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Sunday, October 9, 2011


The town of SOUTH NEWPORT, GEORGIA has a RV Park and a Church. SPIA was parked at an abandoned gas station. At dark, a car drove up honking his horn. I pulled on a pair of jeans and opened the door to a very irate cannot park here overnight..there is a RV Park just across the street.

I pleaded that I had no $$ for an RV Park, I walked 20 miles, and was very tired...
You got $5.00, asked the I have no $$ at all, I lied. OK, you can stay parked just for tonight.

I moved SPIA at noon, after walking 18 miles this morning in a drenching rain.

Please click click...this is a key moment in history of Georgia.

Rain falling heavily, I tried to imagine the small battle that took place here during the early days of the Civil War.

The South Newport River...the Union Soldiers attacked from here.

A mile further North on US 17, is this I-95 / US17 intersection. I took refuge from the rain under the overpass for a couple minutes before continuing on.

A Revolutionary War Battle

was fought Bulltown Swamp.

My Poncho keeps my top half kinda dry.

It is so humid that my computer keyboard keys are sticking...must hit each key two or three times to get it to work.

RICHMOND HILL, GEORGIA, on the Southern outskirts of SAVANNAH, GEORGIA.

Many have expressed interest in my visiting SAVANNAH, so I will try to get into the city to see what all the fuss is about.

Truth be known, SPIA repairs have exceeded $2,000.00 the last month or so, which has depleted our $$ reserves. We have $350.00 remaining to take us to November 02, when our Social Security $$ is deposited into my Debit Card Account. Gas being the biggest expense, we will be moving very little the next three weeks.

Please say HELLO to Tony, my host for Louis' Truck Wash. Tony was stone faced 'til I told him a joke.

We have been fortunate that LOUIS' TRUCK WASH has given us a quiet secure spot behind their building to park. I will wait until tomorrow to ask if we may stay on for a few days. That will give me the opportunity to walk into the City of SAVANNAH.

One more difficulty has left leg collapsed on me a dozen or so times during my walks the past three days. It has not fully healed from my fall a couple months ago. Been taking pain pills to get through my walks. A rest will do my leg good (is probably a pinched nerve on the back-under- side of my knee).

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