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Saturday, April 19, 2014


FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH... That Which I Know

Among the many thoughts occupying me while walking has been acceptance that I have found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH; not in some erotic mystical mythical place, but in a place much closer to home.  I have discovered the real FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH within my own body.

In the past few years I have discussed my finding with scores of people.  Not a single one has questioned my finding or logic used to do so. We each, at time of our birth possess a fully functional system which at once controls, moves and purifies the water within our bodies.

This system is identified as a major part of our immense IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

Surprising is my finding that nearly NO ONE has heard of this FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, let alone have any idea that this organ is fully dependent upon each of us for it's functionality.  In other words, we are responsible to perform a single act to supply the POWER for our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH to function.

Let me explain.

 Our body contains an immense IMMUNE SYSTEM designed to protect our body from invaders from outside and within.  The primary element of IMMUNITY is our WHITE BLOOD CELL, created essentially within our Bone Morrow.  It is the primary mission of these millions upon millions of white blood cells to identify intruders - from whatever source, isolate and kill them. 

Some of our White Blood Cells are individually selected to attend COLLEGE; i.e., to be transported by our Blood Circulatory System to learning centers where the Student White Blood Cell is given identification details of specific Antigens, toxins, bacteria, and other elements bent on doing our body harm.  Apparently, many Students fail to graduate, are disposed of (by our body) and replaced by new candidates.

This phase is only one of many White Blood Cell types roaming our body on the lookout for enemies.

The part of our IMMUNE SYSTEM in which I am specifically interested is called the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

A system of "pipes" similar to our primary blood circulatory system, the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM has a dual purpose.  To control the disposition of water within our body; and, to purify the body water (LYMPH FLUID) before returning it to bodily functions.

Before going any further, I must clarify that of which I write is essentially from my personal experience. I am not a doctor, a professional medical practitioner, a teacher or otherwise qualified to express any but my own thoughts and experiences on the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  What follows is that which I have learned since the day in February 1991 when my wife, Christiane was diagnosed with extraordinarily advanced Breast Cancer, given a short expectancy to live.

Incredible, but there it was.  We were about to lose...Cri her life...Me, my worthy half.

I set immediately to devour texts, journals, ..., anything about CANCER beginning with "What is CANCER."

Almost immediately I came upon a medical text in which I read..."LYMPHATIC SYSTEM KILLS CANCER."  Exactly what I was looking for; but, what was a LYMPHATIC SYSTEM?

Searching deeper I found that LYMPHATIC SYSTEM was a part - a major part - of our body IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Incredibly I found that the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, so necessary to our health and longevity was not known to any I spoke to.  I did learn that the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM at once controlled body levels of water and PURIFIED that the process, killing CANCER CELLS and innumerable enemies bent on doing harm to our body.

Looking deeper I also discovered that the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM:

...Like the Blood Circulation System, was a series of pipes conducting fluids throughout the body.
...Was a ONE-WAY System; i.e. from extremities of the ENTIRE body conducting materials back to body central.
...Was home to LYMPH NODES containing White Blood Cells; IMMUNE CELLS.
...Encountering antigens, virus, poisons, CANCER, or any other such items, were essentially given a FRIEND or FOE query.  If identified as FOE, White Blood Cells initiated capture and kill action.
...Non-return valves exist within the pipes to assure ONE-WAY fluid flow.
...LYMPHATIC SYSTEM has NO PUMP, such as the HEART which pumps blood through the Circulatory System....The entire pipe system of the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is wrapped in MUSCLE TISSUE.
...Body movement cause those wrapped muscles to contract, squeezing the pipes, moving LYMPH FLUID within the pipes forward.

Bottom Line:  Our body has a water moving system which I choose to call the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

It is NECESSARY to take a CONTINUOUS daily active part in the duties of the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  To do it's job, WE must supply the MOVEMENT to squeeze the pipe muscles to move the fluid forward.  If we do not do our part the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM cannot do it's job.

Cri and I began an every day 5-hour-a-day routine of mutual bodily message and conscious movement to stimulate LYMPHATIC SYSTEM pipe muscles.This, we did for five years.  Cri continued with an active life, passing away in 2001, 10 years after diagnosis.

I have not had a cold or other ailment since 1991, as I continue daily movement to keep my LYMPH Fluid moving.  That this old body continues to perform beyond reason, I attribute that to my LYMPHATIC SYSTEM functions.

