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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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I must say that today has been one of considerable confusion. 

For nearly one week it has been COLD in Bellingham...last night again in the mid 20s F., with dense fog nearly all day.

After my walk yesterday, I felt a bit unfulfilled; i.e., Ginger showed me just how much out of condition I have, I decided I should make a bit more effort now that my pulled knee and foot have healed.

So, decided to push myself by doing my 18-mile walk THE HARD WAY; i.e., walking counter clockwise, forcing me to climb three rather significant hills.  I managed the hills rather nicely.  I did not, however, dress warmly enough.  Half way through - 9 miles & 2 + hours, I became thoroughly chilled, especially my legs. 

So, I kicked up my pace to get a bit more circulation...which did warm me up enough to complete the walk.  The 18 miles took me 4 hours 32 minutes...right at 4 miles per hour.  Not bad under the circumstances.

On hilltops, fog was about as above.,,with icy pavement.

In valleys and down by Lake Whatcom, the fog was much thicker, causing me to have to jump out of the way of oncoming vehicles as they bore down on me in foggy curves of narrow North Shore Boulevard.

Lots of smaller hills along North Shore Boulevard...happens to be a spot of not so dense fog.

Arriving home, I drew a hot bath, stepped in, and soaked for over one hour to warm up...then I slipped into bed - the comfy bed gifted me by Karen E. - and slept like a baby for over two hours.  Dressing appropriately would be an intelligent option.

Incurred NO injuries, but my lower extremities were stiff and painful until this evening...all seems to be OK now.

Man, am I out of shape...last Summer I was daily walking over 8 hours non-stop up and down mountains, averaging 30 + miles per day.  Have a long way to go to get back into condition.  Wonder if approaching 80 years old might have something to do about that...perhaps my body is not recovering so quickly as it used to was.

At least, my boo boos (pulled muscles / tendons) are repairing themselves within a couple weeks...instead of the six weeks it normally takes.

A technical note about my VERIZON Wireless Account.  I have a 5 Gig monthly plan @ $55.00.  In the past two months, I have run over my 5 Gig, which has cost me an additional $10.00 per month.  Have received e-mail notification from VERIZON that I have already used 90% of my 5 Gig for January.  I dropped in at the local VERIZON to find out what I am doing different to consume so much wireless service.

It appears that with Wireless, every web page I access...such as Images of the city of Naples, or Pisa, or Via Apia, or charged to my account...even if I do not upload individual images.  That means that I can no longer "link" such large files to this blog...unless I wish to jump to the next level - 8 Gigs - at the cost of $80.00 per month...which I cannot do.

  Tomorrow morning, I will again take to the road...albeit a bit shorter and not so hilly.   It is supposed to continue cold and foggy.

Oh, Yeah...except for a 2-day old pancake early this morning, I totally forgot to eat anything today...for shame!

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