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Monday, January 28, 2013


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Difficult to believe that in four weeks my blog has consumed 5 G ... most certainly from the massive files of linked images .  In any event, I must now pay more $$ for January 2013 to VERIZON.  Next month will certainly be well below the 5 gig maximum allowed.

Though it has warmed up a bit in this northern corner - some call it The Fourth Corner - of the USA, it continues to rain non-stop for most of the past couple weeks...everything nice and green...rivers and lakes amply filled and lots of snow on local ski slopes...Mt. Baker quite beautiful in the evening sunset - those occasional moments the clouds open to the west.

My right heel is not fully healed...even so, I have walked nearly every day for at least 12 miles - 3 hours. 

Wednesday last, encountered an emotional public...which has taken the wind out of me.  Am still wrestling with it, but being a positive sort, will survive and thrive.

Met a local lady who has indicated a keen interest to participate in my next walk...even if it is in Europe...we shall see.  In the mean time, will continue local highway if only the rain would return to the drizzle - liquid sunshine - I so dearly love to walk in.  Have been invited to tackle more POWER WALKS up local hills - small mountains really -, but my body simply is not attuned to running up steep mountain trails, so am approaching these Power Walks a bit all costs, must avoid further injury.

As an aside, many might consider my ramblings to be of questionable veracity. My "stories" are, however, not only based upon events, they are factual to the degree a half-century - plus -  time lapse allows. 

For the moment, cannot bring myself to put thoughts and recollections into proper words.  Wednesday's event has apparently affected me more than I would, will take a bit of time off to put my head back on straight before continuing with..." things were...".

Our local Western Washington University - 2012 Division II National Basketball Champions - continues winning 24 straight wins, ranked #2 in the nation.  Ladies WWU Basketball Team has won 9 straight and is ranked #5 in the nation.  How about SEAHAWKS Quarterback Russell Wilson throwing 3 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter of the NFL Pro-Bowl yesterday in Honolulu.  Then, there is Gonzaga U. and Oregon U. and and and...

Yes, the Pacific Northwest is crazy for sports...sports of all kinds...just one more reason enhancing quality of life in this, one of the most beautiful temperate clean and GREEN places in the world.

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