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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We have been forced into a slight change to our walking itinerary due to SPIA being taken out of the effort.  SPIA goes into long range storage in PORTLAND, Maine until $$ funds become available to repair her engine.

In the interim, I fly to BELLINGHAM on Thursday, July 31, where SAM will be recovered from storage, prepared for service, and commence a 6,000 mile walk from BELLINGHAM East to NEW YORK CITY, thence to North Carolina Outer Banks, returning via DeKalb, Illinois to BELLINGHAM, where she will be returned to storage.

During SAM's trek, we will save the $$ funds to return to PORTLAND, Maine, retrieve SPIA from storage, effect her repair and return to her interrupted "FIGURE 8 of AMERICA", our 11,000 mile trek...of which 6,000 miles have been completed.

My only observation:  As advertised, positive thinking and planning have been implemented, creating options without any on-hand $$ funds or usig outside assistance.

I simply refuse to be defeated for lack of organized support or funds beyond my $15.00 per day budget.  (My heartfelt thank you for donations)

SAM AND ME will not easily go away.

This option effectively eliminates our planned LISBON - BEIJING walk, as I have used my DELTA SKY MILES - hoarded for many years - to fly to fetch SAM.

Considered taking the Greyhound Bus, but the $500.00 up front cost is not an option.

Update on my fall:  Landing on my camera in my left chest pocket has resulted is lingering discomfort near my heart.  Will check in with my Primary Physician, Dr. CARGILL when I retrieve SAM this weekend.

Smashed Nose has healed nicely with only slight residual cartilege discomfort.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Monday has arrived shrouded in thick Atlantic SEA FOG drizzle reminiscent of fogs rolling into JUAN de FUCA Islands in Bellingham's front yard.

Just as well, as SPIA has finally given up her quest to keep moving.  Yesterday, oil poured from her engine.  Not the repair to her Valve Cover.  This outpouring seems to come from her long time Rear Main Leak.  Cost to inspect her = $100.00.  Cost to repair her = $950.00...

neither of which is available.

Have sufficient $$ to keep moving by pouring oil into her engine, which should get us a few hundred miles.  Long range solution is, however, loss of SPIA unless I repair her.

Sure could use some of that $8,000.00 I blew trying to help P. Steve.

Comes at a time when Blog readership is at it's lowest ever.  Perhaps my efforts have served their purpose.  My $150.00 monthly VERIZON investment has been tons of pleasure, but perhaps it is time to back away from Google and Facebook.  I could continue my blog off line, making it available at some future date.  Were I a "Reader" instead of Creator, would fight like crazy to keep the blogs coming.

We Shall See.

Have often shared the truth of loneliness while walking endless miles.  Recent attention received has been such a pleasure...and a hidden burden.  Leaving - forever, those who make such a momentary impact - is a most difficult moment.  I pride myself in finding that thread of "positive" in all that comes my way.  This moment is no different.  If it were easy, perhaps more souls would drag their bodies out there.

Stomach cramps hit me yesterday.  TUMS have been a small help, but cramps are still with me.  First time I have experienced any such malady.   Have often attributed 50% recovery to mental superiority, so expect to be better with a solution to SPIA's burden.

Sitting in McDonald's, cold rain pounding down outside in company with booming thunder...a dozen or so folk communing... as has become ritual at every McD across America.  There is a story here.  Imagine collecting the essence of tens of thousands of utterances - mostly from retired folks looking to continue their part in society after occupations have been filed away under Reflection and Memory.

Rain has let up ... thunder has moved out of earshot.   A word here and there drifts over from the communing folks across the room.   Is it time for me to join them?

It is 12:00 noon.  Am hungry, but cautious of feeding a still roiling tummy.  Perhaps another TUMS.

Is it time to guide SPIA out of FALMOUTH - checking oil level as we go.

If the fog lifts, will catch a few images on my camera.

RATS;  my reading glasses fell off the table, breaking the lense frame.  Another $10.00 carelessly wasted.

...and so it goes.

Last three days has nurtured a strange growth on my forehead...from "nothing" to a good size lesion.  Trust it goes away as quickly.  My Mother developed such growths which proved Cancerous.

Not going there !

McD is now nearly full with Lunch time patrons.

Could park back at WALMART.  That would be defeatist.  Must post these thoughts and go see how much oil SPIA drinks.  Maybe ... just maybe, the leak will  dissipate.

Going to go see ! 

