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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After an uneventful night, walked BACK South on US 17 towards SAVANNAH, GA. for three hours. US 17 near I-5was a nice 4-lane highway. Closer to SAVANNAH, it dropped down to 2 lanes making for excitement jumping out of the way of on-coming vehicles.
2-lane US 17.

Most streams are with running water after the past 4 days of heavy rains. This morning it was still raining. This afternoon, the rain stopped and has not returned.

Much logging continues on small Pine Trees. The above is a Tree of many. The loggers are doing a good cleaning up and planting new forests.

One of very few veggie fields.

A racing LOUD Fire Engine on US 17 in HARDEEVILLE, SO. CAROLINA.

One of the few businesses on US 17.


Each Lamp Post has such a banner.

HARDEEVILLE is now a mile long Strip Mall. Motel rooms go for $23.99 to $39.99...even La Quinta offered me a room with Jacuzzi for $37.00 - which was still beyond my budget.

US 17 passing through HARDEVILLE.

and again.

Late this morning, I walked North on US 17 for 18 miles toward RIDGELAND, SO. CAROLINA.

After discussions with some locals, we changed our route from US 17 to US 170, taking us to BEAUFORT, SO. CAROLINA, which we will visit tomorrow after I will walk BACK for 12 miles to make up my shortfall from today.

Did you know BEAUFORT is the name of the International Wind Speed Scale...query Wikipedia...most interesting.

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