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Thursday, June 23, 2016

POST 1524; BURNS' OREGON; JUNE 23, 2016

I passed up a lake fishing trip plus MUSHROOM gathering among Oregon's High Desert this afternoon .....

.....Instead. been at our computer for 7 hours continuous struggling to remember how to relearn to use computer systems after so long from it all

We are rewarded with more than 500 personal blog responses.  SAM and ME can hardly believe you ...

...and we are nearly ready to walk and roll.   Heather slipped a small token to SAM AND ME as we drove away.  Her token has enabled our search of the internet off and on today become the straw on which our new CABBELLA's  COT will warm and comfort our journey.

As you already know, our Love for you is limitless.

...   And so, here WE go again

... with a few new welcome faces and hearts riding SHOTGUN over WE HAPPY FEW ...

POST 1523; JUNE 23, 2016; BURNS, OREGON

Yes, it really is SAM AND ME again back among the living.

I have recovered a major part of the Stroke suffered some months ago, but I am still cautious when  negotiating uneven / unfamiliar ground..

Since the Stroke, I have driven cross country four times alone and without incident.

I have volunteered to help a friend move from her home, including cleaning of her large palatial home and into a Senior residential community apartment.

 The last three months have found me volunteering as grounds-keeper with a "ART" Community of some 20 performers - CIRCUS Oriented - living and working to perfect routines taken on the road nationally and internationally.  My work has been not only "voluntary". ...   I "donated" $175.00 monthly to the Community  for the privilege to work with them.

These activities allowed me to stay "employed" during my recovery period of the past 6 months.

I felt it has been appropriate to take time to work through the injury period of two concussions and the stroke before resuming this blog.  My (your) BLOG has therefor suffered from SILENCE.

During this same calendar time, my doctors turned away from me; i.e" ALL my medical (Medicare) activity has STOPPED.   I receive NO Doctor appointments, or medication, including prescription medication.  Since hours after the stroke, I have been "medically" on my own.

AND SO,  this brings us to today :

Friends and family have been standing by to see what SAM AND ME do next.

We are in BURNS, Oregon.  MONICA, BEN and the Girls are helping prepare SAM to once again return to the Highways and Byways of America.  We are searching for a small folding COT to add to SAM's equipment.  As things are, I will sleep sitting up in my itty bitty folding chair.

Within the next few days, SAM AND ME will Walk And Roll across America to New York City where we will add that grand city to our saga.

For now, I will renew my own attitude to tune in with psychology of America.


A very short time ago, I was alone ...  adrift ... knowing not who I was and aware of little else.  With  Love and support of those known and unknown we have begun find our way back.

Thank You

Monday, March 21, 2016

POST 1522; BURNS. OREGON; MARCH 21, 2016

To be beyond reasonable is asking quite a lot of this sometime walker.

Walking is turning out to be something quite different these past several months.

Taking one more try at the injuries I have suffered, I am not myself at the moment.

I may take a bit more time, but intend to fully recover

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

POST 1521; BELLIINGHAM, WA. 03/16/2016

A major ...

A major series of stumbling blocks have been been thrust into the works of SAM AND ME during the past few weeks.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


 Hello all of Bruce's followers!  My name is Niki and I am Bruce's nurse.  Bruce asked me to write a short message to all of you.  Bruce had a stroke about a week ago.  He is at St. Joshephs hospital in Bellingham in the Rehab unit.  Bruce is recovering very well. He is walking independently around the unit and many of us wouldn't guess that he is a patient.  He has aphagia and has diffuculty finding the words to express himself.  This has been very frustrating for him. 
Bruce has been very concerned about all of you not knowing why he hasn't updated his blog.  So I am helping him a bit. 
It has been an extreme pleasure to get to know Bruce and an inspiration!  I'm sure he would love to hear from any of you.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Near BELLINGHAM, Washington are a number of Native American Villages.  Virtually on Bellingham's doorstep are Villages of The LUMMI NATION.

At once, the villages are prosperous energetic ... and sometimes having lost residents and once thriving businesses, where time has shown it's handiwork.

The following images are of the once thriving village of MARIETTA, Washington; nearly overtaken by dense growth bordering Marine Drive.

