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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Just to prove how whimsical I can be, I have ended up some 300 miles from my intended destination of two days ago:  GREEN BAY, Wisconsin.

After considerable map work and overall objective consideration,, ruled out travelling via CANADA to MAINE, USA.  Instead, opted to remain in the United States.

Drove yesterday from WEST BEND, WISCONSIN to downtown CHICAGO on US 12, switching to Interstate roadways - got all turned around, so  used the GPS to find my way out of the Big Windy City.  Ended up on US 24 East  to the city of WATSEKA, Illinois, where I stopped for the night.

My actual destination has been PERU, Indiana, the home from long time follower (of my blog), JUDY SHULTZ, who had invited me to return to PERU.  Walked this way with SAM last year on our walk from North Carolina to the Peace Arch.

Arriving in WATSEKA, contacted JUDY by phone, arranging lunch together at her Daugter's Restaurant, CULVERS, in the city of WABASH (of WABASH CANNONBALL - railroad and song - fame).

Please say HELLO to JUDY and Hubby BUD SHULTZ.

I forgot I had crossed from CENTRAL into EASTERN Time Zone, so was one hour late for our 12:30 lunch date.  Even so, they waited for me.

I enjoyed lunch ALA Daughter DAWN's scrumptious food.  DAWN was very busy, so I failed to chat or photograph her. 

In the morning, will spend time walking this famous city, hoping to meet up with DAWN for a bit before I continue walking East on US 24...then Highway 6 reaching the CLEVELAND area in three or four days. 

Ultimate destination is the Eastern boundary of the State of MAINE.  Will turn Right, walking the Eastern Coast Line of America to KEY WEST, Florida, keeping in step with Nature's COLORS as they mature into their famous brilliance North to South.  Am hoping to stay pretty much even with the peak OF COLOR as I go, blogging all the way.

For the moment, am sated with DAWN's food...and am ever so comfy in JUDY, BUD and DAWN's surprise room reserved for me at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS.

Thank you.

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