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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Finally, the world has slowed enough for SAM and ME to settle in the marvelous home of MARYLOU in the outskirts of WOLF POINTE, Montana.  To arrive at MARYLOU's has been a spectacular series of adventurous "Rides" across nearly 1,000 miles from SANDPOINT, IDAHO across some of Earth's most beautiful landscapes.

I have the computer image software working once again...but, have now misplaced part of my list of names of those folks who have made our trip possible. 

A Wee Montana Stream...near the spot of filming "A River Runs Through It."

Please say HELLO to a wonderful couple who gave a ride to SAM and ME from the city TROY to KALISPEL, Montana in a large white enclosed van with seating along the inside wall.  We ran out of gas once, but a quick switch flip activated a reserve tank...and we were off again.

Images of some of Montana's small towns along US Route 2.

Please say HELLO to a serious bicyclist who lunched with me in the town of KALISPEL.

Please say HELLO to this lovely lady who stopped to chat as I sat at a city park bench eating my 1/2 gallon of Chocolate Ice Cream....or this may be the lovely lady who gave SAM and Me a ride to the village of WEST GLACIER.

I am VERY angry I have lost my name list.  There is no excuse to my carelessness and I sincerely apologize to each.

WEST GLACIER, Montana, where tourists turn onto the famous Road To The SUN.

Roadside Restaurant at ESSEX, Montana.

Please say HELLO to OLIVER, living in SANDPOINT, Idaho...working in the North Dakota Oil Fields leasing Steel 0ne Million Gallon Water Tanks .

OLIVER picked SAM and ME from the ESSEX roadside at GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, for an exciting 800 + mile drive across the State of Montana, dropping us off around midnight in the town of WOLF POINT.

Please say HELLO to KEN, who rescued SAM and ME from a serious lapse on my part when I pushed SAM on the wrong road this morning, causing us to walk over 16 miles making a large triangle, leading us back to out starting point in WOLF POINT.

Please say HELLO tp PAUL, live in resident in the home of MARYLOU, who is care taker for Paul as he battles a severe medical condition.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our next portion is a 100 mile walk to I-94.  The word is out around WOLF POINT for someone to come to our aid to drive SAM and ME. 

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Rodney Hess said...

What fabulous and scenic photos. Great country and great people out west. Too bad people are not that friendly when getting to a large city. Some people will not bother to say hi, or give a person the time of day. These smaller towns are all so friendly.

Happy journey to I-94. I have a friend near Steele ND, if you go that far on I-94.