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Friday, June 27, 2014


Have spent a few hours devouring new maps - both purchased and "FREE" from AAA.  Major concern is the lack of roadways in VERMONT. NEW HAMPSHIRE, and MAINE to reach the city of CALAIS, desired most Eastern destination.

Seriously considered walking over the top or through the ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS to take advantage of roads heading from BURLINGTON, VERMONT, East to CALAIS.  After chewing on available options, determined the best option is to continue  following the ERIE CANAL to near the city of TROY, New York - then walking North East to MONTPELIER, VERMONT.  Following Route 2 to BANGOR, MAINE...then Route 9 brings us to CALAIS, MAINE.

Taking the advice of the MEDINA Policeman, stayed at the Park on the shore of a reservoir laying next to the ERIE CANAL.  Up before the Sun, got a couple nice photographs before driving to BROCKPORT McDonald's, where so much time has been spent with the new maps.  Route decision had to be made by tomorrow as the ADRIONDACK MOUNTAIN option required taking Route 104 out of ROCHESTER, New York.

"Walking" is turning out to be the EASY part of this quest. 

ERIE CANAL Transient Sailboat moored for the night at the MEDINA Marina...only one block from Town Center

Downtown MEDINA, New York.  ERIE CANAL is one block to the camera's right .

View from SPIA's over night parking spot...before Sun rise.

A Fishing Derby is scheduled for next week in these waters.

Photographed fron official New York State CANAL CORPORATION documents furnished boaters navigating New York Canals

Lousy image...sorry !


Ronalee said...

Beautiful country. We took nearly that route, but east to west last spring. I'm picturing you along those roads.

Anonymous said...

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