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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yes, it rained in Bellingham today.

Decided to cut back a bit on my walk duration and speed.  The past few walks have nearly done me in, leaving me gasping after 4 + hours.  Today did 12 miles 3 + hours...arrived home is great collapsing.

Self-image while on the hoof.  This is my light-weight gear which folds to pocket size...for heavy rain or cold weather, wear full gear of heavier lined materials.

Hannigan Road...runs North of Bellingham to the small (Dutch) town of Lynden situated on the Canadian Border, some 25 miles away.  Walked out some 4 miles...then hung a left on Kline Road to Meridian Highway...then south back toward Bellingham...then to Mt. Baker Highway back to my apartment...

One of the many Whatcom County side roads

Another view of HANNIGAN Road.

Bellingham has a number of Fire Stations spread out over Whatcom Valley

Whatcom County is farming country.  Lots of cattle, nut orchards, berry farms - specializing in Raspberry -

KLINE Road...connecting the Hannigan and Meridian Highways

Local - Bellingham - Christmas Tree Farm...about a 10 minute walk from my apartment.

BAKER CREEK...flows out of the Mt. Baker - Cascade Mountains - foothills to Bellingham Bay.  This creek bed runs 1/2 block behind my apartment complex, ending by flowing into Bellingham Bay at the Marina.  In times past - about 100 years ago, a railroad ran into the foothills following Baker, it is abandoned.  The railroad bed right-of-way is still in place, awaiting improvements to become yet another walking trail.
Have been invited by good friend Les to take a short sail on his Yacht TRUMPETER tomorrow morning (the very yacht Les put me up in the first week or so last Fall) ...going to run the ship across part of Bellingham Bay to the fuel dock.  During winter months it is critical that fuel tanks be kept FULL.  Empty space within a fuel tank will condense in cold weather, creating moisture inside the tank, which then mixes with the diesel fuel...not good at all for making the motor go ca-chug ca-chug ca-chug.  So for all my hard work driving TRUMPETER, Les wants to treat me to lunch.  Gosh, life is difficult way out here in the West...think I'll have a fresh Halibut Sandwich, dinner salad with Blu Cheese, and glass of Chardonnay...yeah...that sounds rather nice.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


* * * * * * * * * *

Set out yesterday - Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - to get in a long 18-mile walk out to the Y Road and back.  Rained the entire 4 hours 35 minutes to make it back to my apartment.

This route essentially circumnavigates the small hill - looking to the South East - in the following image.

Thankfully, Mt. Baker Highway - the first 6 miles - was only moderately heavy with traffic...last time out here, got soaked to the skin from passing 18-wheelers throwing waves of water over me.

Please say Hello to MEGAN.  Megan also walked the Mt. Baker Highway...on her way to get in some snowboarding.  Now, It was nice having someone to walk with for three miles or so...then, her "ride" came by, whisking her away.  Megan, from Seattle, had just this morning landed in Bellingham after her flight from Hawaii, where she was doing the surfboarding thing.

Pleased to meet up with young folks out enjoying the world.

Gentleman's Farm House on Mt. Baker Highway...looking North at the Mountains just across the border into Canada.

The Y Road...connecting 6 miles out from I-5 on Mt. Baker Highway.  The Y Road turns 90 degree to the right about 1/2 mile further on...continuing on to intersect with North Shore Road paralleling Whatcom Lake.

View of our "Hill" being circumnavigated...looking this time to the West.

Each time I walk this route, stop and chat to these horses.  There are three more blanketed horses corralled with them.

The distant hill is not our circumnavigated hill.  The above hill is the next hill in line to the East, approaching Mt. Baker (our volcano) .

100 years ago, clear cutting timber such as the tiny plot above, was commonplace in and around Bellingham.

Moss-covered tree
Most mountainous timberland in the Northwest is situated in the expansive Rain Forest bordering the Pacific Ocean...which lies about 100 miles to the West...and runs all the way south to near San Francisco, 800 miles away.

Whatcom Lake - Bellingham's source of fresh water -

My previous abode - for the last 12 years - lies 100 yards behind my camera.

For whatever reason, this 4.5 hour walk in the pouring rain has been quite difficult...i.e., my legs ended up like jello...I was thoroughly chilled...the last hour I turned off the pain and strain, letting my subconscious drag my body home.  Arriving home, I was overcome by nausea, removed my shoes, and collapsed into my recliner for 1/2 hour.  Then ran a tub of HOT water...soaked for over one hour...downed an asperin...then climbed into bed, where I remained until 5 am this morning.  Upon rising, had symptoms of stomach flu, chills, and painfully sore to even walk across the room.

