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Saturday, August 30, 2014


I have come to a tentative determination that City Folks are a bit introverted...thinking of themselves, whereas Urban Folks are in fact, more in tune with those around them and quicker to help others.

We set out early to I-94, where we tried for over three hours to fetch a ride for SAM and ME toward FARGO, on the RED RIVER, which forms the border between North Dakota and Minnesota.  Not a single person stopped for us.  That makes six hours trying to get a ride out of BISMARK.

...and so, at 10:00 am, SAM and ME Walk and Rolled East on I-94, reaching the REST STOP some 14 miles distant.

Seeing a McD at the final exit of BISMARK, we stopped in to purchase a sandwich for our Supper.  To our surprise, we met ROBYN and ALLEN, whom we met nearly two years ago on our previous Walk and Roll through BISMARK.  Lunching with their twin Gran daughters ELLA and FAITH.

Learning our need for a ride, they offered to drive us to FARGO, North Sakota, some 190 miles distant...but could only do it tomorrow.  Knowing how events can change, I gladly accepted their offer, conditioned that SAM and ME would continue on our way this afternoon...and if we received a ride, would telephone ALLEN immediately so they could change plans.

We did, in fact, receive a ride all the way to US Route 75 in MINNESOTA, the route we plan to Walk and Roll to the city of BRECKENRIDGE.

Waited 3 hours for a ride at this ON-Ramp to I-96, BISMARK.

After 3 hours, we set off on foot.

...coming upon a repaving project of I-94.

Paved only 24 hours ago, traffic was not yet allowed on the new asphalt surface.

Please say HELLO to JAY...a contractor working with the Paving Contractor.  JAY's job was to perform NDT (Non-Destructive Tests) on the new pavement to determine the "DENSITY" as relates to mix and void content...with the objective to reach 94 % constituents and 6 % or less moisture and voids.

One of JAY's many Test points.

JAY performing another test. 

Pic of surface preparation of the old pavement to insure proper "BONDING" of the new surface to the o;d surface.  New asphalt layer is approximately 2 inches thick.

Pic og the prepared surface...prepared to receive the new layer of pavement.

Three massive "ROLLER - COMPACTORS" roll many times over the new - still HOT - pavement to
compress it to the exact thickness designed.

Normal traffic is only slowed passing through the work zone.

The REST AREA where we stopped as I ate my "lunch" Sandwich.  One more sandwich remains for Supper.

Please say HELLO to RUSTY, who gave SAM and ME a ride from the Rest Stop all the way to MOREHEAD, Minnesota, some 190 miles distant.

I failed to secure SAM's "Food" compartment, which tore apart under the strong headwind.  All my food and other items were lost somewhere along I-94.   SAM was not damaged, but must now re-provision before continuing to BRECKENRIDGE, some 90 miles distant.

Friday, August 29, 2014


We traveled 200 miles today to the city of BISMARK, North Dakota, where we have again taken a motel room @ $80.00 per night.

It rained this morning, stopping at 10:00 am.  Heavy overcast clouds have been scurrying across the sky, coming out of the North West Canadian Tundra ... a flat expanse of cold land ending at the Arctic Ocean.

Forecast is for COLD and STORMY - with possible heavy rain and hail pushed by strong winds.

I did not include cold-weather clothing .  Nevertheless, this is the last "Motel" night.  If necessary, SAM and ME will take shelter under Freeway Overpasses  as we make our way East on I-94 to the city of FARGO, North Dakota.

My main concern remains a massive cold weather front moving deep into the United States, beginning about September 15, two weeks hence.  We MUST be on the East side of the West Virginia Mountains BEFORE that happens. That demands we continue to receive help from motorists...lots of help in the manner of 1,500 miles or more.

Photographs taken from the Van of TONY, who kindly gave SAM and ME a ride from GLENDIVE, Montana to BISMARK, North Dakota.

This part of North Dakota is barren, dry agriculture - mostly Wheat and Corn -.  Even so, North Dakota is lovely to look at as one travels the few available roadways

TONY let us out of his VAN on the extreme West outskirts of BISMARK, leaving us to Walk and Roll some 10 miles to the Eastern City Limits.  It intermittently  rained as a growing wind dropped the temperature Wind Chill some 20 degrees.

I was pleased to once again find PIZZA HUT to complete our Blog update,  Across the street is the Motel DAYS INN, where we have a room waiting.  No more funds are available for Motels.  We must gain many miles from friendly motorists.  This afternoon, I put my thumb out for over three hours without success.

Tomorrow - rain or Shine - we MUST find East Bound Motorists to offer us rides.

MISSOURI River at BISMARK, North Dakota

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today was not so difficult to say Goodbye...Left alone at MARE LOU's home, I left a note of my appreciation for being welcomed into the family...again, where my $$ was NO GOOD.

Finally on my way at 10:00 am, I arrived in the city of GLENDIVE, Montana, 100 miles distant from WOLF POINT.

Delivered at the front door of PIZZA HUT, this blog update has come together quickly.

I must hurry to find a spot to spend the night...

Our day went like this:...

MARY LOU's home, hidden behind the trees.

Please say HELLO to our first biker of the day.

US Route 2 follows the MISSOURI RIVER, the route of LEWIS and CLARK to the Pacific Ocean.

Montana Route 13 as it crosses the MISSOURI River Bridge.

Receiving our first Ride at the MISSOURI River Bridge, we were dropped off at the town of CIRCLE, some 50 miles distant across undulating Wheat Fields.  CIRCLE is half way to I-94 Interstate highway on which SAM and ME will cross the State of  North Dakota

Please say HELLO to EMIL of BISMARK, North Dakota.  EMIL drove SAM and ME to CIRCLE, Montana, where we waited three hours for our next ride to appear.

