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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today has been HOT and SMOKY.  Leaving WINTHROP at 8:30 am. wala picnic tked some 20 + miles to the town of CARLTON,we have been received by MELISSA at the CARLTON GENERAL STORE and will be over nighting next to a Picnic Table. 

Temperature at 6:30 pm is 92, so it was over 100 F. while we walked and rolled.  I drank plenty water, but was pooped when arriving at CARLTON at 4:30 pm.

Tomorrow we walk and roll some 22 miles to the COLUMBIA RIVER at the town of PATEROS, where many homes have burned.  Storms are expected in 48 hours.  Will be walking UP the COLUMBIA RIVER at that time, so may find a place to hide away during the heaviest downpour.

PAUL as SAM and ME say Good Bye and thank you for allowing us to sleep on GREEN 15 of his indoor / outdoor PUT PUT Golf Course .Main intersection of the Western Town of WINTHROP.


Please say HELLO to LINDA D'WOLF of Port Townsend, Washington.  Linda accompanied me as we walked out of town, heading for the town of TWISP...

METHOW RIVER, which I followed all day today.

A friendly DEER...actually, a MULE DEER because of the large Mule-like EARS.



A Water Truck.  Dozens of these trucks plied the METHOW VALLEY HIGHWAY, traveling to fill up the water tank on the back.  These trucks carry water to the FIRE ZONE, where Fire Engines with huge water pumps spray the water on the flames.

My first encounter with the fire...about half way between TWISP and WINTHROP.

This a BEFORE Picture of the roadside...When I turn around, the next pic is the SAME place...except shows where the fire was STOPPED...before it roared down into the bottom of the METHOW VALLEY...

A Home saved from Fire which surrounded the entire property.  This is what the Fire Fighters do...SAVE HOMES FROM BURNING.

This is the same hillside next to the previous picof the saved home.  It was growth such as this which is burning in the METHOW VALLEY.  The major fire zone is now in the higher mountains, where PINE trees are the primary fuel.

METHOW VALLEY below the fire zone.

Clarity of the METHOW RIVER water.

Melissa is closing the store.  I must POST...Enjoy, Please...

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