Ate one pancake, a cup of tea, and back to bed until 10am.

Rolling of bed at 10am, was FULLY RECOVERED.  Ate two more Saddle Blankets (as Cri called hotcakes), together with 6 slices of bacon and two steamed / fried eggs with more tea.  Then went walking for an hour before heading to the barber shop and some food shopping.

Have felt great not know what happened yesterday, but it was severe, debilitating, and short lived.

I have NEVER been so wiped out after only 18 miles. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


ACHE and PAINLESS BED...gifted from Karen E.  (t.u. Karen)
   -Note small white Travelling Pillow (under the lamp)...this is to keep my arthritic hand warm during the night...warmth eliminates the pain-.

* * * * * * * * * *

A CASE FOR MY PILLOW(s)...or;  Keep Dem Bones Straight

First moments beginning my morning walk are spent gingerly feeling out the kinks of my body.  Oh yes, kinks seem to always be there...some mornings more so than others.   Crossing and re-crossing America leaves lots of time to think.  Got to wondering if there isn't something to be done BEFORE taking those first steps...something to minimize the kinks and pains.

Analyzing just where the kinks were located, narrowed them down to the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet...where all the items come together.  OK, seems to be the joints between these body parts are somehow stiff and need of some WD40 or sewing machine oil to get them moving painlessly.

Taking my analysis a bit further, started with my feet...that which receives the most workout walking 10 hours a day - every day - every week - even, every month.  Finally dawned on me that my blankets are too tight, twisting and scrunching my toes and, decided that tucking in the blankets at the bottom of the bed was the, stopped tucking in the blankets.  Worked fine for a bit...then found during the night, the blankets slipped off the bed.  Also, inside my sleeping bag - when camping out - nothing to "untuck".

After enduring much foot pain for weeks on end,  decided that a "spacer" to hold the blankets off my feet might work.  Tried wadding up a towel next to my feet...a bit better; finally tried a "baby pillow" / "travel pillow"...much better.

So, added a travel pillow to my travel ensemble.

I like sleeping on my side.  Because the "top" leg is mounted so high on the hip, always have hip and knee pain when starting my walking day.  Tried resting the "top" leg on the bottom leg...yep, helped a bit.  I have kinda bony knees.  During the night my bone to bone knees would become painful...and, the top leg keeps falling down, putting stress on the knee and hip joints - .

Thinking about my foot spacer, tried my travelling pillow between my knees...much better, but being so small, my legs still slipped off the pillow.  OK, use a larger pillow...WOW, works great.

Now, about my head and shoulders.  Invariably my neck is twisted upon awaking...and my shoulder joints are painful too.  Discovered my pillow was too hard.  Experimented with a number of pillow densities, stuffing materials, and sizes.  Discovered that a Queen size pillow with a medium to light density and fill that did not move about during the night worked best.  A too-soft pillow would not keep my head at the level of my spine...essential to achieve a "no-load" condition - the cause of all that joint, tendon, and muscle pain-.  The large medium to light density pillow on the other hand, could be quickly adjusted with a shove of the fist to rearrange the pillow to any configuration, levelling out the spine / shoulder joints.  Positioning of my "head and shoulder" pillow(s) is VERTICAL in lieu of HORIZONTAL...that is, long wise instead of crosswise under my head.  This allows greater pillow adjustment (a place to rest my arms - to eliminate shoulder joint misalignment) by simply punching the pillow first here and then a little there to give it the most comfy support...which constantly changes as I move during the night.

OH, one more thing...I MUST have a headboard or wall to keep my pillow from sliding off the top of the mattress...leave a couple inches of pillow climbing the wall ... giving the TOP of the head something to rest against... keeping the head warm and protected.

The entire purpose of this challenge is, of course, to keep my skeleton more or less level no matter what position it takes during the night.  Achieving a level spine...and appendages..., eliminates misalignment, which cause tendons and muscles to stretch trying to hold suspended bones together; i.e., easing pain and stiffness.

A word about my mattress... guys like me are not so curvy as ladies, we still, however,  have humps and bumps.  Resting these hills and valleys on a too-firm mattress results in side-slipping joints causing pain and stiffness.  Karen E.'s recent gifted "pillow-top" mattress solved that problem for me...kinda squishy on the outside and firm a couple inches down below.  If no Pillow Mattress is available, an Air Mattress or  comforter or two to lie upon helps.

