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Thursday, December 31, 2015


As reported this morning, our $$ from Social Security arrived three days early, allowing us to continue our Journey TODAY.

We have spent a few hours at OCEAN SHORES, then driven back roads from the PACIFIC OCEAN BEACHES, reaching our destination, LAKE QUINAULT LODGE at 3:30 PM, giving us time to create our Blog Update before our 5:30 PM Reservation for NEW YEAR EVE DINNER at the LODGE DINING ROOM.

Is now 5:05 PM ... no time to waste !!!

OCEAN SHORES has lots of very TAME DEER.  Deer with big Donkey-type ears are called MULE DEER.

One last look as we drove through ABERDEEN this morning.

Highway 109 leading us to OCEAN SHORES.


In 1962, a large passenger ship drifted onto this beach.  I have seen the ship over the years as it slowly sank beneatg the shifting sands.

Remains of that ship are now fully buried beneath the sand of this beach.

The Pilot House was saved for display at OCEAN SHORES.

Homes - all PRIVATE HOMES sit directly on the Beachs.

From Ocean Beach Water Edge, the previous image looks a bit exposed to the Ocean.

Some 5,000 permanent residents in the arms of the SEA here at OCEAN SHORES.

I have been gifted a couple dozen pages of OCEAN SHORES HISTORY... much too much to share here.

MAN-created ROCK REEF ... another example of RIP-RAP.

Another example of a Navigation RANGE MARKER ... this one to guide ships from the open ocean into GRAYS HARBOR.

OCEAN SHORES Business District.

Continuing North on Highway 109 toward LAKE QUINAULT LODGE ...where my NEW YEAR DINNER is served in 10 minutes.

Crossing a small River.

CLEAR CUT FORESTRY ... where large sections are totally cut during tree harvesting.  Often, MAN plants new seedlings - one tree at a time ... or Mother Nature does it by the wind blowing seeds over the clear cut areas.

OK, DIN DIN is served.

More Tomorrow

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