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Monday, January 14, 2013

POST 1042: JANUARY 14, 2013; ITALY (1959)


* * * * * * * * * *

Before we return to our MOULIN ROUGE girls, I wish to make some comments regarding current (2013) events:

My foot and knee are rapidly recovering.  I am each day walking a bit more, with some after-walk pain...I will, however, be mended in a very few days...another testament to my Lymphatic System which is clearing away damaged materials, allowing quick repair of my damaged ligaments.

Also, a word on the extraordinary football game between the Atlanta FALCONS and Seattle SEA HAWKS. 

The final play of the game...the "winning" field goal by the FALCONS...was, I submit, made AFTER the game ended...

...13 seconds remaining in 4th quarter SEA HAWKS 28; FALCONS 27:

1.  FALCONS center the ball for a 49  yard Field Goal try...
2.  Coach  Carroll calls for TIME OUT...

3.  Time out granted...  ONLY AFTER THE BALL HAD ALREADY BEEN CENTERED...(kick missing the uprights).

4. FALCONS  allowed to kick a second time, essentially AFTER the game had already ended...and being granted a "practice" kick - which missed.

Not the first time Referees made blunders during critical moments in many games...this time, rewarding the FALCONS with a 30 to 28 WIN..  I hold no ill feelings for or against the FALCONS or the REFEREES. 

Simply want to have my say in the matter.

GO  S E A   H A W K S !!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Venice is a city I have not visited before.  The girls and I  together, explore this fantastic city.


We spend a night in Venice, catching the train in the morning to the first of many NATO military installations across the top of Italy. 

Each of our performances are mesmerizing.  The girls are performance and in looks, receiving enthusiastic applause after each number.

One performance, however, stands out.  We are in a large Enlisted Men's  Theatre...a  large stage in front...but only one small  dressing room.  The CanCan dancers commandeer it because of need for room to handle their many costume changes.  Our Mannequins are moved to the rear of the auditorium, using the "office" for their dressing room.

The theatre is packed...not even standing room. 

The introductions having been made, music being played, our Mannequins walk down the crowded aisle from the back of the room...reaching the girl - a simply adorable 18 year old French girl - in tears...her hand over her breast.


The girls huddle around me, demanding I do something...they refuse to continue the performance...all 13 retreating to the off-stage dressing room...pulling the door closed.

I am speechless...I go to the dressing room,,,are you certain you will not continue the until you kick him out !!!

Front and center of the stage...microphone in hand...I stand without speaking...looking at each and every one in the audience.  The music has stopped...a pin could be heard dropping.   WE HAVE A SERIOUS of you...and you know who you do your colleagues, has just painfully injured one of our girls. 

THE SHOW IS CANCELLED...the girls refuse to perform for you.

I can tell you...this performance is one of the most professional presentations you could ever see...I can also tell you that each and every one of our performers is of the highest ... she - every one - lives to leave with you, her audience, a lasting memory of herself and her work. 

One of you, however, has made this performance impossible.  I will ask once and only once for you to step forward...I will wait one minute...if you step forward, I ask you to join me here on stage, where I and our girls require you to make a public apology.  If you choose not to come forward, we wish you good evening.

I wait...absolute silence in the hall...all eyes scan the aisle the girls walked...

A man steps forward, slowly walks down the aisle, climbs the steps onto the stage....over here, I gesture...handing him the microphone and step back, leaving him facing his buddies - the dressing room door remains closed...My name is Reymond...I don't know why... she was so close to me, I could not stop myself...I was wrong...I sincerely apologize to all of you...I - turning toward the dressing room door -  ask for forgiveness from the girl I offended and hurt...

He turns to me, hands me the microphone. 

Thank you Reymond...OK, gentlemen, are you inclined to accept Reymond's apology...


In that case, I'm afraid we have no alternative but to...

Yes, Yes, Yes...

OK, look.  In that dressing room over there are 13 of the most beautiful and finest young ladies in this part of the world.  I'm going to ask Reymond to personally apologize to the girls...then, we shall see.

I walk, hand under Reymond's elbow, across the stage...knock on the dressing room door.  It opens.  Reymond here has admitted to his buddies that he is the one who hurt you...and he wants to apologize to you...will you listen to Reymond ???

Subdued:   Yes.

I pull the door open...handing Reymond's arm into the room... by unseen hands...Reymond is pulled into the room.

I SHUT THE DOOR...walk slowly back to the center of the stage.

Seconds pass...a minute passes...and another

The door slowly opens.  Our British vocalist and Russian CanCan leader walk out arm in arm with Reymond between them.

I hand the girls the microphone:

Reymond has apologized to the girl he hurt...and he has apologized to us all.  We have questioned him...each of us expressing our anger, disgust, and appreciation for his honesty and obvious embarrassment...

We would love to perform for you...we hope you enjoy us. 

I take the microphone back, taking Reymond by the elbow, lead him to the opposite side of the stage...Ladies and Gentlemen...the


The show is memorable ... unforgettable to hundreds of Enlisted Men.

...and to me.

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