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Monday, September 10, 2012


Finally, I am back walking again. Only doing 5 or so miles each morning, but am pushing the envelope speed-wise. Have a 2.7 mile route from home to the local Hatteras Campground and back. Today took 66 minutes. By week end, expect to round trip in 60 minutes = + 5 mph.

We shall see.

Returning home, was sweaty, but no hard breathing; so, am still in shape even tho not doing much extreme walking for nearly one month.

Not much doing with the Food Pantry the last couple weeks. It is open only after church services on Sunday and from 9 - 11 on Wednesday. A "run" is also made to pick up food on Friday, but it is delivered to a separate organization.

General observation - by others of the "Food Bank" program(s) - is that the economic slow down is reducing availability of food items available.

I am being introduced to a much expanded "reality" of what is going on in these Outer Banks relative to "Food Banks / Food Pantries". Not being fully informed as of yet, I hesitate to say too much. I can say that Pastor Steve's LIFEBOAT COMMUNITY CHURCH Food Pantry is one of a large number - over 100 - Food Pantries...all associated in one way or another with larger centralized "Food Banks"...somewhat akin to the "trikle-down" system. That somehow smacks of the trillions of $$ pumped into our economy in recent times.

Anyone out there been trikled upon?

Anyhow, when I get all the options straightened out, I will share them here.

In the mean time, I continue to toil with the yards (mowing, trimming, picking up, etc) of properties of my landlady, Linda, as well as that of Pastor Steve and the Church itself.

It is not enough to keep me busy, so am putting out feelers for employment possibilities.

Good Luck to that dream!

My computer "chip slot" has ceased to function...and I have misplaced my camera-computer connector; so, still do not have photographs available. Stopped in at Radio Shack to pick up the proper connector, only to find that they do not carry the one I need...with the commentary by the salesman that it is ..."common knowledge that the camera folks change the design of accessories with every new camera."

When I become president of the World, three things will be required:

1. Commonality of interface connectors;
2. No SMALL PRINT allowed.
3. No "speed" talking in commercials.

See what kind of thoughts are generated by idle minds.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

POST 687: 09/04/12; SALVO - COLUMBIA, N.C.

Finally, I am back up. My computer has been down for over two weeks. Sent it to my personal guru in Belligham for rework. All seems to be OK now, but was loaded with virus, requiring considerable updating.

Before I get started on updating my activities on OBX (Outer Banks), I wish to make a couple comments about my health. No, no big problem; however, I have been increasingly bothered by arthritis in both hands the past few weeks. I am devoted to better health through stimulation of my Lymphatic my opinion, second only to the blood circulatory system for a healthy body. I am thoroughly convinced that my walking has brought my Lymphatic System to the peak of functioning. I therefore decided to use Reflexology on my increasingly arthritic fingers; i.e., message of each finger/thumb for 1/2 hour each day. Would you believe...tho the pain has not fully gone away, full functioning has returned.

I have been quite reluctant to pursue discussion on Politics, Religion, or health matters. I will, however, be discussing the Lymphatic System in the future.

My new home is coming along quite nicely. Pictures are hung; a daily routine is coming along.

Primary to my activities is the Food Bank. The building has been emptied out, bombed to rid creepy crawlies, scrubbed with disinfectant, painted, and fully cleaned daily. Some folks think it looks rather nice.

Pastor Steve's food bank program is a bit complicated...more so than I had been previously introduced to. Still have much to discover in obtaining food items from various sources. Summer is coming to a close out here on OBX, which, I am informed, will result in a significant increase in food bank customers...this because work opportunities disappear with vacationers, reducing $$ incomes. Will, therefore, be increasingly busy.

In the interim, I have taken it upon myself to pursue gardening for Pastor Steve's home, in addition to sprucing up some properties of my landlady, Linda.

Many local residents are still without permanent homes, having lost theirs to Hurricane Irene.

Drove to Columbia, N.C., where I spent three restful nights visiting with Karen, Craig, and the boys - and some friends.

My camera battery charger has been misplaced the last three weeks. I do have some photographs which will be uploaded in my next blog.

The new trailer I used to move from Bellingham has been sold. Now have only the MPV and Motorcycle to get around...both of which are working just fine.

I have not been walking as I wish...only a couple times a week, which has resulted in moving back into size 38 waist.

Have not yet gone to the beach, but was invited to an evening of fishing from the Rodanthe Pier, where I caught a smallish Blue Fish. Have been an avid fisherman most of my life, so look forward to drowning some more bait. The Atlantic Ocean beaches are only a block away from my home.

In two weeks, my 60th High School Reunion is on in Kennewick, Washington. I am vacillating as to whether I should fly out to attend. Must decide within the next couple days. I would very much like to be there.

Does anyone know where the Planet NIBIRU is at the moment ?