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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Once again, we are out under the stars.  Fortunate to upload my chosen photographs, but running out of light to see, so may not complete my desired narrative.

Today, Saturday, have solicited and arranged a ride for SAM and ME some 60 miles over the daunting North Cascade Pass.  We are now in the Western Theme Town of WINTHROP, Washington...on the physical edge of the big fire...which headed away from Winthrop, thank goodness .

Following few images are of the Art QUARRY, where I thoroughly enjoyed two nights with the real BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, whom I would love to join.

Let me name those I recall:  HEATHER, ERIC, TASCHE, LYNN, KAI, WILL, MATTEA - a most exceptional woman - ISLANDO, FIONA, REBY, JOSH, CHELSY, FALLON, VERN,
...and I sincerely apologize for those whom I have missed.

Music Room

...and ISLANDO, Majority Holder and Prime Mover of this paradise in the making.

...and SAM and ME are on our way...

Non Comprendi, says this immigrant Mexican

Please say HELLO to JOE, High School Teacher from Issiquah, Washington.

We are nearing the North Cascade Mountains...

Please say HELLO to TRINA, owner of WIKIUP...where Native Indian treasures may be found.

Where SAM and ME bedded down two nights ago.

YES, sam is more eager than ME.  Don't mind admiting that I have been pushing HARD, and am sore from top to bottom.

SKAGIT River, where KING SALMON are plentiful at this moment

Please say HELLO to STAN, a fellow diner two days ago.

Please say HELLO to DANIELLE and ANNE, who whipped my most delicious Spaghetti and meat sauce lunch.

Please say HELLO to young PARKER, for STAN's pic.

Driving through CONCRETE 60 years ago, the surrounding hills were intense WHITE from wind-blown cement.

Mt Baker River.

A MURAL ala Washington State.

North Cascade Mountains draw closer.

Our BEDROOM last night in the town of ROCKPORT, Washington.

Please say HELLO to GEORGE, who helped arrange a Pickup Ride for SAM and ME across the daunting North Cascade Pass road to the town of WINTHROP, some 75 miles distant.

DIABLO LAKE from where the City of SEATTLE draw their water.

The Pickup Truck of DUANE, who kindly transported SAM and ME from the town of MARBLEMOUNT to WINTHROP.

I am a bit weaker than before...I would have failed to cross the North Cascade Pass alone !

Please say HELLO to DUANE, our Deliverer.

Approaching WINTHROP, the mountains filled with dense smoke from the near by FIRES, burning now for one month.

An Historic message from the town of WINTHROP.

Please say HELLO to BILLY MAC and LYNN, who stopped in the center of Main Street to chat...and yes, we ignored the impediment we caused to traffic.


It is now DARK...I cannot see to type.

Please say HELLO to KRIS, COURTNEY, KENNEDY, and COOPER, from SEATTLE, Washington.

Below THE STAIRWAY is the 11th GREEN in the Sweet Shop's PUT PUT Golf.

Owner DOUG, has offered the 11th GREEN to be my BED for the night.

...and there is no way anyone would disagree that   SHARI's

 SWEET SHOP is among the most unique in the world...this place is incredible.

** * * * * * *..

Tomorrow we Walk and Roll through the FIRE ZONE, which is still burning

Cannot see to proof read...sorry !

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