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Thursday, June 23, 2016

POST 1524; BURNS' OREGON; JUNE 23, 2016

I passed up a lake fishing trip plus MUSHROOM gathering among Oregon's High Desert this afternoon .....

.....Instead. been at our computer for 7 hours continuous struggling to remember how to relearn to use computer systems after so long from it all

We are rewarded with more than 500 personal blog responses.  SAM and ME can hardly believe you ...

...and we are nearly ready to walk and roll.   Heather slipped a small token to SAM AND ME as we drove away.  Her token has enabled our search of the internet off and on today become the straw on which our new CABBELLA's  COT will warm and comfort our journey.

As you already know, our Love for you is limitless.

...   And so, here WE go again

... with a few new welcome faces and hearts riding SHOTGUN over WE HAPPY FEW ...

POST 1523; JUNE 23, 2016; BURNS, OREGON

Yes, it really is SAM AND ME again back among the living.

I have recovered a major part of the Stroke suffered some months ago, but I am still cautious when  negotiating uneven / unfamiliar ground..

Since the Stroke, I have driven cross country four times alone and without incident.

I have volunteered to help a friend move from her home, including cleaning of her large palatial home and into a Senior residential community apartment.

 The last three months have found me volunteering as grounds-keeper with a "ART" Community of some 20 performers - CIRCUS Oriented - living and working to perfect routines taken on the road nationally and internationally.  My work has been not only "voluntary". ...   I "donated" $175.00 monthly to the Community  for the privilege to work with them.

These activities allowed me to stay "employed" during my recovery period of the past 6 months.

I felt it has been appropriate to take time to work through the injury period of two concussions and the stroke before resuming this blog.  My (your) BLOG has therefor suffered from SILENCE.

During this same calendar time, my doctors turned away from me; i.e" ALL my medical (Medicare) activity has STOPPED.   I receive NO Doctor appointments, or medication, including prescription medication.  Since hours after the stroke, I have been "medically" on my own.

AND SO,  this brings us to today :

Friends and family have been standing by to see what SAM AND ME do next.

We are in BURNS, Oregon.  MONICA, BEN and the Girls are helping prepare SAM to once again return to the Highways and Byways of America.  We are searching for a small folding COT to add to SAM's equipment.  As things are, I will sleep sitting up in my itty bitty folding chair.

Within the next few days, SAM AND ME will Walk And Roll across America to New York City where we will add that grand city to our saga.

For now, I will renew my own attitude to tune in with psychology of America.


A very short time ago, I was alone ...  adrift ... knowing not who I was and aware of little else.  With  Love and support of those known and unknown we have begun find our way back.

Thank You