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Thursday, December 31, 2015


As reported this morning, our $$ from Social Security arrived three days early, allowing us to continue our Journey TODAY.

We have spent a few hours at OCEAN SHORES, then driven back roads from the PACIFIC OCEAN BEACHES, reaching our destination, LAKE QUINAULT LODGE at 3:30 PM, giving us time to create our Blog Update before our 5:30 PM Reservation for NEW YEAR EVE DINNER at the LODGE DINING ROOM.

Is now 5:05 PM ... no time to waste !!!

OCEAN SHORES has lots of very TAME DEER.  Deer with big Donkey-type ears are called MULE DEER.

One last look as we drove through ABERDEEN this morning.

Highway 109 leading us to OCEAN SHORES.


In 1962, a large passenger ship drifted onto this beach.  I have seen the ship over the years as it slowly sank beneatg the shifting sands.

Remains of that ship are now fully buried beneath the sand of this beach.

The Pilot House was saved for display at OCEAN SHORES.

Homes - all PRIVATE HOMES sit directly on the Beachs.

From Ocean Beach Water Edge, the previous image looks a bit exposed to the Ocean.

Some 5,000 permanent residents in the arms of the SEA here at OCEAN SHORES.

I have been gifted a couple dozen pages of OCEAN SHORES HISTORY... much too much to share here.

MAN-created ROCK REEF ... another example of RIP-RAP.

Another example of a Navigation RANGE MARKER ... this one to guide ships from the open ocean into GRAYS HARBOR.

OCEAN SHORES Business District.

Continuing North on Highway 109 toward LAKE QUINAULT LODGE ...where my NEW YEAR DINNER is served in 10 minutes.

Crossing a small River.

CLEAR CUT FORESTRY ... where large sections are totally cut during tree harvesting.  Often, MAN plants new seedlings - one tree at a time ... or Mother Nature does it by the wind blowing seeds over the clear cut areas.

OK, DIN DIN is served.

More Tomorrow



Still it happens ... SOMEONE is watching out over me.

UNCLE SAM found fit to replenish my Social Security Bank Account this morning ... a full three days early;
 Thus, releasing SPIA SAM and ME from the HOLD put on our Journey.

We will check out OCEAN SHORES, Washington's attempt to build a World Class Ocean Resort ... which to my knowledge never quite made the grade.  We will check it out anyway before heading North on US 101 this morning.

We plan to stop this evening (New Years Eve) at the lovely LAKE QUINAULT RESORT some 100 miles distant ... perhaps have a suitable celebration Dinner before retiring to SPIA's enhanced sleeping accommodations.

First thing we did after checking ATM status this morning, was to purchase from WAL-MART one more large PILLOW and a FOAM MATTRESS to improve comfort and warmth, at the total cost of $18.00, which we have earned.

At the moment, we sit in MAC D, where an EGG MC MUFFIN has been eaten;  and this Blog UPDATE is well under way.

The next Booth is filling up with SENIORS (Senior Citizens) .. as is happening all over AMERICA - and I imagine, ALL over the World ...

I introduced myself and chatted for the last half hour or so about the realization that SENIORS in every small town and every Big Town Neighborhood are gathered around their cups of coffee; sharing lifetime events and knowledge dear to their lives.  These imprompto gatherings are a wealth of HISTORICAL and INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL knowledge ... most of which is being LOST.

What a source for fascinating and potentially critical knowledge ... important to many, if it could be tapped and shared.  Who and Where, after all, could such a bonanza of LIFE's KNOWLEDGE be found.

 OK, SENIOR conversation(s) are well advanced next door; the SUN has taken edge off last night's COLD; and, my second Cup Of COFFEE is COLD.

We are on our way to find new knowledge from The OLYMPIC PENINSULA.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

POST 1510; ABERDEEN, WASHINGTON; `12-30-2015

As promised, walked 3 hours in and around the City of ABERDEEN, Washington, wondering all the while how we got ourselves into the mess we find ourself = stranded in ABERDEEN for the next 5 days with no funds to wiggle in place or move on to complete our Cross-Country SAGA.

In the interim, we discovered the following this afternoon:

This claim may be a few years out of date.  Pics reveal lots of vacant properties which were some years ago, bee hives of activity. 

Looking into downtown business district of ABERDEEN.


Here comes an icon of better days ...

LOGS in days gone by would be 2 to 3 times larger than those loaded on the above 18-Wheeler LOGGING TRUCK.

TSUNAMI information is posted well and often ... taken serious on the PACIFIC OCEAN COAST of WASHINGTON, OREGON, and CALIFORNIA.

Another view of the CHEHALIS RIVER.  The hillside to the LEFT is VERY important as regards EARTHQUAKES.