The main village of LUMMI is a couple miles distant ... LUMMI Village ... a populated thriving home to a major CASINO, a Car Ferry to nearby LUMMI Island, and many lovely homes; ... a subject for another day.

Hand - Carved TOTEM POLE, an historic feature of the Village Park of MARIETTA.

Only one mile from the City of BELLINGHAM, nearly all the land in the above image belongs to The LUMMI NATION, including the estuary of the NOOKSACK River which flows through MARIETTA which borders the trees visible top right.

MARIETTA has the above view of Bellingham Bay, looking South toward SEATTLE, some 100 miles distant.

 ... and looking South East, MARIETTA residents look on neighboring BELLINGHAM.

Better days visited this, the center of the village of MARIETTA, Washington.  The Post Office once stood here.

Across the street from the Post Office is the current home of Grandma MAGGIE.

Standing in the front yard of Grandma's gaily painted home is a decorated horse drawn Carriage looking very much like a GYPSY Mobile Home right out of Eastern Europe.

Mother Nature has hidden this home from Marine Drive.

ARIES is a yacht on blocks awaiting some TLC ( TLC = Tender Loving Care).

A well kept home next to ARIES, the yacht.

Please note the pile of recently chopped fire wood.

On another distant place and time, once was heard Indigenous Americans (Indians) quip that severity of the coming Winter could be judged by seeing how much fire wood the White Man chopped.

This trail is the MARIETTA Access ROAD to the NOOKSACK River ...

...leading to the "Beach" on the other side of the Berm.

At High Tide, Fishing Boats are launched and beached at this spot.

The waterway is one of two arms of the NOOKSACK River as it flows into Bellingham Bay only a few Meters to the left of this view.

The NOOKSACK River as it flows into Bellingham Bay.

Ed. note: ... in another nearby river I have seen such a river packed so full of Salmon returning to spawn, that NO WATER WAS VISIBLE ... so thick with Salmon as to be able to WALK across them.

The access road (Trail) pictured in above pics, is only ten feet behind this children's playground equipment.

The land, equipment and labor has been gifted by local residents and companies.

... such as this Gentleman, who lives next door to the playground / park.

Village Park TOTEM POLES are accompanied by a number of art pieces carved by MARIETTA Residents.

Recently planted tree Seedlings are located and protected by the blue markers.

Engraved Stone Monument honors MARIETTA Residents.

LUMMI NATION School Bus bringing Children home from School.

Marine Drive (FORT BELLINGHAM) DELI a couple hundred feet from MARIETTA.

This business is VERY old, once including a Gas Station.   Named after the Pre-Civil War "Fort BELLINGHAM"

FORT BELLINGHAM will be the subject of a later Blog Update, giving details of the PIG WAR, an historic WAR between the United States and Great Britain which resulted in the current International Border between the USA and CANADA

* * * * * * * * * *

On Monday, we will recerive a CT (Cat SCAN) to establish injury - if any - from my two recent falls which may have resulted in a CONCUSSION.

While waiting for this bit of medical magic, I have been volunteering my assistance to RICCI, a 62 year old handicapped lady, to move from her 3-story Victorian Home into an Assisted Living Apartment Complex.

We ( SPIA, SAM, and ME ) should be back on the road shortly !

With "Slight of Hand", VERIZON has eliminated my computer access to VERIZON SIGNAL TOWERS.. Must now use WI-FI service from the likes of Libraries, MAC D, etc.. ...not easy to find in the American Out-Back.


Friday, January 22, 2016



Population growth from 35,000 in 1987 (when I first arrived - to 80,000 + in 2016.

A depressed neighborhood is not to be found.

A trail IS found to lead wherever one may wish to go.

Tranquil lakes are fed by tranquil streams of crystal waters in all directions.

Want to meet Indigenous residents ....?   We share a common town boundary.


EXCELLENT CUISINE ... TRAVEL BY CRUISE SHIP (10 minutes from downtown)  ... BY AIR (10

minutes from downtown) ... BY CAR ( 30 minutes to CANADA)

 ... GLACIERS ???   Ten Glaciers grace the tops of our nearby OLYMPIC MOUNTAINS

 ... EXPLORE INLAND SEASHORES ( Begin downtown and keep going for hundreds of miles ...

picking CLAMS, OYSTERS, and how 'bout a few varieties of CACTUS for good measure on theway


FRESH a short WALK from your FRONT DOOR !   and in our DESERT a 2 - hour DRIVE distant.