I have a new four letter word:  MOVE

* * * * * * * * * * *

As a primary adjunct to walking and sharing that which I discover, I wish to promote AWARENESS of our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.  I invite comments, questions, or other notes of interest about our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

I have barely touched the surface of this important subject.  I plan to include more in future walking blog updates.

Any errors in my writings are my errors alone.  I am always desireous to share ... and be corrected.

This is part of what I have learned of my FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.  I want to know much more.



10:30 am local CDT.  I am still at McDonald's, held here by the arrival of EMMANUEL and his magnificent 18 wheeler "Tractor" (Tractor = Driving portion of the SEMI TRUCK/TRAILER combination.)

Yesterday, I took pictures of SEMI Trucks, intent on including a SEMI story line in the blog.  I was missing a critical part of the story:  The TRUCK.

The Truck portion of a SEMI RIG is called a TRACTOR.

Lo and behold, while preparing to leave McDonald's for my morning walk, in drives EMMANUEL in his Tractor, in "BOBTAIL" configuration; i.e. the TRUCK driving without a TRAILER.

A Tractor driving down the roadway without a trailer is said to be "BOBTAIL".

There is a logical story line in the following images.  Taken two days apart, some sequences are out of place. 

Another couple hours effort, I could fix that, but I have already put three hours into this morning maybe next time.

The above image graphically shows the streamlined Tractor configuration.  In the recent 3 or 4 years, the trucking industry has made admirable efforts to streamline their rigs (rigs = Truck / Trailer combinations.)

Later images show tractors without streamlining that reduce air drag.  Reduced air drag lowers the effort of the motor to push the rig down the road.

Trailer Safety Bar contains reflectors at eye level of following vehicles and keeps following vehicles from driving UNDER the trailer if they are drafting (drafting = following closely the vehicle in front of you to coast along in their vacuum space.) 

As a WALKER walking within INCHES of passing Rigs all day every day, the greatest danger to my safety is vehicles DRAFTING rigs.  The drafting vehicles cannot see events in front of the rig...and have no time to take SAFE evasive action...they automatically swerve to the right - instead of left into oncoming traffic -.

Facing oncoming traffic, it is TO THE RIGHT WHERE I WALK.

A TRAILER SPOILER, installed along the side of the Trailer to deflect compressed air away from the trailer, creating reduced air resistance; i.e. use of less fuel AND control of air flow as it effects passing vehicles.

First noticed Trailer Spoilers 4 years ago on GTI (Gordon Trucking Inc.) trailers.  Most long haul Trailers are now equipped with side spoilers.

I have given much thought to spoiler installation benefits.  In my view, the spoilers should be placed with the leading edges of the two (one spoiler on each side of the trailer) spoilers as near together on the underside CENTER LINE as possible.  This allows the air flow to dissipate to the outside of the trailer rear undercarriage in a controlled uniform air flow.

Most spoilers have the leading edges to the outside of the centerline, allowing great volume of air to be trapped under the trailer in front of the trailer rear undercarriage, where significant compression resulting in blocked air flow requires more engine effort to overcome = uses more fuel. 

As with everything in my blogs, I am the first to recognize that I am master of nothing.  I am not an engineer.  I have no 4-year degree in anything (although I have attended advance learning class almost continuously)
and I like to remind some folks that I have hired and fired my share of PHDs along the way.  So, please take my observations and comments as being MINE alone.  A little Wiggle Room for freedoms taken would be appreciated.

Spoiler leading edge mounted to the outside of central air mass.

Spoiler ending far in front of rear trailer carriage

FEDEX Spoilers.  Question effectiveness of this installation.

Cattle Hauling Truck with side wall performing as a spoiler.

Trailer FIFTH WHEEL Dolly.

Fifth Wheel images follow below.

...and the LAND BRIDGE continues...many such LAND BRIDGE trains pass by daily.

The Trailer sits on top of the Truck (Tractor) Fifth Wheel.  The Trailer has a GUDGEON / PINTLE - or perhaps best to call the protrusion a PIN - which fits into the Fifth Wheel, effectively combining Tractor and Trailer into a RIG.

Self contained SOLAR POWERED Traffic Signal System mounted on a small, easy to move and cost effective.  Elimination of PEOPLE saves $$.  No FLAGGER needed here.

