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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

POST 1492; DEL RIO, TEXAS; 12-09-15

Walking, you say....

Yes, Highway 83 North is a fine safe road paralleling the RIO GRANDE RIVER, which we have driven for two days.  We have yet to actually SEE the river itself.  There are, of course Spur Roads leading to bridges crossing into Mexico.  Shame on me for not diverting SPIA to go take a peek.  Thought there would be some such roadway advertised for tourist benefit.

Well, NO, that is what I get for thinking.  Having reached the large modern city of DEL RIO, and still, no river to be seen.  There is a lake near by - AMISTAD RESERVOIR - .  Before leaving DEL RIO, promise we will go see it.

DEL RIO is home to LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE ... home, I understand to the ultra High Tech B-2 FLYING WING BOMBER.  Been looking skyward, but to no avail so far.  What a treat to see a B-2 flying over !

Lots of road construction  - new and maintenance.   Makes difficulties following the map because "new" roadways have a tendency to swallow the original roads ... often incorporating them into "Interstate" which, of course, - unlike the states of IDAHO, MONTANA, WYOMING, and NORTH DAKOTA - prohibit Walkers on their precious Freeways.  The unnamed states have yet to discover - as have the named states ...THE SAFEST PLACE FOR WALKERS - and the vehicles - IS ON THE INTERSTATE Roadways !!!

....and now, for a few photographs of the out back roadways and towns big and little of this great State Of TEXAS...

Yes, we are passing through dense smoke from a fire in the desert ... mostly scrub brush and short trees.

Stopped at this gas station out in the desert.  There were no prices available until I had PAID $25.00 IN ADVANCE...cost was $2.65 per gallon of which SPIA drank 8 gallons. Station clerk promised the excess $$ I paid with my Credit Card would be automatically deposited back into my bank account.
OK, I trusted that business until discovering gas sold for $1.69 in the next town.

NO, no names.  Shame on me for being trusting.

Across America I have enjoyed at least 200 PIZZA HUTS to stop, have a small bite, perhaps park overnight (or put up SAM's Tent), AND create our Blog for the day.

We are at PIZZA HUT tonight in the city of DEL RIO...where once again, my $$ is no good !  Thank You ... Thank You !

My pictures explain our Day today ... a day on TEXAS Highway 83  ... far better than my words.

* * * * * * * * * *

300 miles across endless desert from DEL RIO to EL PASO.  Surely, must stop out there someplace tomorrow night.

...Once again, "Tomorrow is Another Day"   from GONE WITH THE WIND !

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