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Thursday, December 31, 2015



Still it happens ... SOMEONE is watching out over me.

UNCLE SAM found fit to replenish my Social Security Bank Account this morning ... a full three days early;
 Thus, releasing SPIA SAM and ME from the HOLD put on our Journey.

We will check out OCEAN SHORES, Washington's attempt to build a World Class Ocean Resort ... which to my knowledge never quite made the grade.  We will check it out anyway before heading North on US 101 this morning.

We plan to stop this evening (New Years Eve) at the lovely LAKE QUINAULT RESORT some 100 miles distant ... perhaps have a suitable celebration Dinner before retiring to SPIA's enhanced sleeping accommodations.

First thing we did after checking ATM status this morning, was to purchase from WAL-MART one more large PILLOW and a FOAM MATTRESS to improve comfort and warmth, at the total cost of $18.00, which we have earned.

At the moment, we sit in MAC D, where an EGG MC MUFFIN has been eaten;  and this Blog UPDATE is well under way.

The next Booth is filling up with SENIORS (Senior Citizens) .. as is happening all over AMERICA - and I imagine, ALL over the World ...

I introduced myself and chatted for the last half hour or so about the realization that SENIORS in every small town and every Big Town Neighborhood are gathered around their cups of coffee; sharing lifetime events and knowledge dear to their lives.  These imprompto gatherings are a wealth of HISTORICAL and INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL knowledge ... most of which is being LOST.

What a source for fascinating and potentially critical knowledge ... important to many, if it could be tapped and shared.  Who and Where, after all, could such a bonanza of LIFE's KNOWLEDGE be found.

 OK, SENIOR conversation(s) are well advanced next door; the SUN has taken edge off last night's COLD; and, my second Cup Of COFFEE is COLD.

We are on our way to find new knowledge from The OLYMPIC PENINSULA.


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