This image is a good one to graphically see the "CLAY" I have discussed so many times in past Blog Updates.

This CLAY is saturated with WATER inside ... water drain pipes inserted deep into the CLAY hillside help relieve pressure from the water lurking inside.  In a major EARTHQUAKE, this CLAY Hillside would be subject to collapse.

ABERDEEN River Walk !

DRIFTWOOD is a major feature on virtually ALL Salt Water Beaches.  In times gone by unbelievably long LOG BOOMS transited water ways on their way ti Sawmills.  Today, LOGGING TRUCKS handle the job.

An indigenous American Indian checking his Salmon Fishing Net.  I watched (got no photograph) as he removed two 15 pound Salmon which had become entangled in his net.

Indians have special Fishing Rights not allowed to White Folks.  This WAS their land for thousands of years ... a little enough special concession.

A Salmon is being removed from the net lying at the fisherman's feet.

Rocks line many salt water shorelines.  Such Rock Barriers are called RIP-RAP, designed to fortify the banks from damage from the always moving waters.

The Bridge sitting on these abandoned "Piers" has been replaced by another bigger better Bridge a short distance to the right (Down Stream), which is pictured in the next image ...

The above colorful marker is known to NAVIGATORS entering the River as a "RANGE MARKER".

Some distance further along the River will be more such "RANGE MARKERS".

The Navigator visually lines successive Range Markers ... one behind the other;  then extends an imaginary line to his boat; and drives his boat up that line until the next RANGE MARKER comes into view ... repeating the processs to his destination

Location and Identification of ALL such "NAV AIDS" (NAV AIDS = Aids to Navigation) are marked on Marine Navigation CHARTS (MAPS) ... often with clarification comments.

This KNOWLEDGE one receives as part of safe SEAMANSHIP.


This railroad in the sky is called a "TRESTLE"

This TRESTLE lifts Trains up to the Bridge crossing the River.

OOops ... here comes a train on the TRESTLE right now ...

Kinda SCARY ... I stand five feet from the TRESTLE as that big guy CRAWLS Very slowly and carefully a few feet above my head.

A kind soul left a message ...

We hope you do ... have a nice day 1

* * * * * * * * * *

A VERY GOOD FRIEND has deposited a few $$ in my DEBIT CARD Bank Account.  Thank You !

You See, all is well.  I WILL remain in ABERDEEN as previously outlined.  Now we can roam locally to capture interesting knowledge from GRAYS HARBOR and the local PACIFIC OCEAN BEACH known as OCEAN SHORES.

Rearranged SPIAs blankets.  Should be toasty tonight.


GOOD MORNING from a freezing ABERDEEN, Washington.

Expected to be many miles North on Highway US 101.  I have instead, exercised one of the many OPTIONS:  to remain in ABERDEEN until receipt of Social Security $$.

Lying in bed - inside SPIA - last night as the temperature steadily dropped, I began to reconsider my initial decision to head off into the Rain Forest and virtually uninhabited forest of far North West Olympic Peninsula in the morning.

I think my reconsideration came - at least partially - from the realization that others might have reason to reach me on matters important and urgent... JACKIE.

By moving into sparsely populated wilderness at this particular moment could be considered selfish should desired cell phone contact become "iffy".

OK, that is one reason for remaining in ABERDEEN for the moment.

Another reason is accepting that as an "old" man, there is need to acknowledge potential dangers to go into isolated areas with limited resources to defray eventualities of unforseen need ... such as severe weather as is sweeping the country at the moment; or impact of the arrival of the NOAA prediction of a MASSIVE GEOMAGNETIC STORM arriving at Earth TODAY from the SUN's MASS CORONAL EJECTION; or the forecast that the temperature at the NORTH POLE will - for only the 2nd time in recorded history - reach 36 F (that is ABOVE FREEZING - a full 50 F above historic NORMAL), at MIDNIGHT, signalling ... WHAT ?

OK, that is another reason for remaining in ABERDEEN for the moment.

Awaking this morning, I was shivering with near hypothermia from not enough blankets from the frigidness inside SPIA; and I was hungry from only a hamburger yesterday ... my attempt to limit expenditure of our meager remaining $$. 

I put on my walking shoes and walked the two city blocks to MAC D, where I threw caution to the wind; I purchased a $4.99 EGG MAC MUFFIN and in anger, ate it ... to help warm up if for no other reason.

OK, now the essence of truth is creeping into my dissertation; 


...and for what GOOD REASON, I ask !

Hopefully an acceptable Blog UPDATE or two has resulted;

OK !

The SUN has come out.

ABERDEEN is warming.

