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Friday, January 18, 2013


BRITTON ROAD - Lake Whatcom in distance

(NOTE:)  Have finally found Google "contact page"...apparently, many Bloggers have "lost" their "Image Upload" Button in the COMPOSE format.  Work Around is: 

Select HTML format...choose INSERT desired image...upload.  After upload is completed, change back to COMPOSE to complete image details and narrative in Blog creater window.

Seems to work !

A "fix" to replace the Image Button is being worked on by Google technicians using COMPOSE mode.

* * * * * * * * * *

Still struggling with Google Blog software for uploading images.  Google has apparently deleted option to upload images diretly from my on computer files.  Am at a loss as to what to do...makes me VERY upset to be confronted with such changes.  Google's "old" system worked well...but is no longer available.

Appears that Google wants my images uploaded thru Picasa...something I do not fully understand.  In any event, I see NO reason I should file my images with Picasa.  Experience tells me that once transferred, only Picasa will have control (ownership) of my images...NO, I do not trust such a move - some call it "cloud ?" ... kinda like ..."...believe in ME for I shall see you unto Heaven"...yeah, sure !

In any event, returned to the road yesterday.  Left knee is without pain...right foot tendons are still sore, but manageable.  Did 7 miles yesterday over some rather steep hills, in 2 hours.

Today, participated in a trail hike UP, across, and back down Alabama Hill in thick FOG and on ICY graveled pathways, for a total of 4.2 miles in 1.5 hours.

Am very much out of shape.  Repeated steep trails climbing Alabama Hill nearly done me in.

In our "Senior" housing apartment building is a 8:00 am coffee clutch.  Have joined in a half dozen times, but decided it is not for me.  Conversation is nearly all of the complaining type with directed verbal attacks at (absent) went on and on and on about the poor job by the house keeping staff; i.e., have you seen all the dust on the edges of the hallway picture frames...just awful.  I suggested we apply a little elbow grease with a feather duster on the complained about dust-on-picture-frames... thought I had just suggested the end of the world.

I have not made this place my home to listen to  old people complaining... then, refuse to lift a finger to help keep their own front yard beautified...complain'n about the shortcomings of others, but..."...who me help...ya gotta be kidd'n".

Really do look forward to returning to the road where chatting - with the critters - is an enjoyable adventure...

...Keeping my eyes open to discover what to do when I start to grow old.

Seem - too often - recalling one of Cri's favorite comments..."...I was just born on the wrong Planet...".  Yes, Cri, I'm beginning to understand...and even after 11 years this week, I still miss you.  I hope you have found your Planet.

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