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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Yesterday I posted - and took down - my work of the past four days.  That which follows is dedicated to SALLY WOODALL CARSON, recreating the deleted update of yesterday... adding pics and comments of Halloween night and Sunday morning after.

As this blog is about SAM and ME, I sometimes take a bit of license, including rarely revealed emotions I live with.  I try valiantly to share that which I find surrounding our odyssey of the past nearly five years.  Truth and accuracy...short of criticism and personal feelings...are an important part of that.  Finding myself in powerful moments of intimacy, I become a bit confused, causing me to take a step back to gain a better perspective .

This blog update is the result of one such moment.

I am told by more than one that my presence is not accidental.  Some tell me that their prayers have been answered by my arrival.  That is heady stuff for anyone.  I, not particularly devoted to GOD and religion, am particularly overwhelmed by Sally, her family and friends, as well as many community members who have swept me into their arms - physically and emotionally - ...   I plead innocence !  ...and yet ...

...emotions I try to hide are leaking out.

I do not know how I fit into this story...and cannot see where it is leading me.  I know I adore and FEAR for Sally.  I know I stand close by willingly as she embarks on a journey with her lover, CLAUD, who in my presence and in the presence of Halloween Dance revelers - friends all, apologized ("I'm Sorry, Bruce..."), proceeding to publicly plead to Sally standing before him that he is dying from the return of CANCER, asking for her complete devotion to be at his side as he battles for his life.

Sally stepped to CLAUD's side, dismissing friends, family, ...and myself.

Weeping at the romance and devotion of the moment...stunned with the other witnesses, I applaud Sally for standing by her Man, extend strength and understanding to CLAUD, and wonder at the drama...of which I am a small but affected part.

...and with that, once again...

... please say HELLO to SALLY WOODALL of the finest persons I have known.

Home of DALLAS LOVEJOY, who has asked me to share his home for this winter before continuing with SAM on our walk into history.

A derelict barn upon which Sally's family, neighbors and friends live and love in reflected devotion to their beloved West Virginia.

Sally's family church.

Sally's home - foreground - and the home of her beloved Daughter, SUZY, - background -.

Please say HELLO to SUZY, Daughter of SALLY.

From the moment of first meeting, Suzy has been my instant friend and confident.

Please say HELLO to ANNA, Daughter of SUZY and Grand Daughter to Sally.

ANNA and her Mom, SUZY are about to take me for a four-wheel Drive through their extensive property and beyond.

Donkey pets of ANNA and Sister JAKLYNN.

ANNA opening the gate to BUFFALO MOUNTAIN RIDGE Trail.

...where one can see forever.


Seems many West Virginia Families have their own Family Cemetery.

CHERRY LANE Road, passing through the valley, home to Sally, Suzy, and other family members.

Home of MARY, Kin to Sally's CLAUD.

Please say HELLO to LANI, Daughter to PAT...both close friends to Sally.

The home of PAT, some 5 miles North of the city of HURRICANE, West Virginia.

Arrival of another wagon load of Trick or Treat'rs arriving at PAT's.  Sally and I enjoyed Pat's dinner invitation at her country home .

Trick or Treat'rs off to the next Hollow (sounds like: Holler) Home for more Trick or Treat revelry.

Pat's front yard creek which regularly floods her home and property.

Sally dancing with my friend DALLAS on Saturday last to see Sally.

Sally and Dallas...

Pat....Sally's dear friend, with whom Sally and I enjoyed pre-Halloween Dinner.

Pat's Daughter, Lani.

Sally and Pat at Saturday's Halloween Dance.

Sally, Pat, Lani, Anna, Jaklynn and little friend at Halloween Dance.

Anna and little Sister, Jaklynn ... at the dance.

My friend, DALLAS.

Please say HELLO to JIMMIE, Sally's near constant weekly companion.

Jimmie had recent hip surgery, recovering over many weeks under Sally's personal -at her home - attention.  Raising eyebrows, CLAUD is still vehement and unforgiving for Sally's night and day nursing ministrations.

Forgiveness is not one of Claud's strong points, appearing to prefer control, accusations and stalking of Sally 24/7...reason for my FEAR for her.  Claud's begging for in-kind attention is, to many, suspect.

Anna photographed wearing my Halloween costume headpiece and mask.

Sally and another of her many admirers.

Sunday Morning in Church.

Sally and Son RONNIE stand in the back row next to friend SHERRIE.

Girlfriend SHERRI and Son RONNIE.

Arrangements are in place for Ronnie and Sherri to give me a ride to church next Sunday.  Normally, Sally gives me a ride, but...well, we all know how that goes...we must be patient...

