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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Please say HELLO to Ron.

Ron is removing SAM's platform from the back of SPIA.

This morning, SPIA was examined for at least the 10th time by Auto Experts. The conclusion is again the same...SPIA cannot carry the load of SAM.

SAM HAS BEEN LEFT BEHIND, and will NOT rejoin us.

In the interest of continuing our walk, SAM has been sacrificed; i.e. I have given SAM to Ron to store for one year...then will decide what is to be done.

In the mean time, SPIA has assumed her intended configuration and is prepared to carry us back to BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON.

Please say GOODBYE to SAM.

This has been a most difficult emotional decision...for reasons only one or two others are aware. I will miss SAM terribly. She has been my creation, my companion, my keynote figure since long before I decided to begin our walk.

Now, please help me let her be. SAM has a new home. Ron will take good care of her.

SAM and SPIA together for the last time.

A Fake Lighthouse.

An uplifting find when I desperately needed a lift.

On a whim, my body turned into the long driveway leading to Top Sail Senior Center in HEMPSTEAD, NORTH CAROLINA.

Please say HELLO to Kay.

...simply could not help myself, Kay...

Kay is Director of Top Sail Senior Center. Kay and her Volunteer, Betty, received me with such enthusiasm and asked that SPIA park on the property for the night. Kay is hoping to arrange a few members to meet and chat in the morning.

I, of course, eagerly accepted Kay's offer. SPIA is now snugged into the back service driveway, hooked up to electricity...which SPIA dearly needs as all her batteries have been badly abused.

Please say HELLO to Betty

Betty is a Volunteer for Top Sail Senior Center, and would not let me leave until Kay was off the phone to chat with me.

A nearby business parking lot with a pleasant view looking North onto US 17.

Another fake Lighthouse, accompanied by a cannon on its caisson, a sailing dinghy and a ship's anchor

All these items are arranged in an open field with on indication as to why.

Many businesses use a "fake" Shark as roadside advertising. This big fellow is about 20 feet long.

I am getting sloppy with my photography...I NEVER allow my shadow to show...but today, I goofed.

When Kay comes to work at 8:00am in the morning, I shall learn what she has in mind. I have decided to dedicate my entire day to the Top Sail Senior Center

Oh,by the way...I did get in 10 miles today...deep sigh

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Lezlie said...

Hello Bruce, its Lezlie from Watonga, OK, boot repair shop so you thought, lol. Glad to see you are doing well and visiting a state some day I hope to go to. Enjoyed reading your post. Take care and may God keep you safe on your journeys.