* * * * * * * * * *


Drove SPIA the 3 blocks to WALMART;  The entire distance is marked by huge OIL splotches from McD to WALMART.

There is NO possibility to drive SPIA ANY distance before FULL repair to the Rear Main Seal of SPIA's engine; i.e., $950.00 must magically appear to continue our ODYSSEY with SPIA.

Considering parking SPIA, busing back to BELLINGHAM, taking SAM out of storage; Busing back to MAINE; transfering "essentials" from SPIA to SAM; and, continuing our walk - just SAM and ME - to KEY WEST -  CHICAGO (De Kalb) -  VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA.

Distance to complete our trek is 2,000 miles to KEY WEST and 4,500 miles to BELLINGHAM = 6,500 miles.

Yes, I am up to it and WILL complete that which I have begun.

I do have 100% of supplies with me now on board SPIA...preplanned just for this event.  SAM and ME require far less $$ than does SPIA and ME.  The 7 months to me to PUSH SAM (her Solar Power Equipment has already been removed) back to our starting point will complete  MAY 2015..

I understand and accept that many will certainly consider me a bit touched...and you would be correct.  Remember, please, I AM an old man, and as such have a mission to complete.  I have not yet failed in any endeavor - severely challenged yes - but eventually succeeded.

...and yes, SAM and ME WILL blog all the way.

After that:  LISBON, PORTUGAL - BEIJING, CHINA awaits.

So, again, from abject defeat - with SPIA - comes our inevitable positive - with SAM...just the way programmed.

SAM and ME WILL save $1,000.00 for MY return to FALMOUTH, MAINE; fetch SPIA; repair her engine, so she lives to drive a couple hundred thousand miles more.

...and please recall that SAM and ME passed this way.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Welcome to the Atlantic Ocean.  We found our way to BAILEYS ISLAND, a narrow strip of land reaching many miles into the Atlantic Ocean below the city of BRUNSWICK, Maine.

This is LOBSTER Land. 

LOBSTERMAN Statue kneeling on the rocky cliff at LANDS END. the seaward tip of land about 30 miles East of PORTLAND, Maine.

Purchased a book of highly detailed Maps of Maine... and I still got lost twice this morning.  Roads of Maine are something else.

HARPSWELL SOUND, separating the finger islands of ORRS Island and HARPSWELL Island.

BAILEY Island "Cribstone" Bridge connecting ORRS and BAILEY Islands.

Bridge over tidal waters flowing through the lattice stonework supporting a roadway since 1928.

End of Route 24 on Bailey Island.


From a distance, a rather large mansion isolated on off-shore JAQISH Island, as seen from The LOBSTERMAN Statue.

Three children playing on the beach side rocks.

Having driven the 10 or so miles to the town of FREEPORT, Maine.  The entire town-center is a collection of famous Outlet Companies.   Sidewalks were crowded with tourists and shoppers skimpy dressed for a warm but misty overcast Summer day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am fighting a sorely upset tummy.  Purchased salted Spanish Peanuts.  Walking ORRS Island this morning, ate a few handfulls.  One hour later, severe stomach cramps hit.

Am at McD for the blog update.  WALMART is directly across the roadway ...US ROUTE 1..., about 5 miles from the city of PORTLAND and one mile directly below the city of FALMOUTH, Maine.

Will overnight here.

In the morning, will walk over to parallel Route 9, beyond PORTLAND, following the Atlantic Ocean towards the city of DOVER, New Hampshire.

Could do without the tummy cramps !

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, feelings of already missing these unique and embracing hills are tugging at my heart strings.  Having not been here before, am beginning to consider walking deeper into the State of Maine, possibly to wait for the leaves to begin their color change, which happens about September 15.  Should I decide to do that, it would also benefit the Winter walk.

Heading South now will just move us into being too early to head North for the walk back to Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Next week, will meet once again with VICKI in DOVER, New Hampshire.  After that, may swing back into the interior and North East of Maine for a month or so.

Having no "Staff" to help make these evaluations and decisions puts an additional burden on me.

Click to Enlarge.   LISBON may be found on this map...a bit left of and above center.

This map covers the Atlantic Coastline South West to PORTLAND, ME.

This map covers the Atlantic Ocean to the South West from PORTLAND, ME. toward New Hampshire.

Intend to stay close to the Ocean as we make our way past PORTLAND to the city of DOVER, New Hampshire, arriving Thursday or Friday next week.

