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Monday, November 30, 2015


Tomorrow morning we will arrive in the village of SOSO, Mississippi.

Today we meandered South on Route 11, stopped for lunch in a valley of lakes squared off looking ever so much like Rice Paddies.

SPIA once again gave a few "stutters" after sitting an hour or so during lunch.  Acted like water in a cylinder or two.  The stutter smoothed out after 10 seconds or so and did not come back.  Worth checking at a auto service shop if it continues.  Radiator water level seems OK above the fins.  Purchased a gallon of anti freeze just in case there might be a gasket leak or some such ...

A bit of local history.  Never hurts to gain more knowledge which, after all =  POWER.

You laugh ... WHAT IF:  You are on JEOPARDY and that becomes the final question? ... OR ...

US 11 South - extension - as it parallel's I-59 near the Alabama - Mississippi border.

Lunch at lakes appearing to be Rice Paddies.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is now 2:30 PM.  We are stopped for today and tonight at LOVE's Truck Stop neat Meridian, Mississippi, some 50 miles from SOSO, where we are expected to arrive tomorrow, spend a day or two before continuing on our current Saga to the CANADA / USA Border at Blaine, Washington. 

Anticipate a 4 - month walk and roll, arriving April - May 2016.

I will take this opportunity to introduce you to that which I call THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

Searched for by explorers from time immemorial, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH has never been found.

In 1991, I found The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH after a 48 - hour search !

In January 1991, my wife, CRI (Christiane) was diagnosed with aggressive very advanced Breast Cancer ... given a short time to live.

I asked myself, "What can I do to help CRI?

Searching the NET and Medical Books by the score, I discovered a single sentence in a 3 - inch thick medical volume.  That sentence changed both our lives: 

By our application of our discovery for five hours EVERY DAY for the next five YEARS, CRI was apparently Cancer Free.

CRI after those five years, asked me to move out of our home, as she wanted to " the rest on my own...".

I did as she asked.

Five years later, CRI passed on.   

I too, received a gift from CRI ... for our final five years together, she applied to my body the SAME discovery she received from me.

Since 1991, I have not been ILL - except for the Heart Attack when I learned she had divorced me.

I mean my body has avoided being ill !  I attribute my "Wellness" to our discovery and DAILY applying the guidelines laid down by THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

I also strongly feel that had we remained together, CRI would today be alive and well.

Where, might be asked, did I discover The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH !

...In my own BODY ... as well as in the BODY of each of us !

In further answer, I refer to a single TIME - LIFE Book carrying the Title:


The DEFENDING ARMY is written by MANY highly educated medical experts from numerous fields ... together defining in clear text and beautiful illustrations ... THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM has two main attributes:

CONTROL of our BODY WATER SYSTEM - AND - Main depository for our IMMUNE SYSTEM; i.e. White Blood Cells, which "Live" in our Lymph Nodes.

WATER is moved about our body through our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

ANTIGENS (ANYTHING classified as an ENEMY to our body) travel through our LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, carried along by the water.  IMMUNE CELLS located in our LYMPH NODES have a single mission: ... to identify, intercept and DESTROY ANTIGENS.

Sounds easy so far. 

The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM looks much like our Blood Circulatory System, with two major exceptions:

1.  The BLOOD SYSTEM is CIRCULATORY; that is, the FLUIDS (blood cells) go round and round the system, delivering nutrients to working cells ... and return to be refilled with new nutrients.

1.A:  The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is a ONE - WAY System, carrying FLUIDS (Water, Etc.) from body EXTREMES to Center Organs

2.  The BLOOD SYSTEM has a PUMP (the HEART) to continually push the fluids round and round.

2A:  The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM has NO PUMP.   It is totally up to EACH of us to MAKE THE WATER FLOW !

To MAKE THE WATER FLOW, the "Pipes" are encapsulated in a MESH of MUSCLE, and contain "Non Return Valves" allowing the WATER to flow ONLY toward the center of the body.

MUSCLE Contraction squeezes the Pipes, compressing the fluid inside, causing the fluid - and ANTIGENS hitching a ride in the water - to FLOW.

Essential to be DESTROYED, ANTIGENS are carried by the flowing water into the LYMPH NODES and the waiting IMMUNE CELLS (White Blood Cells) where ANTIGENS are identified and DESTROYED.

Many actions make MUSCLE Contract:  The very BEST way is for each of us to WIGGLE.  The LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Pipes are every where in our body.  Cross your knees starts an automatic leg( moving action...apparently for one reason: 


REFLEXOLOGY, TAI CHI, and any number of movements (Essentially, EXERCISE) get the job done.  We constantly hear the doctor's departing words :  " ... be sure to do your exercises...", but NEVER tells us why ... AND, it is not to make us feel good ... is to MAKE THE WATER FLOW!

I said I discovered a single sentence that led me to THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM and the magic CRI and I found.

That sentence was:


The TIME - LIFE volume THE DEFENDING ARMY is available on line.  I purchased my copy from AMAZON.COM for $3.00 plus freight. 

By walking I tend to remain WELL.

I profess that merely WIGGLING is enough to CONTRACT the MUSCLES surrounding the Pipes in which WATER and ANTIGENS  ...FLOW !
Would be pleased to receive comments and / or Suggestions.

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