We can, at least, go walking !  I have visited ABERDEEN many times, but never really saw ABERDEEN.  One Christmas EVE many years back, I was rushed to ER (EMERGENCY) in ABERDEEN to treat my reaction to a prescription drug error.  Least I can do is walk and photograph ABERDEEN ... then share with the World, that which I discover.

As I so often quote: TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (Gone With The Wind).

So, we shall see what we can do with TODAY !


Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I have been coming to LONG BEACH, Washington as early as 1939.  I thought I knew this Peninsula rather well, but this morning I learned yet one more lesson.

I almost never drove, so was not aware of route options ON and OFF the Worlds Longest Beach.
Filling SPIA with GAS, a local assured me that US 103 was an optional route Off the Northern end of the Peninsula.  After driving some 60 miles, discovered Highway 103 ended in a dead end.

I did discover the PORT OF PENINSULA and the it's OYSTER growing - processing operation and three new - new to ME - towns of OCEAN PARK, NEHCOTTA, and OYSTERVILLE, so the error of my ways turned POSITIVE after all.


When in doubt, check the MAP.  My MAP clearly shows actuality ... had I chosen NOT to accept a stranger's information ... which turned out to be wrong. 


Receiving TONI's personal attention, I witnessed some actual work activity and considerable knowledge about rearing of OYSTERS in WILLIPA BAY, Washington.

When I was a youngster - before World War Two, Oyster Industry was MASSIVE in Washington State.  I remember "mountains of OYSTER SHELLS" along shorelines of Washington's shallow Salt Water BAYS.  Today - 2015 - not so many "mountains of OYSTER SHELLS" are to be found

Oyster Shells normally measure 6 to 10 inches LONG and 3 to 4 inches WIDE and 1 to 2 inches deep ... providing a very satisfactory mouth full of edible Oyster Meat.

A TALE of my Wife, JOANIE ( who passed away a few years back):  Walking hand in hand, on the beaches of HOOD CANAL (The NAVAL BASE for TRIDENT SUBMARINES today), Oysters were so plentiful, we had to be careful not to step on them.  JOANIE carefully selected her OYSTER, lifted it from where it lay on the sandy - rocky beach; Inserting her OYSTER Knife - always at hand - between the shell halves; giving a good twist of her wrist, popped open the shell.  JOANIE then cut the OYSTER MUSCLE attaching the meat to the shell ...swishing the handful of meat in the salty sea water washed out the sand... popping the live dripping critter into her mouth ... swallowing the whole thing in one gulp. 

PORT OF PENINSULA OYSTER FLEET.  Piles of SHELLS can be seen on the far bank.

A Dump Truck transferring a load of "crushed Shells" onto a barge waiting below.

These crushed shells will be taken by barge to the selected Oyster bed, where they will be off-loaded by sluicing

(SLUICING = Washing the shells with Sea Water under high pressure over the side of the Barge).
The multitude of fertile Oysters waiting  below will nearly immediately fertilize the "BED". In 5 years or so, Adult Oysters will be harvested from that BED.

The above image appears to be a "TIDAL DRY DOCK".  To work on the BOTTOM of fishing boats, the boat is positioned above the wood beams at high tide.  When the Tide goes OUT, the boat settles onto the wood Beams, keeping the boat bottom free of the shallow water between the beams.  Workers now have easy access to the bottom of the boat to perform the task needed.

Such "Dry Docks" used to be commonplace.  New equality laws now PROHIBIT this practice.  ALL under water maintenance MUST be performed in enclosures - often even in an enclosed building - where contaminants must be captured and disposed of under close inspection.

Above wire BOXES are modern CRAB POTS.  Harvesting CRABS is one more critter governed by a host of "LAWS".

OYSTER SHELLS awaiting their turn to return to Oyster Beds to do their bit.

Local BOG of CRANBERRIES.  I do not know much about the CRANBERRY Industry.

Knowledge being POWER, I need to gain a bit more CRANBERRY Knowledge !

Functional fastener free Cedar Rail Fence.

The trees are enshrouded in live growing MOSS;

MOSS is native to very wet regions, such as the huge Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula, which we will visit tomorrow.


US 101 as it enters SOUTH BEND.

The small town of SOUTH BEND, located at the Headwaters of WILLIPA BAY, which we have visited this morning and in the above images and narrative.

Walkway - sometimes called a GANGPLANK.

ALL Forest products are carefully managed and protected.

* * * * * * * * * *

We are fortunate to find both MAC D and WAL-MART to settle into tonight.

From here, the next 5 days will take us to less-traveled roadways ... specifically, the OLYMPIC PENINSULA RAIN FOREST and isolated PACIFIC OCEAN Coastal Indian Villages.

OH Yes, we are down to $35.00.  Next 5 days will be on Water and COLD CEREAL.  Monday, January 04, 2016 will see the $$ roll into our Credit Card once again.