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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


....on June 24, 2012, upon return to the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington.
(This image somehow got posted to a Picassa file...I have no idea how it got there !!! )
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H E L P...

Google Blogger has once again changed their window for "Insert Image" into my blog-in-preparation.

In the past this window provided a spot for selecting a specific "image" from my photo the desired image and it dropped onto my blog page.

The current "Insert Image" page has no provision for selecting images from my computer files.

The actual Google Blog Page I am in the process of creating, will not accept "paste" from "copy" image files.

I must be doing something wrong.  None of my "guru's" here in Bellingham can help me...

Soliciting guidance, please.

I am NOT computer literate...I get frustrated at the STUPID complexity of this stuff...the "old" Google system worked just fine...the current Google system does NOT.

I get the certain feeling the industry is trying their level best to weed out those of us who have not grown up with computerization... but rather, we have had to learn...and just when one new process is mastered, the whole system gets "upgraded", leaving us weekend warriors in the dust.

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