Six 90 WATT SOLAR PANELS power this system.  My self propelled cart SAM uses one 90 WATT SOLAR PANEL and one smaller 25 WATT SOLAR PANEL to help me cross America three times - sometimes pushing SAM - on foot.

Please say HELLO to EMMANUEL's Tractor in BOBTAIL configuration.

Please say HELLO to EMMANUEL and his relief driver ETHAN at their command positions of their Tractor.

Stainless Steel Steps to climb into the Tractor Cab.

Cab "SLEEPER", Saddle Fuel Tank, and Tool Box.

Exhaust Stack, another Saddle Fuel Tank.  Years ago - in 1951 - my family owned and operated TRI CITY FREIGHT which I learned a bit about trucking, having driven my first 18 Wheeler at age 9...and together with beloved little Brother, Jim, delivered our first fully loaded 60-foot trailer RIG of asphalt roofing - 27 bundles here...31 bundles there - at age 12.  So many stories...but this one is about Dad's loss of our new RIO Rig loaded with finished lumber when his Saddle Tank straps broke, tank fell under the back wheels where it exploded.  The entire RIG and lumber cargo was lost.  Dad was safe, but trying to save $$ by cutting every corner, the RIG and lumber were NOT insured.

At last, may I present the FIFTH WHEEL...the connector STEEL FORGING allowing Tractor and Trailer to become ONE...a RIG.

Mounted on the back framework of the Tractor, the Trailer FORGED PIN slips into the Fifth Wheel SLOT, where it is clamped securely and LOCKED in place with clamping devices built into the Fifth Wheel.

Yes, that is ALL that holds SEMI RIGS together.  I have never known nor heard of a  failure of this system.

Fifth Wheel Side View showing the handle which locks the Trailer PIN securely into the Fifth Wheel Slot.

Lots more considerations go into the design and manufacture of the Fifth Wheel / GUDGEON PIN connecting assembly.  One important feature is that the Truck Driver - who is ultimately responsible for the integrity and safety of his RIG and Cargo - MUST keep lots of GREASE lubrication on the mating surface of the Fifth Wheel and trailer GUDGEON PIN .

Name of EMMANUEL's Tractor.

These days, normal cargo is Gravel - Rock carried in Rear-Dump Trailers and Cow Manure Fertilizer.

007 Driver Dashboard.

ETHAN relaxing in the Truck "SLEEPER".  Some Sleepers are outfitted with all comfort features of home.

EMMANUEL and ETHAN wit their Tractor ready for inspection.

CAT (Catapillar) Diesel Engine.  This motor ha 6 cylinders, each cylinder producing 100 hp (horses = takes 100 horses to pull as hard as a single cylinder).  Normal RPM (Engine Revolutions per Minute) is 1,400, using 16 gears on a single shift lever to keep the engine at 1,400 rpm regardless of RIG speed over the road.

A second cooling FAN is available to draw additional air through the massive cooling radiator...essential to keep the motor cool when using all those horses to climb that long steep mountain hill.

When under heavy loading the 600 hp CAT Diesel Motor requires massive volume of ambient air.  Diesel Engines do not have an electrical component to fire off the fuel in the motor cylinders.  The fuel EXPLODES in the Cylinder chamber as the result of fuel VAPORS and AIR being compressed by the PISTON .

The large pipes carry the air from the BLOWER - the silver tank top left - to the motor cylinders.  Two blowers are used on this engine.

Detail of the air intake (top large pipe) and motor exhaust pipes.

Image of a Tractor with non contoured top surfaces.  A fully contoured surface most efficiently reduces air resistance as the RIG moves through.

A fully contoured surface leaves NO air turbulence.  A non contoured RIG surface can sometimes create such force as to blow me fully off the roadway berm as the RIG roars past.

I encounter hundreds of Rigs - sometimes every day - that I MUST mentally measure EACH and EVERY RIG as it approaches.  I must calculate the air turbulence it will hit me with BEFORE it reaches me; and do the same again and again for every approaching RIG.

Walking can become a rather scientific exercise to avoid being eliminated from the game.

A non-contoured air flow surface.  The Cab Roof Deflector is at best a unsatisfactory compromise.

These observations are necessary to correctly evaluate air force thrown at a walker in time to take adequate protective measures.

