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Monday, December 21, 2015

POST 1501; MORRO BAY, CALIFORNIA; 12-21-2015


SPIA, SAM and ME are on the PACIFIC OCEAN COAST about 100 miles North of LOS ANGELES.  It is supposed to be balmy and warm with crystal blue skys.


It is Overcast, ... rain puddles here and there, ... and bitter cold.

Most folks are walking around in HOODIE Winter Coats.

Warm Ocean Breezes we have NOT.  Wind is about 10 knots (12 mph) out of the North West.

Today has, however, been one of the most pleasant scenic days since leaving DALLAS LOVEJOY in COLLUDON, West Virginia some 6 weeks ago.

We have driven 100 miles on Route 41 from I-5 town of LEBEC, crossing one of America's most scenic - and HEART STOPPING - mountain roadways to the town of MORRO BAY, California, on the coast of the PACIFIC OCEAN ... stopping en-route at the city of ATASCADERO.

Please say HELLO to GENE JUARUZ of CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas (near LORADO).  Yes, I took this duo "selfie" of GENE and ME during our 3-hour Breakfast together in LEBEC, California.  As so often turns out to be the case, GENE and I have similar - if not somewhat parallel experiences.  Among impressive endeavors, GENE has created a "new" source of housing ...:  Purchasing used Steel Shipping Containers, cutting them up to specific design, reassembles the "pieces" into quasie "designer" homes, incorporating latest technology components.

GENE plans to keep in touch for potential future sharing of ideas and ... 

Pics of Highway 41, crossing the 100 miles of CALIFORNIA COAST MOUNTAIN RANGE from Interstate Freeway 5 to the Coast of the PACIFIC OCEAN.  Without any doubt, one of the most freightning roadway experiences I have  known, Route 41 is also presenting one of America's most scenic roadways.

...View looking West from I-5 to the California Coast Range only 5 miles distant.

...Looking back at I-5 from half way UP Route 41 climbing to the top of the California Coast Range ... a colideoscope of hairpin turns interspersed with 20 % climbs to another hairpin turn looking nearly straight UP at the SUN;  a ride uparalleled even by the most impossible Roller Coaster Ride at the Fairgrounds.

A destination in of itself, Route 41 is not for the feint-of-heart.

...only 75 more miles to the Ocean.

Rare habitat for miles and miles...snapped over my shoulder while between hairpins.

A most fascinating natural phenomenon ... STEAM flowing out of the ground ...appears to be resulting from temperature differences as the heat from the SUN warms the moisture laden earth creating Natures own Tea Kettle.  This astounding process was repeated in a dozen different spots while crossing the apex of California's Coast Range.

...another Tea Kettle ... or is this the origin of FOG ... or a ground level breeding ground for "CLOUDS"?

... and we finally descend from the high mountains to the Coastal Plains

... and scattered Ranches ...

...somhow reminds me of the Coastal Plains of SPAIN reaching for the MEDITERANIAN SEA.

Sometimes my "spelling" could use some help.

Town Hall of the city of ATASACADERO, California on US 101, which we will use as an alternate to California Highway 1 as we travel North on the PACIFIC OCEAN Coast toward the State of OREGON.

GOTTA BE A NAME FOR THIS art gracing the landscaped CITY HALL building ... and I have not discovered that name.  It is reminiscent of the Statue of DIANA in the Gardens of the PALACE OF CASERTA, near NAPLES, Italy ... famous during the hey-days of the KINGDOM of TWO ITALYS.

Historically, the first 14 Kings of that era were SCANDANAVIAN VIKINGS, with all 14 STATUES proudly displayed in the Courtyard of the NAPLES Old Town Waterfront Palace.

As an aside, I LIVED directly above that Palace atop the HILL of POSILLIPO ... across the street from  (USA Deported MAFIA FOUNDER)  LUCKY LUCIANO at the intersection of Via MICHELANGELO de CARRAVAGIO and Via POSILLIPO.

 Lucky Luciano was "killed" By Italian Police at CAPODICINO AIRPORT a few days after I returned to the USA.  History says L.Luciano died of a Heart Attack.

Playing FRISBEE on City Hall Building Lawn.

Please say HELLO to "RICH", whom I met and  photographed while he watched the foregoing FRISBEE game.  

Playing "Follow The Leader" by three young boys riding their high-tech Scooters.

Motel Owner says his $69.00 per night is typical nightly price for Winter.

Bicycle Rental on Main Street.

...where I enjoyed Bisquit and Gravy breakfast with Iced Raspberry Tea.

Cost was nearly double that of DENNY's back in TEXAS.

Parked, at DENNY's at NO COST as I walked the business center of the city of ATASCADERO.

Seems an acceptable practice to walk the many small cities along California Highway 1 as we continue North along the PACIFIC OCEAN Coast.

First of this new innovation:  A "FUEL" Station for "ELECTRIC" vehicles

Park ... Plug In ... Insert Credit Card ... Recharge ,,,

Our first Walk On The Beach of the PACIFIC OCEAN at MORRO BAY, California.

Tourist Attraction:  MORRO Rock at MORRO BAY, California.

Tourist Attraction:  Three Smoke Stacks for a "Shut Down" Gas Fired Electrical Power Plant.

We arrived at MORRO Bay Rock Beach at SUN DOWN yesterday...reflection caught in our image.

We parked - and slept in SPIA overnight next to this Ocean Beach Front of MORRO BAY City.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is now 12:00 Noon in MORRO BAY, California.

Sitting in local Mac Donalds, I have been visited by a continuous stream of folks.

Started this blog update at 5:30 AM and still not quite ready to publish.

Keep this up will create a SLOW walk and drive along the PACIFIC OCEAN.

..."Tomorrow is another day"... from : GONE WITH THE WIND

We shall see that which our next "Tomorrows" bring.

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