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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

POST 1402; AUGUST 12, 2014; PATEROS, WN

Another HOT SMOKY day in PATEROS, Washington

Forecast is for intense lightning storms tonight through Friday - 5 days worth -.

My walk and roll the next few days entail climbing several steep hills in Desert country of Eastern Washington.  I have no desire to be caught out in the open Desert during these Storms, which include heavy flooding.  Alternatively, temperatures will be plus 100 F. during those climbs and desert crossing...Oh, Fun Fun...

Speaking with Lee, EMS, several folks are in need of assistance to complete projects, such as issueing DONATIONS to those who have lost their homes and property to the Fire.

I have agreed to add my services to help with these projects.

Initial time period will be during the storms of this week, subject to review thereafter.

It may come to pass that I will volunteer more of my time...


Took a short walk into the town of PATEROS...not much going on, but have some pics to share...

Pics posted yesterday were an over kill by ME, trying to burn through the thick carried away...sorry!

The COLUMBIA RIVER...about 50 miles below GRAND COULEE DAM.

Must admit to being somewhat Weak.  Do not have the stamina of two years ago, but am giving it my best effort.

New medications are available to restock my supply.  Must walk to the next town up the COLUMBIA RIVER, BREWSTER, some 8 miles distant to fetch them from the Farmacy.

As I am sleeping out under the Stars...and it is supposed to storm and RAIN, must prepare a suitable place to stay dry.

My first WORK is scheduled for 10:00 am in the morning .

Mosquitoes have been eating me up. 

Long range concern...I am late in the Season to complete walking to North Carolina before cold and snow arrive...just a minor complication to whet the appetite.

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