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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


A most exciting event is occurring this evening...the fly-by of a near earth object ...which is being LIVE cast at  The next LIVE images of the passing ASTEROID will be at 9:00 pm EST (6:00 pm PST).

This is the same asteroid predicted to hit - or make a near miss - of Earth in the year 2036.

I have a great interest in things to do with SPACE, having worked for years at Cape Kennedy (Minuteman Missile), and in later years, had a small part in the APOLLO Moon program...i.e., Contracts Manager for the MAB (Missile Assembly Building) Cranes and Launch Tower Service Cranes for the Apollo Rocket(s).

For now, however, I must report that my twisted right foot tendons are slowly losing some pain...walking each day for 1/2 hour or so in "light" exercise.

What is NOT encouraging, however, is that the Patellar Tendon - the tendon from the upper thigh connecting to the TOP of the Knee Cap (Patella).  This tendon was injured a few weeks ago, but ceased to be sore until, can barely bend my knee at all.  Could be the result of sitting too much with bended knees, putting undue strain in it.

Oh, is raining pitchforks - or perhaps cats and dogs, so am taking advantage of my Owies to catch up on research and reading.

Still diligently looking for two month's time, I will have expended available $$ reserves...then, subsistence will certainly become interesting.

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Anonymous said...

i had bad knee pain for about a week
a swell on the right side of my knee
a sore pain above knee