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Friday, October 21, 2011


LAST NIGHT IT WAS C O L D. Had two blankets covering me and had to get out of bed shivering to put on my complete warm up suit...when I began walking at 7:15 am, it was 42 F.

I do believe we will have a brrrr Winter.

Walked South on US 17 Business (above pic)...then onto US 17 Bypass toward South Carolina for 16 miles and return to SPIA. I, for the first time since last Winter walks, put on a hoodie under my yellow vest.

Traffic on US 17 Business was lined out of Mc Donalds onto the roadway, waiting to reach "Drive Thru".

Not many honest to goodness creeks since reaching Marsh country. We are now a bit North of the vast marshes of South Carolina...lots fewer bugs also.

Not much to photograph on US 17 (main highway), but did get a shot of our Peace Keepers giving out a ticket - or perhaps just a warning...notice how one Cop is standing behind the target vehicle...covering his Partner's back !!

Really screwed up this photograph, but felt we needed to know George W. slept over at the home of William Gause, Jr. back in 1791.

The main attraction along US 17 nearing the South Carolina border was this Farm Market. I did go inside to find a miniature "Farmer's Market" of the SEATTLE, WASHINGTON variety.

Even birds were welcomed at the Farm Market. Gourds, wouldn't you say?

The Farm Market main building...there are many vehicles; just none using the restricted space.

Ah, there are some of the vehicles sniffing the Gourds, Pumpkins and Potatoes.

A number of nearby fields surrounding the Farm Market were bursting with veggies ready to be harvested.

A nearby Church. The only other major building was the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.

A tranquil parking scene in a private residence.

SHALLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA does have a rather large "gated" Township Park.

Unlike South Carolina, a number of businesses in SHALLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA were closed.

I stopped in at a Auto Shop & U-Haul Dealer who told me business has been dismal for a couple years. He also said he knows of a number of SHALLOTTE businesses who (Corporations are, according to the Law, real I use WHO instead of WHICH) are planning to close after the first of the year.

A FOR SALE Building.

US 17 Business, as it heads South out of town.

US 17 Business, in the center of town ... there may be more to SHALLOTTE, but I did not venture toward the Beaches to find out.

US 17 By-Pass.

...which had lots of traffic. The drivers were courteous and allowed me to walk on that narrow strip next to the white line. Did NOT get brushed off a single time.

After having a bite of lunch aboard SPIA, walked another 12 miles North on US 17.

WAGS & WHISKERS...some creative names for businesses.

I even found another water fountain to photograph.

This Church had similar Crosses on all sides of the building. It reminded me of the first "crosses" in literature...some 6,000 years old, set into stone by SUMERIAN historians 4,000 years before Christ. An interesting few minutes to spend with Google on this subject.

A sidelight...a few years ago I visited the Church Of The Nativity in BETHLEHEM, ISRAEL. The "front" door is only a 4 feet high, forcing all who enter to kneel / crawl into the Church. To the right of the entrance door is a room about 40 feet square. At the South East corner of this room is a small "pit" in which is a facsimile of Jesus in a cradle. The Christ Child is illuminated by soft dim recessed lighting. I do have photographs for another day. Leaving the Church of the Nativity, one enters into a small walled garden attended by CATHOLIC Priests and Nuns.

The World is full of surprises...such as: The Church Of The where Jesus dragged his Cross up The Way Of The Cross (which I also walked) is less than one mile North of the Church Of The Nativity. Jesus was born and died in nearly the same spot.

So comes the end of another day of walking. Tomorrow we move SPIA up US 17 a bit, park, and do it all over again.

Some interesting developments are "cooking" for our walk through North Carolina. Premature to discuss, but if they come to fruition, should be "news worthy".

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