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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

POST 1351!; JUNE 18, 2014; EDINA, OHIO

Once again, my route has changed.  This time, out of need to find a "Hot Spot", have driven to the city of MEDINA, OHIO, where McDonald's has again provided WIFI.  By using WIFI, I do not use my own VERIZON account, minimizing monthly cost.

MADINA is very near my original route into CLEVELAND, and still only 10 or so miles from my most recent route.  Should fetch Lake Erie shore at about the city of PAINSVILLE.

Early this morning, walked Back on Route 162 from the town of NEW LONDON, where we spent the night at McDonald's.  Over 4 hours walking was followed by driving to the village of SPENCER, where my second walk of the day was followed by a drive to MEDINA, where WALMART is once again our over night choice.  Nurse MELISSA is making arrangements for renewing Heart Medication, which WALMART will provide.

Am getting a bit stronger, but am not yet at peak performance.  It is atrociously HUMID and HOT, making SPIA an efficient Sauna all night long.  Am having difficulty sleeping, waking with me and blankets soaked.

Please say HELLO to AUSTIN, AUSTIN, and DOMINIC.  These three attended High School together, with DOMINIC (r.) and AUSTIN (i.) graduating...DOMINIC with 3.8 gp.

JORDAN, carries a 4.0 grade point into his Senior year.

Just love to find cloths drying in Nature's wind.

Vehicle tracks in a field of wheat.

A Mailbox.

Please say HELLO to LORI.

LORI drives an OHIO State Roadside Mower.  Fun conversation with LORI.

Did srr a passing AMISH Carriage today...but did not take a pic.

Finally found some sizeable SILOs.

Please say HELLO to - yes, another LORI.

LORI stopped by my McDonald's booth as this blog update was in the throes of creation.

LORI and I carried on a length conversation, during which I learned about much of LORI's family centered in and around the CLEVELAND area.

* * * * * * * * * *

Have not decided on a royte to and through CLEVELAND.  Will walk to the outskirts of the city, but will drive across town before walking to the city of PAINESVILLE.  From PAINESVILLE, will follow Route 20 along the shore of Lake Erie across PENNSYLVANIA and into NEW YORK.

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