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Friday, December 11, 2015

POST 1494; GAGE, NEW MEXICO; 12-11-15

Today was a race to move away from a rather massive weather front moving out of the North West and reaching across most of Texas ...then expected to cross New Orleans and further East.

We were near the Western-most edge of the front, but to be certain, I drove non-stop to EL Paso and continued West on I-10 to the tiny village of GAGE, New Mexico, where "DQ" Dairy Queen is hosting our Blog update.  We will spend the night in GAGE.

We are now on MOUNTAIN TIME, so it remains daylight a bit longer.

So far, our sky is cloudy, but we are clear of tonight's weather front.

The Weather Channel said the Washington State town of BATTLEGROUND suffered considerable damage from only the 5th Tornado to hit the State.  I must have been in Tornado number 4 ... while a passenger in a Commercial Jet-Prop.  As we climbed over the town of North Bend near Seattle, our aircraft FELL straight down a couple hundred feet.  The (really huge) passenger seated in front of me  (too huge to fasten his seat belt ) smacked into the cabin ceiling ... and again smacked into his seat.

Pilot said we flew through a Tornado.

Artistic designed US 90 Ramps to be a WOW image to start our log update.

Sun Rising over far West Texas town of ALPINE, where we stayed last night.

Nicely shaped Cone ...  Volcano-like.

Since we stopped only for gas and a bite ( taking a liking to Bisquit and Gravy; especially the $4.00 per plate which is very good for our low-budget rations)., lots of photographs of highway scenes.

Tiny village of MARFA, where we stopped for our first Bisquit and Gravy for the day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Another weather front ranging from Canada to California in now on shore moving East and South.

As we drive further West in the morning we will surely bump into more fronts.  Could even bring some snow as we approach the Sierra Nevada Mountains located on the California - Nevada Border. 

Have discovered a hidden $600.00 that we can use to supplement December's budget - at 16 percent interest -  So, will reconsider our routing to take advantage of scenic treasures.  Expecting more weather fronts to develop inland, am leaning to hugging the Pacific Ocean US 101 at least into Oregon.

My Nephew - and Godson - Eric has asked us to divert our route to visit him in SPOKANE, Washington during the Holiday Season.  We will do that for Eric ... and for SAM and ME, too.

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