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Friday, August 22, 2014


A day and half since our last POST.   It seems a half lifetime.  Anemia came to visit once again, nearly stranding SAM and ME on the High Desert of Eastern Washington...only to be rescued by a passing motorist - MARK -, who has delivered us onto the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, some 100 miles distant.

Please say HELLO to ANNIE, Son JAYDEN, and lovely Daughter LIANI, who gathered SAM and ME in when we arrived in the city of BRIDGEPORT, plying me with drink, food, and a prized spot on the Living Room Floor where I slept next to SAM,

SAM weighs in at about 200 pounds.  I nearly lost it today.

My strength has not returned from last year.  My stamina is also severely diminished, causing us to stop to rest and sip water every few hundred feet under the relentless Sun

The small cozy home of Single Mother ANNIE, who has shown SAM and ME such kindness...inviting us into the private life of her tiny family.

LIANI, my instant Protector and companion, pushed SAM the first 1/2 mile to the steep hills waiting on the outskirts of BRIDGEPORT.

...a proud young lady...

Again, please say HELLO to LIANI, who brought words of a now ancient song to mind...

"Wait for Me Wait for Me; Johnny please wait for Me...I Love you more than I can hardly stand;

Wait for Me Wait for Me, Johnny please wait for Me...I'll grow up just fast as I can..."

Art object...many of which grace the streets of BRIDGEPORT, Washington.

The COLUMBIA River and BRIDGEPORT lie against the distant blue ridge-line, now some 10 miles UP UP UP the beautiful dry hot precipitous hills of Eastern Washington.

Please say HELLO to LORNA...who carries the family name of "DECKERT", same as my CRI, who left us January 12, 2001.

LORNA stopped, asked if I was a War Veteran, explaining ...  to do what I was about, I must be a Veteran.  YES, I am a VET.

Being recently elected to to the office of PRESIDENT, American Legion Auxiliary, Benton City, Washington, we chatted some minutes on the hills under the relentless Sun, discovering her first Husband and my Uncle CECIL served during World War Two as Bombardier -  Radio Gunner on the same B-24 "Liberator" Bomber...and other co-incidences.

Please say HELLO to GLEN...EX Marine, severely injured from a TRACTOR Roll-over accident pinning him to Earth, leaving him severely injured - but surprisingly alive...alive these many years later to invite SAM and ME to pitch our new Tent in his yard for the night.

From BRIDGEPORT, SAM and ME walked nearly 10 miles UP UP UP, until I could push SAM no further.

Sitting under the shade of trees his Daddy planted early 1970, GLEN and I passed the late afternoon commiserating about things as they once were.

 RATTLE SNAKES, says GLEN, don't come into the yard...but do hang out a few feet beyond in the grassy slope to the year-round flowing CREEK a few yards back of the house.

The Stream runs along the near-distant Green bushes just beyond our tent.

A bit after sun rise, the above scene greeted SAM and ME.

Little did I realize that our first tortuous climb of yesterday - taking only three hours - was about to overwhelm me seven hours later as we neared fabled GRAND COULEE DAM.

There came a moment when I could no longer push SAM - even on relatively flat ground.

I was hungry (expected to reach GRAND COULEE hours sooner), thirsty (knowing I was drinking far too much water), and was weak in body...much like three previous moments years ago when ANEMIA took me out of the (walking) game for a while.

Recognizing I was in trouble, I stopped pushing SAM and put out my THUMB, asking for help.

My final view of GLEN's isolated home as SAM and ME began our il-fated day.

My final view across the tops of the COULEEs of Washington State when I could push SAM no further.

The vehicle of MARK, my benefactor, who carried SAM and ME the next 100 + miles to and beyond SPOKANE, Washington...stopping to purchase food for my pleading body...and much needed rest as we drove the empty desert miles.

...once passing an articulating Wheat Harvester, much as built by my Employer R.A. HANSON of SPOKANE.

Please say HELLO to MARK, without whom I would certainly NOT be Registered in this high class HOLIDAY INN Motel for the night in the city of HAYDEN, IDAHO, on US 95...on the fringe of the ROCKY MOUNTAINS.

The Holiday INN was FULL UP, but found SAM and ME a room - "...held available just for the likes of You...", complete with special tray of food - normally also non existent - with promise to make available whatever I  might need.

Thank You, MARK...and enjoy your Holiday on the water...I owe you Big Time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am not sure how I feel at the moment.  In the morning - is 2:00 am at the moment ... must complete your Blog Update...

In the morning, will take a serious look and make decisions of continuing on US original route across America, with the city of SANDPOINT then BONNERS FERRY and on to GLACIER NATIONAL PARK and points up.

There is a hospital near by.  May stop in for a Blood Check-up...something I have done as routine every 6 months or so these past 4.5 years walking.

I have worked steadily and hard as volunteer to the FIRE Recovery effort...topped by some strenuous hill climbing on too little Food.

Will make the right decisions...SAM and ME will be OK !


Rodney Hess said...


Have you tried eating raisins and nuts, to help with the anemia? When I go to the bloodmobile, they always tell people who have a low iron count, to eat lots of raisins and nuts to build up the blood.

Do not push yourself so hard. Just go "Slow and Steady", and you will still get there.

Happy journey. :)

Anonymous said...

You say, "drinking TOO much water" ? how much is your Too Much ? In desert conditions, at 200 pounds, you should be drinking nearly 3 to4 liters at least. Not in Sips, but fully Hydrating. Soldiers in Iraq were ordered to drink 2 gallons of water a day doing moderate work Google "Army water use: ! Dehydration is a "Silent" illness.