The above has resulted from months of trial and error.  I have boiled it down to:

Two Queen size medium fill for the legs and feet; one for the head and shoulders/arms.  In the best of conditions, a third head / shoulder pillow is nice when rolling over during the need to reposition the head / shoulder pillow as the third pillow is already in position to receive a punch here and a push there to properly set in position to keep all those bones aligned.

Walking with SAM and camping out, adjustments are needed !

Am certain this update is receiving a number of "GEEEzzzeee"... is this guy for real.  Of course, such thoughts might be different if the GEEEzzzeeer set off on foot across America.

Monday, January 28, 2013


* * * * * * * * * *

Difficult to believe that in four weeks my blog has consumed 5 G ... most certainly from the massive files of linked images .  In any event, I must now pay more $$ for January 2013 to VERIZON.  Next month will certainly be well below the 5 gig maximum allowed.

Though it has warmed up a bit in this northern corner - some call it The Fourth Corner - of the USA, it continues to rain non-stop for most of the past couple weeks...everything nice and green...rivers and lakes amply filled and lots of snow on local ski slopes...Mt. Baker quite beautiful in the evening sunset - those occasional moments the clouds open to the west.

My right heel is not fully healed...even so, I have walked nearly every day for at least 12 miles - 3 hours. 

Wednesday last, encountered an emotional public...which has taken the wind out of me.  Am still wrestling with it, but being a positive sort, will survive and thrive.

Met a local lady who has indicated a keen interest to participate in my next walk...even if it is in Europe...we shall see.  In the mean time, will continue local highway if only the rain would return to the drizzle - liquid sunshine - I so dearly love to walk in.  Have been invited to tackle more POWER WALKS up local hills - small mountains really -, but my body simply is not attuned to running up steep mountain trails, so am approaching these Power Walks a bit all costs, must avoid further injury.

As an aside, many might consider my ramblings to be of questionable veracity. My "stories" are, however, not only based upon events, they are factual to the degree a half-century - plus -  time lapse allows. 

For the moment, cannot bring myself to put thoughts and recollections into proper words.  Wednesday's event has apparently affected me more than I would, will take a bit of time off to put my head back on straight before continuing with..." things were...".

Our local Western Washington University - 2012 Division II National Basketball Champions - continues winning 24 straight wins, ranked #2 in the nation.  Ladies WWU Basketball Team has won 9 straight and is ranked #5 in the nation.  How about SEAHAWKS Quarterback Russell Wilson throwing 3 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter of the NFL Pro-Bowl yesterday in Honolulu.  Then, there is Gonzaga U. and Oregon U. and and and...

Yes, the Pacific Northwest is crazy for sports...sports of all kinds...just one more reason enhancing quality of life in this, one of the most beautiful temperate clean and GREEN places in the world.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


* * * * * * * * * *

I must say that today has been one of considerable confusion. 

For nearly one week it has been COLD in Bellingham...last night again in the mid 20s F., with dense fog nearly all day.

After my walk yesterday, I felt a bit unfulfilled; i.e., Ginger showed me just how much out of condition I have, I decided I should make a bit more effort now that my pulled knee and foot have healed.

So, decided to push myself by doing my 18-mile walk THE HARD WAY; i.e., walking counter clockwise, forcing me to climb three rather significant hills.  I managed the hills rather nicely.  I did not, however, dress warmly enough.  Half way through - 9 miles & 2 + hours, I became thoroughly chilled, especially my legs. 

So, I kicked up my pace to get a bit more circulation...which did warm me up enough to complete the walk.  The 18 miles took me 4 hours 32 minutes...right at 4 miles per hour.  Not bad under the circumstances.

On hilltops, fog was about as above.,,with icy pavement.

In valleys and down by Lake Whatcom, the fog was much thicker, causing me to have to jump out of the way of oncoming vehicles as they bore down on me in foggy curves of narrow North Shore Boulevard.

Lots of smaller hills along North Shore Boulevard...happens to be a spot of not so dense fog.

Arriving home, I drew a hot bath, stepped in, and soaked for over one hour to warm up...then I slipped into bed - the comfy bed gifted me by Karen E. - and slept like a baby for over two hours.  Dressing appropriately would be an intelligent option.

