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Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally pics are up...loaded as our ferry boat approached OCRACOKE, NORTH CAROLINA.

Will keep narrative to a minimum.

These privatr waterways channeled Hurricane waters directly into the small villages, flooding all except buildings on stilts or high foundations.

Click click to enlarge .

Nearly home had a pile of household items ruined by flooding.

Please say HELLO to Mr. Gaskill, enterprising business owner making a few $$ by collecting metal items and burning away the non metal. Mr. Gaskill earns $0.13 per pound of reclaimed metal.

Please say HELLO to Treva and Grandson Logan.

Treva and I had a long chat about the flooding.

Flat bottom Carolina Skiff.

Please say HELLO to Geraldine, Ferry Terminal employee.

I have discovered that it is nearly impossible to upload photographs the first few hours after school lets out. It appears kids flood the internet. So, must wait until after 10:00 pm or so and will try again...have some interesting pics today.

SPIA and I are parked for the night at the CEDAR ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA Ferry Dock. We have a 7:30 am reservation - prepaid by kindness of the State of North Carolina (i.e.; the State has paid our $40.00 fee) -

It is continuing cold. Walked many miles today along the Atlantic Coast Marshes and witnessed extensive damage from the Hurricane that passed through here two months ago.

We should arrive in OCRACOKE, NORTH CAROLINA about 9:30 in the morning. We have a half dozen folks to contact to help us with parking, electricity, etc. Our "vacation home" is all arranged for the entire next week located on HATTERAS ISLAND. We will be able to do a rather in-depth visit to these beautiful islands - includes KITTY HAWK !!

Is now 11:30 pm. Photographs still will not load. Could be a weak signal out here on CEDAR ISLAND. Will try again from OCRACOKE in the morning.

It is now 3:50 still will not load.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


38 F. was the temperature this morning when I stepped out of SPIA to walk into BEAUFORT, NORTH CAROLINA.

Ran SPIA's furnace half the is on a thermostat which cycled about every 15 minutes for about 5 minutes holding about 55 F. Shut it off around midnight. Seems to work just fine. Propane consumption might become a problem when we hit the Northern Plains in March or so.

BEAUFORT sits on a River and offers a deep-water port. As with most of the South East Seacoast, marsh lands abound for many miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, with a large number of low lying islands and tidal creeks - waterways such as the one above.

A few blogs ago we mentioned the "flat" nature of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States as it moves from East to West across the face of the Earth. We have been seeing the vast marsh lands and lowlands ever since we left Northern Florida.

We were parked a couple miles North of Historic Old BEAUFORT. Took a rambling route into town...through residential areas and along the shoreline of the river.

Many 200 - 300 year old homes were found along the way. In comparison to BEAUFORT, SOUTH CAROLINA (not to be confused with BEAUFORT, NORTH CAROLINA), the "North Carolina" homes are as old, but lack the "estate" qualities found in "South Carolina". Nonetheless, the homes I found today are beautiful to look at, elegant in their own way, and in excellent condition for being so old.

Walking the dogs ... a favorite Saturday morning pastime.

BEAUFORT, NORTH CAROLINA has a long history going back to Spanish days, including such famous Pirates as BLACKBEARD, whose ship QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE, is lying a few miles beyond EMERALD ISLAND in the open Atlantic; and, is being brought to BEAUFORT piece by piece as it is recovered.

Twice I came to Historic Old Town...once walking, and once driving. The purpose of driving was to visit the Maritime Museum to learn details about local events. The museum opened only at 1:00 pm...2.5 hours away, and I did not feel justified in hanging around that long.

1901 Railroad Station in BEAUFORT.

Front Street bordering the Waterfront.

Local History. Please click click to read this interesting plaque.

Waterfront restaurant, Queen Anne's of BLACKBEARD'S ship.

Riverside Marina.
Please say HELLO to Allie Sweeley...Local the Boardwalk Cafe.

This is "brackish" water; i.e., fresh water "tidal" causing salt ocean water to mix in.

Many yachts were anchored in the river...some flying Canadian flags.

Riverside Boardwalk.

Leaving BEAUFORT, I again parked SPIA at PIGGLY WIGGLE Supermarket and walked North on US 70 for 2 hours. We them drove North to the intersection of the road coming down from MERRIMON, NORTH CAROLINA, where we parked SPIA. I then again walked North on US 70 through vast marshes through which ran the North River. Reached BETTIE and OTWAY and returned to SPIA.

We then drove to SMYRNA, where we were allowed to park for the night. I then walked back South on US 70 to OTWAY and back to SMYRNA.

I planned to walk North for another hour, but was feeling quite sick to and was running a slight fever - from last night's awful excuse for food. So, I took a nap instead and was able to get some soup down before starting this blog update. Should be better in the morning.

These long-billed (curved) birds were flocking together in the marshes. I have seen this bird once before, but do not recall it's name.

That thin stream next to the roadway is part of the North River which is flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean on a swiftly moving outgoing tide.

The same narrow waterway - North River in the distance -, with obvious swift current flowing away from the roadway.

Boat launch area on the North River.

One of a number of homes sitting at the edge of the river. This is also only a foot or so above Sea Level.

Causeway bridge crossing the North River.

An anchored outboard boat with a mast lying inside...for raising a sail.

The North River looking South East toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Marsh land along the banks of the North River.

This is US 70, a 2-lane roadway passing through the marsh land. That is the swift flowing water we saw above. There is about 3.5 feet from the white line to the water...I was told if I stop SPIA I must keep one set of tires ON THE PAVEMENT...No Kidding !!!

I really do not feel well this evening. We shall see in the morning just how much walking will get done. Was planning to wait in line overnight at the ferry for OCRACOKE, which sails at 7:00 am.

Tomorrow is another day...(GWTW) one of my Secretaries told me in another life..."After all Mr. Maynard, it is not the end of the World" !!

Oh, yes; our Pirate's Tale: Who were the BUCCANEERS?

Looking at the centuries long evolution of Privateer to Pirate, Buccaneer holds a special place.

When the major States - primarily France and England - abolished the "Privateer", these private shipowners turned to Trade Commerce between seaports of the many islands of the Caribbean Sea. A favorite pastime was to hold a BOUCAN...a type of BBQ of Goat, which were wild and plentiful in all the islands. As the "traders" reached far and wide, they become known as those who like the Boucan...i.e., BUCCANEERS.

How, you ask did the goats get on the islands? The Spanish endured many shipwrecks sailing their treasure ships to and from Spain and Central America. To give shipwrecked sailors a chance for survival, the Spanish released goats on the islands...of course, goats eat just about anything, so they thrived...awaiting our Buccaneers.