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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Yesterday I mentioned that KEN rescued SAM and ME from my foolish mistake to walk in circles, and how we were delivered into the magnificent home of MARY LOU.  Today KEN built on his orchestration of our day, ending in a most fascinating and rewarding day for a great many folks.

Please say HELLO to JANA ELLIOTT, Wife of KEN...and Sixth Grade Teacher in the WOLF POINT Public Schools.

KEN delivered ME to JANA's Class to whom I had the pleasure to share the Walk and Roll of SAM and ME.  Three additional Classrooms joined together for my Curtain Call...all told chatting with some 50 or so students.

Please say HELLO to MARY LOU, House "Mother" to a continuous visitation to her 14-Bed -  Bed and Breakfast.  Two Contractors are resident at the moment, but upwards to 20 some visitors have visited at a time.  I have been welcomed to MARY LOU's which is no less an extended family as any I have joined in recent years.


Please say HELLO to the Sixth Grade Students in JANA's class.  These young Ladies and Gentlemen were fantastic, on the edge of their seats, asking pointed and intelligent questions. 

During our time with JANA's Class, three additional classes asked if they too could have time together with me.    As time was short, all three classes joined together in one room, many sitting on the floor...causing me to walk back and forth to stand before each Student asking a question.

I enjoyed our time together ... time which all too soon came to an end.

I would enjoy repeating getting together with Students all across America.

Please say HELLO to half of our Curtain Call Students...

Please say HELLO to the second half of our "Curtain Call" Students.

Oh, how I wished for one more hour with these wonderful young people.

Please say HELLO to GARY and JACOB, "STUCCO" Contractors living in LIVINGSTON, Montana...and working near the activity of the Oil Fields of Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota ...both long term residents at MARY LOU's.  Could be her wonderful On The Range Country Cook'n.

Each Student of JANA's Class presented me a personal hand-written Note.  Selected Notes are reproduced here.  Some writing was too dim to photograph.  I would like to include all notes...and am sad to leave any notes out.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, SAM and ME will continue our Walk and Roll, reaching for the city of GLENDIVE, Montana, some 100 miles from MARY LOU's home.
We will be looking for a ride !!!

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