Brucie Baby finding out what "left in the lurch " means.

GOD's house, as for the final time, Sally drove me away.

Actually she and I are OK.  Sally has embarked on a mission that excludes our dancing and friendship.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I have again failed in my desire to blog at least each week while wintering over in West Virginia.  SAM and ME are still with DALLAS in HURRICANE, some 30 miles West of the city of CHARLESTON on Interstate 64.

Most of our time is spent with DALLAS preparing his lawns and garden for the coming winter.

Must admit, however, that I have found ample time - on an almost daily basis, for with my  "girl" friend and dance partner, SALLY... attending dance classes, going to local evening dances, and practicing.  I had forgotten what emotions are present with a beautiful partner in your arms.  One may ask, ...but, can she dance?   During a recent dance in the city of MILTON, one friend exclaimed..."We have not seen dancing like THAT since High School days ."  I must agree.  For a couple of near Centurians, SALLY and I do OK.

I continue meeting new friends.  Have taken to attend a local  church, of which many are closely scattered among the back country West Virginia hills.  MY church serves a half dozen families living along the MUD RIVER, some 10 miles South of the city of MILTON ... and half way to the town of HAMLIN.  A "homey" group of members are led by local residents, including Sons of SALLY.

The hills of this part of West Virginia are ablaze with COLOR.  Two days ago, I was treated by SUZIE, SALLY's Daughter, to a tour by 4-wheeler side by side all terrain vehicle, into the high country of BUFFALO MOUNTAIN  RIDGE, dead-ending the many HOLLERS (narrow Valleys) reaching in all directions some 1,000 feet below.  As would be expected, the view from up there is breath taking

I regret I have no photos to upload at the moment.  Oh, I have taken lots of lovely pics, but yesterday as I was preparing to create this blog update in the living room of SALLY's modest home, I misplaced the CAMERA to COMPUTER electrical connecting cord.  Must find it - perhaps under the couch - or order a new one from PANASONIC.

 Set out on this walk to SAVE $$ to return to PORTLAND, Maine to retrieve and repair SPIA's Rear-Main Oil Leak.   Have a growing nest egg saved.  Am considering traveling by Bus to fetch SPIA.  With cautious administration of engine oil, should be able to drive to HURRICANE, West Virginia, repair her here, and have local transport in the event (somewhat likely) we remain in West Virginia longer than the planned Winter of 2014 - 2015 ... pleasing at least one lovely lady..

My health remains excellent.  Having a caring hand to hold is proving to be a psychological treasure.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Some three weeks have passed since my arrival at the home of DALLAS in Hurricane, West Virginia.  Dallas has often expressed his pleasure of my presence, including me in his daily comings and goings, including Friday and Saturday night dances, Tuesday and Saturday Church activities, lunch at the Senior Center each weekday, and visits to friends and relatives.

Have been asked to accompany SALLY - a dance partner - to be her partner each Monday evening to learn Ballroom dancing and has asked me to help her learn the Charleston (Dance), which is somewhat new to me.

Have been asked often if I will stay the Winter in Hurricane.  A series of severe storms have passed through, including dropping snow in some of the higher mountain passes leading East to the State of Virginia.  Looks more and more that I should winter over.

For the past two weeks, have invested five or more hours daily helping Dallas with his home and property maintenance...about one acre and two homes surrounded by extensive grass and gardens.  Very much enjoy  manual labor, and have the grounds looking spiffy manicured nearly 95 percent complete.

Yesterday I , for the first time, drove his riding lawn mower.  Drove it into a drainage ditch, becoming high centered on a buried steel drainage pipe, becoming firmly stuck.  To get unstuck, the pickup truck was used to pull it out.  To properly align the mower, I manually picked up one end and moved the machine about 5 feet out of the ditch.  Was surprised I could lift and move it.  Today, found I strained a tendon  from my hip down my left leg.  Spent the morning manually raking fallen leaves and dead grass.  Seems the injury is minimal as I walked to the  grocery store with little difficulty.

Please say HELLO to SCOTT JACKSON and BRIAN BOOTHE, local Barbers.  $10.00 got me a haircut, only to have my $$ returned after sharing walking stories fo the next hour or so.

Local art applied to a roadside Mail Box.

MURAL painted on a downtown Hurricane building.

Please say HELLO to Mr. HULL, trying out SAM after Senior Center Lunch.

* * * * * * * * * *

Have beecome lax with updating this Blog.  In truth there is much near by to investigate and write about.  Having no transportation - except for SAM, it would take the better part of a day to reach such places.  Should I decide to remain the Winter, am considering purchasing a car, which would cost something under $1,000.00 - less than half the cost to repair SPIA.

We shall see.