* * * * * * * * * *

This blog update may be a bit of an overkill.  I have been asked to share more technical detail.  With practice perhaps I will tend to get it right.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Last evening, spent a fun time with two Gentlemen of the cloth. Clerics for local prison, who brought me into their weekly "prayer" meeting at McDonald's.  Asked for what they would like to be known, both replied, ..."Soul Winner for Jesus."  Sounded OK by me.  From there, our discussion was laced with hilarity and belly laughs.

Please say HELLO to NICK COOPER, who also plays lead guitar of a group making music for the Lord.

NICK hung around til quite late as we two were having a great time dancing around word games directed upstairs.

Please say HELLO to RED DAVIS.  RED, Chaplain for the local State Prison, has lost his ability to dance much, having been "T-Boned" by an 18 Wheeler a few feet from where I sit.  RED is confined to his wheel chair suffering a broken back.

It is uncommon that I have the pleasure to commiserate with two old fogies.  I took full advantage of my opportunity.

Wish you both well, guys!

As promised, the following images detail public information of one of two local Cattle Feed Lots.  I did visit and had a lively discussion with Trevor...who kept edging me toward the front door with..."What can I do for you?"  "You are already doing it, talking to me."  "Well, if I can do nothing for you, we are quite busy, so if you would excuse us...," as I am ushered to the door.

Interesting the images to enlarge.

One DALHART major crossroads.

This afternoon decided to walk the city on my way out US 54 to inspect a concrete works and a new bridge being built a couple miles from town central.


Residential Street

City Park.

Please say HELLO to EDDIE DANDY...a jovial passerby who stopped to share a moment in time.  EDDIE is showing me the size of the minnow he used to catch a giant big mouth BASS.

When asked to think of pleasant things, one of my favorites; although I rarely drink one.

One of two concrete companies in town.  This one managed by KURTIS THOMPSON, also City Mayor.

Pictured truck is first of seven rigs to receive the new paint job...nice !

Please say HELLO to MELISSA, whom I considered one of the owners.  "Nope, just in concrete a long time," says she.  A few facts shared by MELISSA:

Concrete is traded in CU YDS (Cubic Yards).
Truck holds 10 cu yds per full load.
A "batch" consists of Portland Cement, rock, sand, and water.
Each batch is to Customer's PSI requirements.
PSI = Pounds Per Square engineered for the load (weight) the final concrete must support.
PSI = A driveway needs a low PSI rating.
PSI = A roadway needs a high PSI rating.
Ingredients are filled into the truck from overhead hoppers.
Ingredients are mixed inside the Cement Truck's rotating drum.
Ingredients being mixed in the truck drum  are known as CONCRETE.
Drying time ranges from 28 to 48 hours.
SAM GREEN is the Batch Designer.

D and G Transmit storage yard offers a selection of ingredients which are ...

...transported by conveyor systems to the top of the above vertical tanks, from which the proper amount of each ingredient is carefully measured by load cells as it is loaded through the overhead hopper into the Cement Truck waiting below.

D and G also does asphalt paving and from the pic above, highway snow plowing (removal).

One must NEVER NEVER attempt to pass a Snow Plow at work.

This roadway is of interest as it has been specially reinforced in the travel areas of the thousands of heavy trucks daily motoring back and forth on US 54.

A bridge under construction on US 54.

Two elements of construction are shown above:

Pre-fabricated slabs of concrete form the base for the roadway.  Wet concrete will fill the remaining VOID.

REBAR (Reinforcing steel rods) are wired together forming a basket effect to add strength to the finished 
concrete road surface.

Wedges are placed under the Pre-fabricated slabs to assure proper alignment.

On the walk back tp SPIA-2,  stopped in at a Mexican Restaurant to satisfy that COORS Light thirst.  Was so pleased to strike up conversations with two ladies and their sons...who gifted me my COORS.

Thank you!

Please say HELLO to RACHEL and son JAGGER.  Our conversation was so enlightened, I drank my COORS very slowly.

Please say HELLO to SARAH (in the pink) and son PRESTON, reminding me of Sergeant PRESTON of the YUKON...a favorite radio program after school in the 1940s.

* * * * * * * * * *

What a busy full day.  So many wonderful people out here.

Will over night once again tonight at McDonald's.

Tomorrow I walk North on US 54.  Completed our detailed route to DeKALB, Illinois.  It is a long way off.

As difficult as it to say Good Bye, the next hill...the next certain to help fill the void.

New four-letter word:  MOVE.   Our Fountain Of Youth depends on it.