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Saturday, December 12, 2015

POST 1496; ELOY, ARIZONA; 12-12-15

We rushed out of GAGE, New Mexico, without much additional consideration, taking I-10 West toward the interchange with Interstate 8 ( I-8) at GILA BEND, Arizona.
We arrived at the city of ELOY at 3:00 PM, where we have decided to spend the night at the FLYING J Truck Stop ... and DENNY's Restaurant.

Treated myself to a Turkey Dinner instead of Bisquit and Gravy.

Driving today included the expected encounter with the Storm Front that came out of California last night.  For about 90 minutes SPIA was peppered with RAIN, HAIL, and even a bit of SNOW; that, in addition to icy spots.

Both SPIA and I did just fine, arriving at ELOY, some 20 miles short of reaching I-8.

Since we , again, did not stop - except for GAS - we can share photographs taken while driving.  Yes, all images were taken at 65 miles per hour or so.  Came out rather fair ..., and did not hinder my driving.

UNION PACIFIC Railroad Freight Train.  Train Tracks parallel I-10 through the Western U.S. of A.

Interesting cloud formations resulting from the Weather Fronts out of California.

Near continuous rain has flooded a good portion of the New Mexico - Arizona Desert; here reflecting the Sun from the shallow lakes.

The above Train is part of the U.S.of A. "LAND BRIDGE"

These trains carry Containers from huge Ocean Freighters.  Instead of carrying ship loads of containers from seaports say, from JAPAN through the PANAMA CANAL - or around the tip of South America's CAPE HORN, the ships off-load in say, San Francisco ... reload the Containers aboard a "LAND BRIDGE" Train for the cross-country rail trip to say, New York, where they are unloaded off the train, and reloaded onto Container Ships bound for foreign ports ... say, London or some other seaport across the Atlantic Ocean.

The LAND BRIDGE has proved to save considerable transit time at a great saving in shipping costs.

In the early 1960's, I was involved in the conceptual phase of the LAND BRIDGE Program, as well as playing a part - for many years - in the design, manufacture and installation of many of the early design Container Cranes still operating in many of America's seaports ... Seattle, San Francisco, New York, but to name a few.

A STORM CELL.  These black Tornado-like broad based "CELLS" follow each other liked Rail Cars of a CHOO CHOO TRAIN, carrying violent high speed WINDS and BUCKETS and BUCKETS of RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, and SNOW across the flat lands of the central High Plains.  Today, we dodged at least a dozen Storm Cells.  For a period of 90 minutes or so, we passed through a couple Cells which joined together, dumping high speed rainfall, Sleet, and no small amount of SNOW onto I-10, which provided no small amount of Road Ice.

Nothing overtly serious for careful conscientious drivers, but dangerous all the same because of that CARELESS "OTHER GUY".

One more STORM CELL bearing down on I-10.  Yes, we did share the same piece of Real Estate for a few moments.

Again, interesting Radial Clouds reaching from the Center of the CELL Rotation  ... much like Hurricane Winds AND like tightly SPINNING Tornado Winds.

Yes, I took this image of RAIN, SLEET, and SNOW gracing SPIA's Windshield.  We passed through these STORM CELLS for 1.5 hours, thankfully, with no ill effect.

City of TUCSON, Arizona, as seen at 70 miles per hour from I-10.  Note the ROLLS - LAYERS of storm clouds in the background.

* * * * * * * * * *

Will stay tonight at FLYING J Truck Stop.  In the morning, we will Drive on Interstate 8 ( I-8 ) to the city of YUMA, Arizona, where lives FRED, My UNCLE.  Will sleep in SPIA as FRED and BARB have a house full ... kinda like ... no place at the INN ...

Plan to walk into the small MEXICAN neighboring town where I have a Dentist to see and have a bit of repair work done.  Cost of Dental Work is a fraction of the cost in, say, San Diego.

Also, Mexico will add a new dimension to our Walk and Roll.

Oh, to have your hand to hold at such a magical moment !

Are you listening ...

Oh, Yes; I visited YUMA many times some 40 plus years ago.  My parents had their Summer Home in YUMA.

 I RAN every day for three weeks, far into the surrounding Desert  ...  as far as 50 miles each day into the State of California and some distance into and back out of Mexico;  all in  preparation to compete in the BOSTON MARATHON; which I completed in under 3 hours before tens of thousands of spectators; spectators 10 - deep on both sides of the race route ... over Heartbreak Hill and every step of the final 5 miles down the CHUTE to the FINISH LINE in front of the "PRU".

I started the race in position 11,000 something.  My "Finishing" position - as awarded by race Officials -, was 4,402, passing 6,000 something other competitors. 

This, a mere 9 months after my ( JUNE 15) "Cold" finish to smoking up to three packs of cigarettes a day for 20 years. Never have I looked back ... nary a moment of regret !

At 45 years old, ran my first of many Marathons;  completing it on the following DECEMBER 06 ... only 5 months after I threw away my appointment with early DEATH.

... and so it goes ...

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