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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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The past few days have been quite exceptional.  First of all, my Son Ron, has, after two years of silence, answered my Christmas phone call, during which we chatted for nearly 1/2 hour.  Look forward to visiting Ron in the next few days, at which time I will also visit my Sister (half-sister) Bonnie (Renton, Washington), who at 84 is still working as a Hospital Aid...then, continue to Bend and Burns, Oregon to visit my Son Thomas and Daughter Monica...and, of course their many children and grand children
Best I can tell, I now have 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren...very possibly one great great grandchild.  Must make contact  and get them all tallied up.  My two oldest sons have, as far as I know, never married and have no children.

Today, I received another pleasant surprise.  On schedule, I retrieved my "for sale" trailer for the day, drove to the home of my recent betrothed - who dismissed me a couple years ago - to retrieve the last of my personal possessions remaining in our home, including a beautiful leather loveseat recliner and a glass and steel kitchen table and chairs.

What I did not expect, are the 10 or so carefully wrapped, insulated, and securely taped boxes filled with oodles of crystal, dinnerware, roasting dishes, and box after box of food I especially like - all left behind when I began my walking nearly 3 years ago...AND...several of my favorite historic fiction books...AND...a number of scientific and illustrated history, medical, space, and ancient mystery volumes.

Christmas all over again.

I would like to say more; but, as E is very private and at the moment very angry...about what I am not certain...I will leave it lay.

Yesterday, I hit the road again in a big way; I walked my local 18-mile course, but this time in reverse.  This required climbing a number of long steep hills, reinjuring my right Achilles tendon (mostly very sore...not damaged)...while pushing myself in near freezing temperatures - ice filled roadside puddles, ditches, and ponds.  I was not properly dressed for such cold, and suffered in my calf, upper thigh and hip muscles.  Lower body was so cold and cramped, I could hardly walk the final steps home.  Did complete the 18 miles, however in exactly 4.5 hours (4 mph).

Dragging into my apartment moments before darkness fell, I sacked out in my comfy recliner where I slept deeply for over one hour...then, walked to APPLEBYS where I treated myself to a full rack of baby-back ribs (my body was clambering for protein)...then home for a hot shower, downed 1/2 IBUPROFEN (400mg) and to bed...where I slept like a baby. 

This morning, had not a single sore tendon or muscle...thank goodness for my extreme healthy immune / lymphatic system...flushing out toxins, uric acids and other irritants in only a few hours...even my sinus was clear and no arthritic pain in my fingers.

Have also switched from coffee - three cups a day - to tea.  This is the third time in my life that coffee has caused discomfort.  Will probably stay away from coffee for a few I did in the past.

Back in 1958, when Sylvie was sent away, I had a personal "coming to God session"...Time after time others interrupted, redirected, and condemned me or those I cared about.  I, in the Summer of 1958, made a conscious decision that I was going to take control of my life.  New priorities were put in place, considering but often disregarding demands of others .

That which resulted has, in retrospect, produced astounding adventures...while putting tremendous self-imposed demands on my physical a point near being masochistic.  Some may not - from time to time - be pleased with me, but I will share it as it was...with one consideration:

...often times while out in the Salt Chuck (salt water of Puget Sound) fishing for Salmon, Dad would comment...see that Salmon which just jumped !!!...well, for every fish that jumps, there are hundreds just below the surface which have not jumped.

That message will be used in sharing my adventures; i.e., for every adventure shared, one may be certain that more lie unshared... reserved for later.

My apartment is now fully furnished.  I have room for a half dozen for dinner;  beds for at least two overnighters - more if one does not mind sleeping in one of my three (3) recliners or upon an air mattress on the floor. 

During my walk around America, many have indicated a desire to visit my home...the great Pacific North West...

come on y' to be your host and guide.

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