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Saturday, December 5, 2015

POST 1488; PORT LAVACA, TX; 12-05-15

Intended to do some walking today.

It did not happen.

Instead, we spent 8 hours trying to find our way among the Coastal Roadways skirting trhe Gulf Coast between the town of ORANGE and PORT LAVACA, Texas.

We have the most recent road map from WALLMART, but with many new roadways , the Map is not much help.  Must have asked directions fifteen times.

Eventually, we have arrived at the town of Port Lavaca, about half way to the City of BROWNSVILLE, Texas, located on the border with Mexico.

The Gulf Coast driven today can be divided into TWO distinct regions:

1.  Swampy Empty expanses with many small villages on the waters edge from ORANGE to the City of GALVESTON.  These homes are on stilts with NO protection from the Sea.

2.  Heavy industrial centers - primarily OIL REFINERIES -. and lush pastures complete with grazing cattle.  Must say, however, the beef look a bit skinny ... more like Dairy Cows.

State of TEXAS DOT furnishes FREE modern Ferry Boats to cross Galveston Harbor for Route 73, the coastal highway at that location.

We are driving onto the ferry boat in the above photograph.

CORMORANT and PELLICAN  resting on the Ferry Dock Guide Posts (PYLONS) which help ferry boats maneuver into their SLIPS.

We are first in line on the Ferry Boat crossing to the City of GALVESTON.

The funny looking boat in the distance (with three vertical posts) is the twin of our Ferry Boat.

A Gas Barge being PUSHED across Galveston Harbor.

A Freighter / Container Ship mounting a large Luffing - Rotating CRANE ... to ON and OFF Load freight at remote Islands and small Ports with limited Dock Side Facilities.  For many years I worked as Contracts Manager for Lockheed Aircraft Crane Division AND Germany's KRUPP manufacturing similar cranes as on this ship.

High Tech Design Pylons at Galveston Ferry Dock.  To drive the boat into it's "Slip", these pylons guide the Ferry Boat precisely under the CENTER of the loading RAMP, over which vehicles drive ON and OFF the boat.

Galveston waterfront is a long stretch of wide Boulevards, Sandy wave swept beach, and endless Shops.  Even today, so close to the Holidays, promenading sun worshipers are out and about.  No one in the water, though.

A downtown Pier of "RIDES" and entertainment.

If I had a bit more $$, would like to spend a couple days in Galveston.

Bicycles  FOR RENT.

Galveston Harbor LIGHT HOUSE.

Small piece of Galveston's miles - long Beach.

Yes, that IS the Gulf Of MEXICO ... one of those memorable romantic places I ask for a lovely "partner" to be by my side ... to hold my hand ... to whisper ... "...and it so beautiful".

Such a sight I consider my own private ASSET; and as many already know, an ASSET has VALUE only when it is shared.

A small "Stilt" home ocean - side village.

Homes are also found nestled in shore-side seclusion.

... and another such abode.

One of the many Oil / Gas Refineries found West of  Galveston.

... and another one.

Crossing one of the many impressive bridges linking Route 73 from shore to shore over the many Bays along TEXAS Gulf Coast.

Thankfully, not much traffic today.

...down side of the same bridge.

A "foundation" (looking like so many TOOTH PICKS a scant few feet from the waters of the Gulf Coast) ... soon to bear a new home  just like the one - and hundreds of unseen ones - in the distance.

Route 93 skirting TEXAS' Gulf Coast.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am POOPED OUT this evening.

We have refuge for the night in Fort LAVACA WALLMART Parking LOT.

Really, we Travelers owe a great debt to WALLMART, who provides FREE overnight parking AND security 24 / 7 at hundreds of locations across the US of A.

I know not if I will walk tomorrow.  I hope so ... and plan to walk.  Perhaps we can find an interesting spot ... perhaps right here in Fort Lavaca ... to walk the city up close and personal.

We shall see !

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