OH YES,  TWO Active VOLCANOES are VISIBLE from our modest in-town hills .

How to find such a bountiful place ???

From ANYPLACE in the LOWER 48 STATES of America ...

      - Drive - or walk North to the CANADIAN BORDER ...

      - Hang a Left Turn

      - Follow the Setting SUN until reaching Salt Water


BELLINGHAM is a SEAPORT.  We are, in fact, the last undeveloped DEEP WATER SEAPORT on the West Coast of America.

YACHTS - Motor and Sail crowd our constantly improving and expanding Pleasure and Commercial MARINAS ... Yes we have many in various locations.

Not to worry about BOATING SEASON.  Boating is a YEAR-ROUND pursuit, with hundreds of miles of uninterrupted waterways and 172 of our own idyllic ISLANDS chock full of Marine Life  ...

Marine Life of the kind to EAT and to ADMIIRE up close and personal.

One of our city POLICE Boats.  WHATCOM COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE, USCOAST GUARD, and US NAVY are plentiful with latest technological equipment to keep us all protected and tranquil at night.

These Folks call BELLINGHAM "HOME" Too.

Above image is a tiny piece of just one of our local high-tech Marinas.
The shaded distant mountain is our local VOLCANO, Mount BAKER.

Mount RAINIER is 150 miles South and a bit to the right.  Three more Washington State Volcanoes, including the recently EXPLODED Mount St. HELENS, lie some 200 miles South of us.

We have some rather classy Hotels gracing our Town, Sea Shore and International Airport.

If you wanna, you can WALK all day in town and our waterfront without covering the same ground more than once.


LUMMIE ISLAND, one of the largest , but by no means the closest to BELLINGHAM.  This small Island lying in front of LUMMIE Island sports it's own airport and is a treasure Store for DUNGENESS CRABS (in SEASON, of course)

BELLINGHAM BAY looking WEST and a bit South ... or as we mariners say ..."a heading of South West...";   which just happens to be the direction from which the "Prevailing Wind" blows ... called by locals "...The PINEAPPLE EXPRESS."

Another view of BELLINGHAM BAY.  the City extends to include that distant Peninsula of land.

RIP RAP Rock forming the SEA WALL protecting our yacht Marina.

Winds in excess of 100 miles per hour are not uncommon on BELLINGHAM BAY.

MONUMENT Dedicated to BELLINGHAM Commercial Fishermen. 

BELLINGHAM Commercial Fishing Fleet.

These "BOATS" are "GILL NETTERS" which spread floating nets around migrating SALMON as they cross BELLINGHAM Bay on their way to local rivers in which they spawn after spending 3 to 5 years in the deep Ocean Waters ... often traveling to waters off the East Coast of RUSSIA's SIBERIA before returning to the river in which they were hatched ... often, to the exact spot they began life.


Pile of GILL NETS ready to load aboard the boats.

A Marina Waterfront of many from which to choose in BELLINGHAM Marina District.

Private yacht fleet in "SLIPS" in front of the two Yacht Club Houses.



FAIRHAVEN is a true HISTORIC villige joining BELLINGHAM over 100 years ago.

FAIRHAVEN is today the WATER and LAND transportation HUB of the City.

The Airport is some 5 miles North of the more "Commercial" district of BELLINGHAM.

Following images are of FAIRHAVEN, which is growing like a young teenager ... retaining the historic image and culture everyone finds so desireable.

Took a few moments to visit one of BELLINGHAM' many Breweries...a good "Old German DARK Beer".

A HAWK Nest along the 3 - mile Marine ( over- the- water)"WALKWAY" connecting FAIRHAVEN with downtown and Marina District of the larger part of BELLINGHAM.


In JULY, one can pick a gallon of delicious Blackberries in as little as 10 minutes OR LESS !

Blackberry Vines grow profusely on EVERY SINGLE AVAILABLE SUN DRENCHED BIT OF HILLSIDE ... literally trillions of berries for any who wish to pick them.

* * * * * * * * * *