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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Returning from my early morning 12 mile walk to WINNABOW, NORTH CAROLINA and back, I came upon this fellow.

Please say HELLO to Jeremy.

Jeremy hails from the State of Maine, the top North East Corner of the United States. Jeremy and I chatted while he held his "God Bless" sign while standing at a STOP sign exiting from the WALMART Parking Lot. In less than 5 minutes, Jeremy received and stuffed into his pocket, a number of bills handed by passing motorists...his tactics really work !

Jeremy caught a 18 Wheeler up North and is headed for Texas to try his luck at finding work (good luck, Jeremy)...looks to me you already found a "vocation": STANDING ON THE CORNER, STUFFING IN THE BILLS SO FAST ... etc.

I wonder...should I try Jeremy's tactics???

SPIA, SAM & ME had a pleasant night in WALMART's parking usual. I do not take this "gift" for granted. WALMART has provided convenience, protection, and peace during our many months of travel...only in California was WALMART prohibited from allowing RVs to park overnight...and it was "City" ordinances, not WALMART's doing.

After chatting with Jeremy, I was not feeling well. I thought it might be my Heart acting up - I did have a Heart Attack in 1995 and take medication to help it along -; so, I lay down on my new "Divan" bed and instantly went to sleep for one hour.

Then I got rigged up for walking again. I walked North on US 17 into the suburbs of WILMINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, where I stopped in at my favorite... WAFFLE HOUSE. I bought a Big Breakfast for $6.50, and felt instantly much better. I do believe I was not feeling well because I skipped Dinner last evening. I burn too many calories to skip a meal...geeze, you would think I would learn.

Three adventurers heading South for the Winter. Yesterday, I passed another three bikers also heading for Florida.

A popular song back in the 50s...Mr. now the name of a successful restaurant chain in the South East...serving burgers, etc.

US 17 approaching WILMINGTON, turned into a Freeway-like highway. Tons of vehicles buzzing both directions. Fortunately, the roadway is rather new and had a bike lane for me to walk.

Returning to SPIA, I was feeling quite good - needed that food !

So, I drove into WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA and parked in a residential neighborhood a few blocks from the Historical District. The next two hours, I walked and walked throughout the entire Old District...

The Deep South has a long history of knowing how to live...elegant homes, classy businesses and classic buildings - including unmatched Churches.

Keeping my narrative to a minimum, let's check out what I found:

For those who have a tough time knowing right from left.

Gingerbread applied in good taste.

Skydivers BEWARE !

Cri would like this Home...she did not like squared off corners.

Wherever I walk, George W. is not far the way, the year was 1791.

Felt like a Peeping Tom taking this photograph...Bride is discussing throwing her bouquet.

Cape Fear River Bridge as US 17 Business enters Historical District of WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA.

The of the best I have strolled on, including the New Jersey Boardwalk.

Old Glory reaching for a passing Yacht "reaching" (wind coming from BEHIND the boat) down Cape Fear River.

Please, please click click to read the small print - on all pics. Some very interesting words !

One of my favorite photographs...I enjoy doing silhouette .

For folks who do not follow Hydroplane Racing, that jet of water squirting up in the air is known in the trade as a "Rooster Tail".

Some Weather Forecasters are now using Rooster Tail to describe flying water from passing vehicles on a rainy freeway.

and, for those uninitiated to the grand sport of Yachting, this boat is a "Cat Rigged Sloop".

Tons of room down below. Easy to sail because it has only one sail. Would probably not win many boat on boat races, but would be comfortable as all get out in finishing at the back of the pack...

Please click click...History to remember...a group of runaway of whom kept a diary letting us delve into his life...a unique and interesting life he led.

A Coast Guard Cutter docked in the Cape Fear River. The Battleship USS North Carolina is moored directly across the river.

USS NORTH CAROLINA, Battleship in retirement.

The lattice structural appendage on the stern (the back) of USS North Carolina is a Crane. It was used to retrieve the Seaplane (an airplane that lands on the water) the ship carried to scout around for enemy activity.

Restored Court House.

I was not expecting such a lesson in US History when I drove into WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA.

I just may come back here to spend a bit more time.

We are again parked in a WALMART parking lot on US 17 Business in the North outskirts of WILMINGTON. In the morning, I will walk North on US 17 toward the city of JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA.

We are closing in on the Outer Banks where I am working on some exciting possibilities to go with our already gifted events...thank you Judy and Karen.

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