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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Peroneal Tendons

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We will return to 1958 in Naples, Italy shortly. 

At the moment, however, I wish to share details of a most unexpected injury...possibly the most severe I have experienced in the past three years:

PERONEAL TENDON - tearing of the tendon in the area of the ankle.

During my most recent 18-mile walk, I accidentally rolled my right leg ankle by stepping on the ragged edge of the tires had driven in the soil alongside the pavement, causing a 2 - 3 inch sharp drop.  I did not see the drop coming, causing my foot to twist - half on the pavement; half into the sharp drop, resulting in "twisting" my ankle.

I experienced NO pain when the twist occurred.  Later in the day, slight pain did develop, but I paid it little attention.

THEN, two days ago, I moved a very heavy couch - together with a table, chairs, and a dozen or so always, I moved this stuff without fact, in my many moves over the years, I have NEVER received any help.  I have always prided myself in learning at a young age - during our family ownership of our trucking company, Tri-City Freight Lines - the proper way to move heavy cumbersome objects (couches, mattresses, refrigerators, and yes, even pianos) by myself.

I have never before had any difficulties or encountered any injuries.

It appears that in my advancing age (80 years old in 30 months), I may have lost some of my flexibility and strength, reducing my body ability to take on extreme activity.

Moving the heavy couch - it has two reclining seats and is VERY heavy - , required me to repeatedly move it on / off my hand truck, and twist it through a half-dozen doorways - standing on end -.

During the moving exercise, I felt NO pain, feeling confident all has once again gone well.

Yesterday morning, I awoke with considerable pain in the "inside" of the area between in right ankle and heel.  I knew instantly that I had overstressed the tendon. 

Today, at 1:00 pm, the pain has increased, making it difficult to walk. 

A bit of research has convinced me that I have received a significant injury to the PERONEAL TENDON. 

Instead of attempting to write about this injury in detail, I offer the following medical information, taken from the Internet:

It appears that I really should see a doctor.  Truth be known, I simply cannot subject myself to any further "doctors".  During my last 3 years of walks, I have every three months or so stopped in at handy ER (emergency rooms) just to check my "vitals" ...not because of any specific reason...just a prevention measure. 

In each case, I was given the OK to continue walking.  Problem has been, however, that because of my 1995 heart attack and continuing "daily" medication, the ERs without exception went Ape Sh_t...throwing me into ICU - Intensive Care Unit - for a day or two, until they determined that I was in no danger.

In reality, I have never been in any danger from heart failure.

The result of this repeated imprisonment in ICUs, is a drawer full of ridiculous $$ medical bills...all for un needed treatments and against my repeated / continuous demand(s) that I be immediately released.

I, of course, have Medicare and AARP Supplemental Insurance...but with the unconscionable $$ prices charged, my insurance does not cover all costs.
Since I clearly informed all medical organizations that I have NO...NADA...ZERO $$ to give over and above my insurance...only then would I be released...and usually within 4 or 5 hours later.

Therefore, I feel required to see myself through this injury.

I anticipate to be essentially OFF my feet for at least two weeks and possibly four to six weeks before considering returning to extreme walking.

My biggest concern is not that I will heal properly...but that after such a long layoff, I will be subject to repeated injuries until reaching a "reconditioned" state.  In the past, for each one-week rest, I require 4 weeks of progressive strenuous activity to reach high-performance level.

So be it.

Will be interesting to see how this old body recovers. 

* * * * * * * * * *

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