Incurred NO injuries, but my lower extremities were stiff and painful until this evening...all seems to be OK now.

Man, am I out of shape...last Summer I was daily walking over 8 hours non-stop up and down mountains, averaging 30 + miles per day.  Have a long way to go to get back into condition.  Wonder if approaching 80 years old might have something to do about that...perhaps my body is not recovering so quickly as it used to was.

At least, my boo boos (pulled muscles / tendons) are repairing themselves within a couple weeks...instead of the six weeks it normally takes.

A technical note about my VERIZON Wireless Account.  I have a 5 Gig monthly plan @ $55.00.  In the past two months, I have run over my 5 Gig, which has cost me an additional $10.00 per month.  Have received e-mail notification from VERIZON that I have already used 90% of my 5 Gig for January.  I dropped in at the local VERIZON to find out what I am doing different to consume so much wireless service.

It appears that with Wireless, every web page I access...such as Images of the city of Naples, or Pisa, or Via Apia, or charged to my account...even if I do not upload individual images.  That means that I can no longer "link" such large files to this blog...unless I wish to jump to the next level - 8 Gigs - at the cost of $80.00 per month...which I cannot do.

  Tomorrow morning, I will again take to the road...albeit a bit shorter and not so hilly.   It is supposed to continue cold and foggy.

Oh, Yeah...except for a 2-day old pancake early this morning, I totally forgot to eat anything today...for shame!

Monday, January 21, 2013


It was a cold (25 F.) foggy morning when Jean led our small hiking group from Barkley Village, climbing up Alabama Hill to the Rock Garden...thence across the hill top to Whatcom Falls Park and back to our starting point...a distance of 4.2 miles.

On this trail, dogs-on-lease are welcome - picking up doggie doo with the plastic bags provided in trail-side dispensers.

Please say HELLO to Jean and our walkers.

Yesterday, Sunday, a run / walk around LAKE PADDEN was scheduled for 10 am.  I waited until 10:05...when no one else showed, I began the 2.6 mile circuit along the frozen-over lake.  Half of this walk is through low forested hills ringing the Southern shore of Lake Padden.  The Northern shore is open, with numerous picnicking spots, swimming beach, boat launch, and baseball fields.  A city-block from the lake is one of the finest 18-hole public golf courses to be found in the Pacific Northwests.  I have golfed at Padden Lake for many years...but not recently, so I don't know today's was something under $20.00 for 18 holes.

The Lake  Padden trail on the wooded southern shore is through giant (2nd growth) evergreen trees.  This trail is suitable for wheel chair, walkers, bikers, and horses.  Even in the rainy season, 99.9 percent of the trail through the wooded hills is dry, well landscaped and tended...not a single piece of trash to be found.

One of two Lake Padden Fishing Docks.  Not so many years ago, SALMON migrated to Lake, only trout are available.  The lake is accessible from any shoreline...and a modern boat launch is available - NO Gasoline Motors allowed.

After circling Lake Padden clockwise and not finding any of our walking group, I reversed to counter-clockwise for a second walk around...still no familiar faces.  My two circuits - 5.2 miles - took 76 minutes = 14.62 mph = slightly faster than 4 mph...not bad for trail walking.

CHUCKANUT RIDGE - Trail Head Parking
(One Mile South of FAIRHAVEN (Bellingham), Washington

This morning, Monday, a POWER WALK up to the top of nearby CHUCKANUT RIDGE, was scheduled at the last minute.  I showed up at 9am, ready to climb the mountain.  A moment later, Ginger drove in...and we two started up the trail.  Within five minutes I knew I was NO condition to complete this POWER WALK. 

Ginger literally flew up the steep trail...I was panting and puffing...Ginger, I said...I have to confess I cannot do this walk...Well, I did say it was a POWER WALK, and I must get in my exercise...and this is only the easy part !!!

Ginger, being very considerate of this old man, escorted me back to the trail intersection with the CHUCKANUT  INTERURBAN - a turn of the century (1900) railroad right of way from Bellingham to Seattle, which was abandoned some years ago.  Ginger went back up the CHUCKANUT RIDGE Trail...I headed South on the Interurban.  I finally reached the South Trail Head at LARRABE STATE PARK, where I turned around to walk back to the parking area.

All told, I walked the interurban for about 10.5 miles in 2.5 hours.



Waterfall along the INTERURBAN Trail.