Horse Creek runs through the town of CIRCLE.

Large construction equipment is a regular sight on the roadways we are Walking and support of the massive oil fields in this part of America.

Please say hello to TAITEE, biking for many years across America.  ..."I stopped keeping track of the miles I bike a long time ago...", says TAITEE, who is nearly complete on his current Trek...a ride completely around America, starting and finishing at the city of EUGENE, Oregon.

Please say HELLO to DAN, resident of our destination city for today, GLENDIVE, Montana.  DAN drove SAM and ME from the town of CIRCLE to the PIZZA HUT in GLENDIVE.

* * * * * * * * * *

And so completes our travel for today.  Must now find a spot to spend the night. 

In the early morning, we will Walk and Roll on I-94, heading East for the large city of BISMARK, North Dakota...or farther East toward FARGO, North Dakota, if we are fortunate to find rides.

At our current pace, we should be at Sister Carol's by September 06 or so.

Our immediate objective is now centering on the home of our friend, DALLAS, living in the town of HURRICANE...a suburb of the large city of CHARLESTON, West Virginia.  DALLAS was our host on our previous Walk and Roll through CHARLESTON a year or so ago.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Yesterday I mentioned that KEN rescued SAM and ME from my foolish mistake to walk in circles, and how we were delivered into the magnificent home of MARY LOU.  Today KEN built on his orchestration of our day, ending in a most fascinating and rewarding day for a great many folks.

Please say HELLO to JANA ELLIOTT, Wife of KEN...and Sixth Grade Teacher in the WOLF POINT Public Schools.

KEN delivered ME to JANA's Class to whom I had the pleasure to share the Walk and Roll of SAM and ME.  Three additional Classrooms joined together for my Curtain Call...all told chatting with some 50 or so students.

Please say HELLO to MARY LOU, House "Mother" to a continuous visitation to her 14-Bed -  Bed and Breakfast.  Two Contractors are resident at the moment, but upwards to 20 some visitors have visited at a time.  I have been welcomed to MARY LOU's which is no less an extended family as any I have joined in recent years.


Please say HELLO to the Sixth Grade Students in JANA's class.  These young Ladies and Gentlemen were fantastic, on the edge of their seats, asking pointed and intelligent questions. 

During our time with JANA's Class, three additional classes asked if they too could have time together with me.    As time was short, all three classes joined together in one room, many sitting on the floor...causing me to walk back and forth to stand before each Student asking a question.

I enjoyed our time together ... time which all too soon came to an end.

I would enjoy repeating getting together with Students all across America.

Please say HELLO to half of our Curtain Call Students...

Please say HELLO to the second half of our "Curtain Call" Students.

Oh, how I wished for one more hour with these wonderful young people.

Please say HELLO to GARY and JACOB, "STUCCO" Contractors living in LIVINGSTON, Montana...and working near the activity of the Oil Fields of Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota ...both long term residents at MARY LOU's.  Could be her wonderful On The Range Country Cook'n.

Each Student of JANA's Class presented me a personal hand-written Note.  Selected Notes are reproduced here.  Some writing was too dim to photograph.  I would like to include all notes...and am sad to leave any notes out.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, SAM and ME will continue our Walk and Roll, reaching for the city of GLENDIVE, Montana, some 100 miles from MARY LOU's home.
We will be looking for a ride !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Finally, the world has slowed enough for SAM and ME to settle in the marvelous home of MARYLOU in the outskirts of WOLF POINTE, Montana.  To arrive at MARYLOU's has been a spectacular series of adventurous "Rides" across nearly 1,000 miles from SANDPOINT, IDAHO across some of Earth's most beautiful landscapes.

I have the computer image software working once again...but, have now misplaced part of my list of names of those folks who have made our trip possible. 

A Wee Montana Stream...near the spot of filming "A River Runs Through It."

Please say HELLO to a wonderful couple who gave a ride to SAM and ME from the city TROY to KALISPEL, Montana in a large white enclosed van with seating along the inside wall.  We ran out of gas once, but a quick switch flip activated a reserve tank...and we were off again.

Images of some of Montana's small towns along US Route 2.

Please say HELLO to a serious bicyclist who lunched with me in the town of KALISPEL.

Please say HELLO to this lovely lady who stopped to chat as I sat at a city park bench eating my 1/2 gallon of Chocolate Ice Cream....or this may be the lovely lady who gave SAM and Me a ride to the village of WEST GLACIER.

I am VERY angry I have lost my name list.  There is no excuse to my carelessness and I sincerely apologize to each.

WEST GLACIER, Montana, where tourists turn onto the famous Road To The SUN.

Roadside Restaurant at ESSEX, Montana.

Please say HELLO to OLIVER, living in SANDPOINT, Idaho...working in the North Dakota Oil Fields leasing Steel 0ne Million Gallon Water Tanks .

OLIVER picked SAM and ME from the ESSEX roadside at GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, for an exciting 800 + mile drive across the State of Montana, dropping us off around midnight in the town of WOLF POINT.

Please say HELLO to KEN, who rescued SAM and ME from a serious lapse on my part when I pushed SAM on the wrong road this morning, causing us to walk over 16 miles making a large triangle, leading us back to out starting point in WOLF POINT.

Please say HELLO tp PAUL, live in resident in the home of MARYLOU, who is care taker for Paul as he battles a severe medical condition.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our next portion is a 100 mile walk to I-94.  The word is out around WOLF POINT for someone to come to our aid to drive SAM and ME.