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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

POST 1491; LAREDO, TEXAS; 12-08-15

One Hundred miles on Highway 83 took us out of the crush from the BROWNSVILLE Metropolitan Area; the next fifty miles brought us to an area of somewhat basic living ... both as to basic living and commercial activity. 

That is, the finer points of the upscale crowded mega city of Brownsville was left behind.  Not knowing better, one would NOT accept that we are still in America; everything looks and sounds as though we are suddenly plunked down in central Mexico.  Not much paint to be found.  Dust seems to be every where.  Not a word of ENGLISH to be heard.

Then, we are presented with the sparkling lovely City of Zapata.

One more hour on Highway brings us to the City of LAREDO, Texas, where we will once again be hosted by WALLMART.

Please say HELLO to OLGA JARMEZ and MARIBEL TREVINO, presenting the benefits of Jehovah's Witness.  Pretty girls DO attract and demand certain moments of attention.

AS THEY WALKED AWAY, i spilled my MC DONALD's drink in my lap, on my computer, and resulted in two extra hours to re do a ruined Blog Update.  Yes, had to start over from scratch !

Election Day is near ... witness the many advertising signs.

Our first look at MEXICO ... a bit over thata way.  Somewhere beyond those trees lies the RIO GRANDE RIVER, which is the international border we share with MEXICO.

Some roadway images never more than one mile from MEXICO Border.

WE approach the City Of ZAPATA, which presents our first glimpse of the waters of the RIO GRANDE RIVER.  This is actually FALCON LAKE formed by FALCON DAM located at the Mexican Town of NUEVA CIUDAD.

PIZZA HUT is a welcome sight. 

Another section of Lake Falcon waters reaching into the city of ZAPATA, Texas.

Another view of the charming City Park encompassing the lake.

Spot where I parked SPIA and did a bit of walking.

More of the City Park.

The local Golf Course is an extension oh the Park.  The water actually flows through the Golf Course to reach the RIO GRANDE RIVER a short distance away.

Another sign suggests NO SWIMMING !

Please say HELLO to TINO FLORES and NACHO SANCHEZ, whom I met at the Golf Course.  Both of these expert golfers - would you believe both golf with a handicap of TWO (2) - are in their 80s.

View of the Golf Course.

City Park dedication to a youngster who recently passed away.

Part of the dedication depicting an elegant horse.

SPIA parked overlooking the City Park Lake.

Highway leaving ZAPATA, heading for LAREDO, Texas,

ZAPATA Water Tower.

Sidewalk Market.

Local Cactus. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Is now 5:00 PM local time.  Started this update at 11:00 AM. 

Had many photographs to evaluate,
...choose images for the story line,
...edit the chosen images, the images,

THEN, Re Do the entire thing ... (lucky did not ruin the computer from the spilled drink)

...and finally, find the words to accompany each photograph. 

Will be dark within the hour.  Must drive back to WALLMART and get settled in !

In the morning, will drive (walk ?)  in the City of LAREDO, hopefully find some good sights to photograph, and drive North to CARRIZO SPRINGS, EAGLE PASS, and DEL RIO (for the night ?).

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