I have not walked with serious intent since returning from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina - 3,030 miles - reaching the Peace Arch 94 days later on June 24, 2012...6 months ago.  I am in terrible condition - and belt is on the last hole...testament to too much good food and not enough walking.  That has started to change since I joined Jean's walking group.

It is evident that unless I find employment, there will be NO $$ to finance my walk from Lisbon, Portugal to the Sea of Japan.  Alternatively, I am making logistic search to fly (DELTA Miles) to retrieve SAM from storage in Wilmington, North Carolina...then, walking with SAM back to Bellingham (PEACE ARCH)...completing my fifth walk coast to coast (Atlantic - Pacific)...across America.

Then We Shall See....

Saturday, January 19, 2013


LAKE PADDEN - Bellingham, Washington

* * * * * * * * * *

Third day in a row, have walked for 1.5 to 2.5 hours...totaling about 20 miles.  Injured knee and foot tendons have behaved themselves...i.e., no excruciating pain...although the right foot heel tendon lets me know it is still there and in continual caution to avoid re-injury.

Tomorrow at 10 am, will join a run / walk around Lake Padden's 2.8 mile trail system...a trail I have, over the years, circled many times.  Will be nice to return to that superb trail.

Bellingham has countless trails traversing every neighborhood - including downtown -.  It is entirely possible to walk - or ride a bicycle - to anyplace in this city of about 60,000 souls without using a roadway.  Even though we are in the rainy season, all trails seem to be totally dry - accredit great trail design, development, maintenance, and "user consideration". 

Along Bellingham waterfront, first class over-water walkways allow one to walk from downtown Bellingham to the FAIRHAVEN (old town) district some three miles to the South...providing for fishing along the way for world-famous  DUNGENESS CRABS (in season)...same CRAB savored at San Francisco;s FISHERMAN WHARF.

Taylor Dock

Have often been asked about my diet.  Never really give it much thought, but it goes something like this (when taking time out to stop long enough to cook something up):

BREAKFAST:  (Around 5:00 am)

HOT CEREAL - Prefer rolled Oats, but recently Cream of RICE.
PANCAKES -  cook 2 - 3 day supply, stored in zip-lock bags.
BACON AND EGGS -  albeit rarely !
COFFEE OR TEA - No acidic fruit juices. NO grapefruit juice w/medication.

LUNCH:  (Around 10 - 11 am)

SANDWICH - Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, or Ham and Cheese

LATER:  (Around 4 - 5 pm)

SALAD - Cole Slaw, enhanced with:  Blue Cheese Dressing, Mustard, Sweet Pickle Relish, diced apple, raisins.

LATER:  (Around 8 pm)

CORN CHIP and DIP - make my own dip from Chunky Tomato Sauce, enhanced with Mustard and  Sweet Pickle Relish

GLASS OF WINE or BEER...RUM and COKE when available.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE:  Bottled Water, Beef Jerky, Crackers, cough drops

Water consumption is CRITICAL..keep hydrated, but NOT TOO MUCH...crossing the Great Plains (Colorado), nearly kicked the bucket by drinking TOO MUCH water resulting in washing out critical elements.  When this happened, ER tests revealed my body level of HEMOGLOBIN (Red Blood Cells) was only 1/2 required to sustain life...ER gave me 36 hours to live if I didn't STOP walking immediately...I stopped walking for one month, during which time I placed myself under Doctor care, restoring proper body balances...then I continued walking across America.

Walking with SAM, I have a small Butane Stove, but no which case, some ingredients are reduced or not available.

Find the most critical apparel for walking are SHOES.  Normally, I wear 11-1/2 shoes.  For walking, I have moved up to Size 13 Shoe.  This gives me a much larger toe box to avoid compressing the toes - which distorts the bone structure - and keeps the tips of the toes from contacting the front of the shoe.  Toes contacting the front of the shoe - especially when going DOWN HILL, causes extreme pain in a short time.

The past three days have been below freezing, so I switched to BOOTS. 

Big Mistake.  My Boots do not give enough toe-box room.  This evening, my toes are extremely sore, especially the Big Toe, and have gone partially numb.  Will go back to my over sized Brooks ADDICTION WALKER shoes.  Walked three years - over 16,000 miles - with my Brooks, without any pain or injury.  They are pricey - $125.00 -, but worth every penny.  Each of my three pair of Brooks have over 3,000 miles on them, and have many more miles yet to go.
I did have five pair of Brooks, but two pair separated sole-from-upper at the "bend" point just behind the toes...then again these two discarded pair had well over 4,000 miles on them.

