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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

POST 1043; JANUARY 15, 2013; ITALY (1959

* * * * * * * *

To some, the hour after after day drumming of the tires on the road would be too much to bear.  For her, they rhythmic vibration was soothing and comforting.  As long as it continued, she knew he would be there for her.

Her head rested on her arms facing the passenger side door.  Steering with his left hand, his right hand soothed her spine from shoulder blades to the base of her felt so very good.  She sighed, arched firmer into his hand, and relaxed deeper into the soft seat.  Her eyes fluttered as she drifted in and out of sleep.

This was day two of their cross-country trip.  She was very frightened as his car had pulled away from her home.  Her first time away, and she felt she might be leaving forever.

She had known him for many years, but going away with him was completely different.  Oh, she liked him well enough - even loved him in her own way.  He was always gentle with her and often whispered sweetly as he held her...her head resting against his chest and neck..

She rolled over...turned to face him.  His eyes on the road, he smiled as she stretched her arms out and snuggled her head onto his lap between his warm tumy and the steering wheel.  She purred softly as his fingers lightly stroked under her chin.

She hoped he...she hoped the car...would never stop.  As long as it continued, she knew that she was...

his cat.

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

Today, I terminated my cell phone service with ATT...many reasons for making that move, but the final decision is based upon the $55.00 monthly cost.  Since settling down into my apartment - and not stepping out onto the roadways of America - my phone has rung almost not at all.  Have re-signed with T-MOBIL which costs $100.00 for 1000 minutes...surely to save me many hundreds of dollars over the next year.

Also have, thanks to Karen E., discovered the FREE cell phone service of ASSURANCE Wireless...which gives low-income folks a cell phone AND 250 free talk ...and 250 free text mimutes per month...

* * * * * * * * * *

TORINO, Italy ( French Alps in the distance)

Being with my 13 girls is like nothing I have ever dreamed.  We work together.  We eat together.  We stay in the same hotels.  More than once, I am fully aware of one or more of the girls silently entering my room during the night...I play at sleeping...they always leave after a few moments.

At the outset, I have determined that NOTHING will ruin the love and respect we have created together.  (...wonder how I will feel about THAT in another 25 years or so...).  More than a few times I am approached by guys asking to be introduced...where do the girls stay.  I tell them that I am not the girls keeper...if they wish to approach them, they are free to do so without my permission or involvement. 

One Sunday afternoon, we are scheduled for a matinee performance.  I am somewhat taken aback when, greeting our audience, most of the seats are filled with children...teens and below.  I feel honored to be a part of such a show that parents feel comfortable to bring their children to share.  We have already done two evening performances at this installation...

I greet our audience with...I am so pleased to see so many of our younger generation with us this afternoon...If you enjoy our performance half as much as your parents did last evening, you are going to have a memory to last a lifetime... rousing applause.   I am not wrong...the children loved it !

All too soon, our two weeks come to an end.  Our final performance is over.  We go together to dinner and return to our hotel.  I go to my room to pack my solitary bag...than sit alone reliving the past few days.  Yes, I am very emotional...not for nothing I am born CANCER...sensitive, adoring, constantly in love, and keep all memories safe for future instant recall. 

A knock on my door.  Come walks two girls...we are having a party in our room...will you join us.

I walk hand in hand with my girls to their room, open the door, and find all 13 girls singing to me..." ..when love walks in and takes you for a spin..."

It is in the wee hours of morning before I return to my room.  There is no time for sleep.  My train leaves TORINO, Italy at 6:00 am for Rome. 

Every girl has completed her contract to the MOULIN ROUGE.  The last show has been performed.  Each will now go her own way, taking  memories to cherish.   We walk together, lugging suitcases and bags  - we will not return again to the hotel - to meet our various trains. 

I am the first to leave.  Hugs...tears...promises...kisses...and more hugs.  I step onto the railroad car steps...the train begins to move...leaning far out beyond the stairs, I watch until there is no one to see.

I find a suitcase on the net overhead...

...I cry myself to sleep

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