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Saturday, October 15, 2011

POST 476 - DAY 270 / 13: CHARLESTON, SC

Before Sun up, left SPIA at PUBLIX Supermarket and walked BACK US 17 for 10 miles.

Encountered lots of marsh land and a few "creeks" which are larger than many "rivers". Marshes extend in all directions from US 17 for many miles...right into downtown CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA.

Our Egret friends visited us again.

Learning how to lead flying objects to get them into the picture.

A bit of History. The South is full of historical information going back 300 years or so.

These three ladies were "crabbing" for Blue Crabs.

They tied a piece of "bait" on a long rope which they threw out into the stream...then slowly pulled it back into the shallows where they waded. Apparently, the Blue Crabs followed the bait. With the hand held nets, the ladies scooped up the crabs from under their own feet. I watched them catch three or four which they carried ashore and put them in an Ice Chest.

Happened upon a "Craft Sale" at a local Church.

A bit unusual...dead trees lining the marsh...could almost be called a Swamp.

US 7 is all 4-lane as it approaches CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA.

Took a second walk - SPIA still parked at PUBLIX Market - North on US 17 toward CHARLESTON. Was cautioned that US 17 had no place for Pedestrians, but I found the highway to be OK...better, in fact that it has been. Walked into the Southern Business District of CHARLESTON, then turned back to SPIA and drove to WALMART for fresh water...then drove to down town CHARLESTON.

A Tourist Map of the main part of CHARLESTON. Click click to enlarge.

I parked SPIA at the Lower tip of the green area, called the BATTERY PARK. Proceeded to walk North (to the right) and West along the waterfront and two blocks inland. Then returned to Battery Park and walked to the US Coast Guard Base and back to SPIA.

Spent the better part of four hours, meeting many tourists...and some locals.


CHARLESTON City is to the left. CHARLESTON Harbor is surrounding the city except for the far West.

The East - lower - section of the City; i.e., BATTERY STREET, is lined on one side with the Promenade and on the other with dozens of Mansions...all being lived in.

Did not see a single empty business building.

Have posted photographs of many "Homes" - some B&B - .

Will keep comments to a minimum for them.

Horse drawn carriage for Tourists. Ticket Booths for carriages, Pedi-bikes, and Trolleys are scattered around the entire area.

Entrance Harbor from the Atlantic Ocean, looking East.

The more structured buildings are typically on the North Shore area.

The more ornate are located on the Eastern Tip...The Battery.

A "French" style carriage drawn by a single horse...could be in LYON, FRANCE (one of my favorite cities of the World).

Cobble Streets are not really "Cobble". They are stones set in cement.

Quite difficult to walk on...I twisted both ankles today walking on this street.

Walking into the residential streets inland from the Harbor are found many shaded narrow streets...all clean as a whistle with immaculate homes.

Along BAY STREET - on the North Side - is a delightful Park along the waterfront.

Looking across the Harbor from the North - Bay Street - Park.

This is the official "greeter" for all large vessels entering CHARLESTON Harbor. This small boat goes out to the big ship, a USA Official goes on board, checks documentation, and physically guides - PILOTS - the ship into the Harbor.

On my recent 120 day Round The World Cruise, every port our ship entered was met by such a "Pilot" Boat.

From Bay Street Park, one can see the elegant US 17 Bridge spanning the inner Harbor.

Later in the evening, we drove over that bridge to the city of MOUNT PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA, where we have found a spot in a Restaurant parking lot to spend the night.
The Restaurant is called "Sticky Fingers", specializing in Ribs...yes, I finally had a sit-down dinner this evening...excellent.

Bay Street Park Fountain.

The City has posted a sign..."LIFEGUARD NOT ON DUTY - Wade at your own risk".

Shaded walkways of Bay Street Park.

A Harbor Side Fountain...with the same "wading" caution.

Red Brick paved walkways of Bay Street Park.

French flavor.


Tourist Trolley.

Historic Tavern...on Bay Street.

Actually, the building next door to the Tavern.

This block of buildings reminds me of Germany and Switzerland...could just as well be walking the streets of old Basle, CH.

Many tiny - narrow - walkways, alleyways, and driveways between buildings lining regular streets.

This Private Fountain is mounted on the side of the building. Only the camera lens fit between the rod iron fence and leafy hedge to shoot this photograph...I nearly missed it altogether.

I have taken doorway pics the world over.

Delightful narrow garden path between buildings.

Please say HELLO to Troy.

Troy is Caretaker for a magnificent B&B known locally as the PINK PALACE. A number of rooms, suites, and a full size 4-bedroom home is available at the Pink Palace.

GOOGLE: CHARLESTON, S.C. B&B...the first property up is the Pink Palace, known officially as the Palmer B&B. Rates run from $99.00 to $150.00 for the single bedroom depending on the Season.

The PINK PALACE as seen from the Promenade across Battery Street. Look closely and find Troy bending to paint the lower portion of the right-hand entry gate...the gate being the "Owner Lady's" pride and joy.

Walking the "other side" of the street, I was hailed by this lady...

Please say HELLO to Joanne, a tourist resting her weary feet while asking me where I am walking to.

Please say HELLO to Jennifer.

Jennifer is the Tourist Buddy of Joanne in the prior pic.

A number of bright YELLO Pedi-Cabs roam the BATTERY looking for tourists who wish to ride instead of walk the many scenic old streets.

A private drive.

Please say HELLO to Susan.

I could not pass by a lovely lady sitting coquettishly on the front stoop.

Susan and I chatted for a bit until she was swished away to attend a wedding. She was visiting from North Carolina.

On purpose, I added the map again.

Please say HELLO to (l. to r.) Karin, Collette, Curtis and Elizabeth.

Karin and Collette are visiting CHARLESTON from HOLLAND - where I have also spent some considerable time in years past -, being shown the sights by Curtis and Elizabeth, both locals.

Collette's Son and Grandson were also introduced to me, but did not get into the photograph.

A view of BATTERY PARK from the Promenade.

Many actual big Cannon are on display in BATTERY PARK...guns used during the Civil War by both the Confederate Defenders and the Union Attackers...with the focal point being FORT SUMPTER.

Click click to read the placards explaining each weapon. The photo of the cannon follows the pic of the placard.

Actual Gun follows...

Historical Monument to the Confederate Defenders of CHARLESTON from Union Attackers.

FORT SUMPTER is on the far distant headland protecting CHARLESTON Harbor.

Harbor waves crashing against the Promenade Sea Wall...looking North.

The Promenade looking West. BATTERY PARK is on the right. The Southern arm of CHARLESTON Harbor is on the left.

This squat little monster is a MORTOR.

This is one of three mortors used aboard UNION ships to Bombard FORT SUMPTER.

The stack of black balls are Mortor "shot". A stack of such balls actually sits in a stout IRON pan, which keeps the balls from rolling around the deck of the ship. That stout iron pan is called a MONKEY.

and so, from the cockpit of a speeding SPIA, we take a quick on-the-move pic of the elegant US 17 bridge over the Harbor as we say goodbye to CHARLSTON, SOUTH CAROLINA.

Both leg tendons are pulled at the ankle - again - from twists received walking the rocky roads of Bay Street Park. May have to take an extra day off.

In the morning, we shall see.

I walked approximately four hours in CHARLESTON. To cover just the BATTERY portion, one should have a good three days...then more to explore the rest of this beautiful city.

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