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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Am having difficulty with my computer and images.  Sorry...only half of today's images have loaded...and cannot find the rest.

Please say HELLO to SASKIA, employee of PIZZA HUT, SANDPOINT, Idaho,  who helped me set up yesterday's blog update

Pic of SANDPOINT last evening as we moved to WALMART to set up for the night.

Our "CAMP" for last night.

As SAM and ME walked and rolled out of SANPOINT this morning.

Please say HELLO to MOSES, who gave us our first ride of the day some 10 miles through back country on a road I had not previously been.

MOSES as he delivered SAM and ME to US Route 2.

Please say HELLO to MIKE and CAROL, who provided our second ride for the day.  We visited Daughter SHANNON at the MOYIE Convenience Store...along side the spectacular MOYIE River Canyon.

From this spot, SAM and ME walked some 4 hours through rolling countryside.  I am becoming a bit stronger, but still far from my "old" self.

MOYIE River Bridge.

MOYIE River far below the bridge.

MOYIE River Canyon, looking West toward Washington State beyond the distant mountains.

Another view from the MOYIE River Bridge., I lost control of the compute's file of images.

Some long time later, DUANE and ARLENE made a return trip specifically to intercept SAM and ME. 
We rode with DUANE and ARLENE all the way to the town of TROY, Montana.

While in TROY, I was visited by the lovely lady, ELLA, CURATOR of the Museum and a world class swimming competator.

SCOTT and his friends RUSTY and JO Maynard arranged to drive SAM and ME to the town of LIBBY, Montana...accompanied by their young lady friends, KIARA, TERA, and HANNAH.

I am very unhappy with the image failure to upload.

Tonight, SAM and ME sleep once again under the stars.  In the morning, we will be early on US Route 2, looking for our next ride East in our effort to stay ahead of coming Winter blasts.

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