Is now 7:00 pm, Saturday, January 19, 2013.  Time to start the Basketball Game of the WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY - 2012 National College II Champions - have won 20 in a row (15 - 0 this year), ranked #3 in the nation ... WWU Women are also ranked in the top 10. 

Friday, January 18, 2013


CANADIAN ROCKIES - Seen from Bellingham, Washington

* * * * * * * * * *

NOTICE:  I have finally succeeded to find the Google "contact" button...and have discovered that many Bloggers have the same problem; i.e....

No  "ADD IMAGE" Button from Computer Files.

Work around is:  Click HTML Format..."Add Image" from Computer Files is working in HTML Format.  After selecting and uploading desired Image, switch back to COMPOSER format to modify / add text for the uploaded image.

The Image added to POST 1045 is the result of my trial run for the Work Around.

Above are Images selected for prior POST 1045.


BRITTON ROAD - Lake Whatcom in distance

(NOTE:)  Have finally found Google "contact page"...apparently, many Bloggers have "lost" their "Image Upload" Button in the COMPOSE format.  Work Around is: 

Select HTML format...choose INSERT desired image...upload.  After upload is completed, change back to COMPOSE to complete image details and narrative in Blog creater window.

Seems to work !

A "fix" to replace the Image Button is being worked on by Google technicians using COMPOSE mode.

* * * * * * * * * *

Still struggling with Google Blog software for uploading images.  Google has apparently deleted option to upload images diretly from my on computer files.  Am at a loss as to what to do...makes me VERY upset to be confronted with such changes.  Google's "old" system worked well...but is no longer available.

Appears that Google wants my images uploaded thru Picasa...something I do not fully understand.  In any event, I see NO reason I should file my images with Picasa.  Experience tells me that once transferred, only Picasa will have control (ownership) of my images...NO, I do not trust such a move - some call it "cloud ?" ... kinda like ..."...believe in ME for I shall see you unto Heaven"...yeah, sure !

In any event, returned to the road yesterday.  Left knee is without pain...right foot tendons are still sore, but manageable.  Did 7 miles yesterday over some rather steep hills, in 2 hours.

Today, participated in a trail hike UP, across, and back down Alabama Hill in thick FOG and on ICY graveled pathways, for a total of 4.2 miles in 1.5 hours.

Am very much out of shape.  Repeated steep trails climbing Alabama Hill nearly done me in.

In our "Senior" housing apartment building is a 8:00 am coffee clutch.  Have joined in a half dozen times, but decided it is not for me.  Conversation is nearly all of the complaining type with directed verbal attacks at (absent) went on and on and on about the poor job by the house keeping staff; i.e., have you seen all the dust on the edges of the hallway picture frames...just awful.  I suggested we apply a little elbow grease with a feather duster on the complained about dust-on-picture-frames... thought I had just suggested the end of the world.

I have not made this place my home to listen to  old people complaining... then, refuse to lift a finger to help keep their own front yard beautified...complain'n about the shortcomings of others, but..."...who me help...ya gotta be kidd'n".

Really do look forward to returning to the road where chatting - with the critters - is an enjoyable adventure...

...Keeping my eyes open to discover what to do when I start to grow old.

Seem - too often - recalling one of Cri's favorite comments..."...I was just born on the wrong Planet...".  Yes, Cri, I'm beginning to understand...and even after 11 years this week, I still miss you.  I hope you have found your Planet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


....on June 24, 2012, upon return to the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington.
(This image somehow got posted to a Picassa file...I have no idea how it got there !!! )
* * * * * * * * * *
H E L P...

Google Blogger has once again changed their window for "Insert Image" into my blog-in-preparation.

In the past this window provided a spot for selecting a specific "image" from my photo the desired image and it dropped onto my blog page.

The current "Insert Image" page has no provision for selecting images from my computer files.

The actual Google Blog Page I am in the process of creating, will not accept "paste" from "copy" image files.

I must be doing something wrong.  None of my "guru's" here in Bellingham can help me...

Soliciting guidance, please.

I am NOT computer literate...I get frustrated at the STUPID complexity of this stuff...the "old" Google system worked just fine...the current Google system does NOT.

I get the certain feeling the industry is trying their level best to weed out those of us who have not grown up with computerization... but rather, we have had to learn...and just when one new process is mastered, the whole system gets "upgraded", leaving us weekend warriors in the dust.