I received NO remuneration from THE QUARRY, my only option was to sit tight at the Truck Stop, waiting for arrival of my U.S. Government Social Security Bank
Deposit, expected on August 03, 2016.

During this two week period, I accepted two McDonald Hamburgers from a kindly employee.  I rationed my dwindling supply (10 packs) of Instant oat meal, using water from LOVE"s Truck Stop.
Yes, I could have asked for help, but I opted to accept my self-imposed ration.

On August 03, 2016, my SS $$ arrived.  I paid outstanding debts.

On August 03, I opted to reverse my previous destination of NEW YORK CITY ... which by now was too far to reach from some 3,000 miles away.  All day, I studied the map, finally accepting the wisdom to stay in the State of Washington ... , walking and rolling within our home state.

Two days ago, I had my first real meal in two weeks. 

Two days ago, I again fainted.

Being transported to ER, the attending ER Doctor and I opted for me to check out of the hospital.

I checked out of the hospital, apparently none the worse for wear.

I am hoping AT&T will help us post this blog update.

I truly apologize for failing to maintain my commitment to this, our Blog ... and to YOU, who have stood by while we worked through these unfortunate months.

It is now 3:51 pm in COLVILLE, Washington.  This Blog update has been presented for PUBLICATION ... and once again been rejected.

On August 06, 2016, a similar POST request has been refused.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


From the NE corner of the State Of Washington, some 100 miles North of SPOKANE, Washington, SAM and ME are settling into a corner booth of McDonald's in the mountain town of COLVILLE, Washington.

A few short hours ago we extricated ourselves from the clutches of Colville's MOUNT CARMEL Hospital.

In shorts and skimpy T-Shirt, we navigated our way through darkened streets following the North Star as it guided us along US Highway 395 ... .    SPIA was waiting, as we had left her, parked under lights of WALMART.  

Once again, SAM, SPIA, and ME were together ... together and SAFE.

It was sometime a year or so earlier that DALLAS contacted us as we walked and rolled across desert wastes of central TEXAS.  "My wife has died ...", Dallas lamented to our Blog, SENIOR's WALKING ACROSS AMERICA.   "I need your help, Bruce..."

Arriving in HURRICANE, West Virginia, we found Dallas alone in his home, suffering from constant fear and pain.  His wife whom we knew from our previous visits, recently passed,  leaving Dallas alone to fend for himself as Diabetes ravaged his body and mind.



A full day creating this update abs been wasted  !!!

Working with McD which I created today has refused by AT&T (McD) to post.  Working with McD Computer Guy, the problem is a AT&T McD wide problem of over 3 week duration.  

So, what you see posted above must be recreated thru McD ... i.e., starting from scratch.

Will try again tomorrow.

For now. NO, I am NOT fully well, but am working on it...

Will now try to add to my prior POST ... and hope for some AT&T / McD progress.