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Thursday, December 3, 2015

POST 1486; LA PLACE, LA.;12-03-15

Back on the road once again.  We shared the home of Ron and Vicki of SOSO, Mississippi for the past two days ( and nights).  We are too late in the season to meet up with one of the many poison snakes which share their property, but Ron assures us he limits his excursions into the forest and grassy fields when they are out and about.

Please say HELLO to our Hosts, Ron and Vicki.  Thank you ever so much.  It has been good to break bread and share a couple bottles of your wonderful home - vinted wines once again.  Regret I missed harvesting the Sugar Cane.  Dinner, with veggies from your extensive garden was a wonderful pleasure. 

Do, however apologize for the many hours bending your ears late into the evenings

Ron and Vicki's gracious home.

Front yard .   until recently, a wilderness swamp.

One of Ron's three  barns ... all chock full of everything a Gentleman Farmer from Mississippi could ever want.

The BUSH WHACKER Ron uses to keep the ever present swamp grasses and bushes under control.

RON and I spent a few hours on one of his new projects...this one, a fifteen foot high lofty DEER BLIND.  The critters are Garden Fed, so figures this Deer Season will be pay-back time.

Ron led us this norning to I-59, which we drove to the city of GULFPORT, Mississippi.

From GULFPORT, we drove Highway 90 to New Orleans and beyond to La Place a few miles West of the city.  In the morning, plan to re-acquire US 90, following that scenic Gulf Coast shoreline road to Texas and beyond.

GULFPORT pure white sand beach. 

This city was, along with New Orleans, devestated by recent hurricanes.  Block after city block are now without expensive homes ... washed away by the hurricane winds and floods.  Estimate near HALF of remaining estate waterfront homes, as well as empty forlorn building sites have FOR SALE signs.

Above pic appears to be one of the US NAVY new class of SUPER DESTROYERS.  This photograph was taken about a half mile away from US 90 on GULFPORT water front.

US 90, GULFPORT, Mississippi.

Nearly all newly built homes are perched some 20 feet in the air ... hoping waters flooding the city will simply flow under the homes instead of washing them away.

US 90 on the South East shore line of Lake Pontchartrain which was breached, flooding nearly all of the city of New Orleans.

The Mississippi River empties into the sea level estuary , building - tearing down - re building sand islands (above) which are home to all sorts of animals, fish, and birds.

Gulf shore line homes ... ALL . on stilts. 

City of New Orleans as we approach from the North East on US 90.

Interstate 10 passing Lake Pontchatrain.

* * * * * * * * * *

Near this point, we entered the city of La Place.  It is now 4:00 PM.  Will post this up date ... then find a place to stay over night with SPIA.

Tomorrow we plan to continue on US 90 following the Gulf Coast at least to the border of the State of TEXAS.

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