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Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31, 2016; Bellingham, Washington

HAPPY NEW YEAR ..... 2016 - 2017

      from Bellingham, Washington

March 20, 2010 began Day One of the my Walk Across America.    It was my desire to divest myself of nearly all assets as I stepped into the unknown .... to discover what it would be like to start old age with a clean slate.

Limited to my Social Security $ as received from the U. S. government as my only support, I walked from the Canadian border the first 250 miles to the state of Oregon ...  on foot, pushing SAM, my home built Solar-Powered three-wheel Cart.  SAM proved to be helpful for short periods of time due to limited battery efficiency ... but performed flawlessly otherwise.

Over the next 5-plus years, SAM and ME crossed and recrossed AMERICA some 30,000 miles, with generous use of  our vehicle for logistical support.

One SAM and ME solo USA crossing was completed from COLUMBIA, NORTH CAROLINA to BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON.   A 80% solo crossing was completed on our return to COLUMBIA.
By way of explanation, our vehicle, when used while walking, was accomplished as follows.  We moved only in daytime for safety reasons.  Each morning, our vehicle remained parked while SAM and ME walked some twelve miles before returning to our vehicle.   We then moved our vehicle the 24 miles walked during the day.  The next day, SAM and ME repeated the process. 

New input:

My recent stroke continues to limit my typing as I press forward to improve.

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