Route 196 which I walked from LEWISTON to LISBON, Maine, this morning.

This new 22 foot Welded Aluminum Pontoon Boat boasts a 110 HP HONDA Outboard, Full Canopy Top.  Including the heavy duty tandem axle trailer, full price is $39,000.00...seemingly a very fair price.  The Marina has recently sold and delivered two such craft; have four more en-route from the factory, two of which are also already sold.

Please say HELLO to PEGGY and BILL, employees of FRAN's Restaurant, where I enjoyed a bowl of Hot Oat Meal Cereal (Mush).  Later, BILL gifted me a bottle of ice cold water...handing me the change to a five dollar bill.

Thank you, you two...your gift is much appreciated.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am the guest of the well known Chain of DUNKIN DONUTS, to create today's update.

Must find a place for SPIA and ME to settle down for the night.

Tomorrow, we should wade in the cold salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the city of BATH, MAINE.

POST SCRIPT:   Informed that WALMART is only 15 minute drive from LISBON FALLS ... in the city of BRUNSWICK, MAINE.  Will drive there yet this afternoon  ... and walk BACK on Route 196 in the morning.

BRUNSWICK is adjacent to the BATH, Maine waterfront.

This blog will therefore be mainly dedicated to the Atlantic coastline for the next week, at least .

Friday, July 25, 2014

POST 1388; JULY 25, 2014; AUBURN, MAINE

A bit of a culture surprise this morning.  Leaving behind the mountain foothills, we entered flatland...sans lakes.  Have completed two walks, one on Route 26 - a heavily travelled two lane roadway leading directly to PORTLAND, Maine...and the second on Route 121, leading to the rather large twin cities of AUBURN and LEWISTON.

Have discovered little of real interest...this corridore to the mountain and Lake Region we left yesterday. ..for our blog.  Will do some of the town before we settle down for the night at the local WALMART.

Tomorrow will lead us toward the FJORD-Like Atlantic Ocean Seacoast about 50 miles North and East of PORTLAND, Maine.

White dot center-right is SPIA, where she parked last night and remained while I walked Route 26 this morning.

Route 26 heading to PORTLAND, Maine.  Good walking roadway...nice wide berm and well maintained...albeit, heavy traffic.

Fresh veggies and fruit as we near the town of AUBURN.

A popular Ice Cream destination:  GIFFORD'S.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am still quite sore around Neck and Shoulders from the fall.

Nose is still letting me know it got slammed rather HARD into the pavement; acts like something inside may be damaged to remain sore like this.  Would not be surprised to have a wee concussion to deal with.

No, no Doctor visit...those guys will take one look at my heart and throw me into cardiac prison.  I landed on my chest - as well as my face - , my camera taking the brunt of that impact, transmitting the result to the area of my heart kinda close to the new Stents installed 5 days before beginning this journey back on January 02.  So far, only mild discomfort, so we'll keep an eye on it.

Will go walk this town some this afternoon ... is now only 11:30 am.  Will then settle down for a nap in SPIA's Back Seat Bedroom ...and later read some more of my new BOURNE adventure.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

POST 1387; JULY 24, 2014; NORWAY, MAINE

We have arrived at the apex of our trek North, reaching into the range of rising mountains.  Reluctantly leaving Lake KEOKA, spent a couple hours walking the village of HARRISON, MAINE, which lies at the North End of LONG LAKE, of which we walked the Southern reaches last week.Then drove part way to the small city of NORWAY, walking the final few miles.

Will stay overnight at WALMART, Norway, walking Route 26 and 121 toward the large city of LEWISTON in the morning.

SPIA - so far - is performing fine.  NO oil leak following the TLC from JOSH.



Please say HELLO to AL and RICH, Town of Harrison PARKS DEPARTMENT.

 Image of the walking bridge over the Lake Feeder Stream.


The soaring curved poles are intended to hold the moored boat from being pushed by strong winds into the dock./



Looking toward CANADA, some 100 miles plus distant.

* * * * * * * * * *

My fall -  tripping on the storm drain grate - did no apparent lasting damage.  Pulled many muscles in the crotch, elbows and shoulders, all nearly healed already.

Receiving the brunt of the impact was my nose which seemed to be smashed flat into the pavement.  Some internal left nostril bleeding kept on for three days.  Beginning walking this morning, sensed some internal - behind the eyes - pressure.  May have received a bit of a concussion as am a bit unstable and blurried eye.

Will watch carefully.