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Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally pics are up...loaded as our ferry boat approached OCRACOKE, NORTH CAROLINA.

Will keep narrative to a minimum.

These privatr waterways channeled Hurricane waters directly into the small villages, flooding all except buildings on stilts or high foundations.

Click click to enlarge .

Nearly home had a pile of household items ruined by flooding.

Please say HELLO to Mr. Gaskill, enterprising business owner making a few $$ by collecting metal items and burning away the non metal. Mr. Gaskill earns $0.13 per pound of reclaimed metal.

Please say HELLO to Treva and Grandson Logan.

Treva and I had a long chat about the flooding.

Flat bottom Carolina Skiff.

Please say HELLO to Geraldine, Ferry Terminal employee.

I have discovered that it is nearly impossible to upload photographs the first few hours after school lets out. It appears kids flood the internet. So, must wait until after 10:00 pm or so and will try again...have some interesting pics today.

SPIA and I are parked for the night at the CEDAR ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA Ferry Dock. We have a 7:30 am reservation - prepaid by kindness of the State of North Carolina (i.e.; the State has paid our $40.00 fee) -

It is continuing cold. Walked many miles today along the Atlantic Coast Marshes and witnessed extensive damage from the Hurricane that passed through here two months ago.

We should arrive in OCRACOKE, NORTH CAROLINA about 9:30 in the morning. We have a half dozen folks to contact to help us with parking, electricity, etc. Our "vacation home" is all arranged for the entire next week located on HATTERAS ISLAND. We will be able to do a rather in-depth visit to these beautiful islands - includes KITTY HAWK !!

Is now 11:30 pm. Photographs still will not load. Could be a weak signal out here on CEDAR ISLAND. Will try again from OCRACOKE in the morning.

It is now 3:50 still will not load.

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