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Sunday, June 15, 2014

POST 1348; JUNE 15, 2014; FINDLAY,.OHIO

In spite of trains passing close by WALMART parking lot. I heard not a thing all night.
Up with the Sun, yesterday's SUBWAY breakfast sandwich, and a three hour walk back toward KALIDA before spending another hour walking the streets taking pics of OTTAWA.

High CIRRUS front was moving East, so drove to the city of FINDLAY, parked, and walked back West toward OTTAWA.

Is now 4:30 pm EDT with high CUMULUS, bit no sign yet of the storm closing on us.

Is only 8 miles to the next city of FOSTORIA, so might drive to WALMART in FOSTORIA for the night

Farms are tending to become smaller as we walk more Easterly.  Smaller properties tend to host less majestic buildings.  Silos have nearly disappeared.

Silos remaining tend to be smaller than the monsters of the Great Plains.

Waterways are plentiful on this always flat farm land.  The waters are, however, slow moving, shallow, and totally earthy brown.

Town Square, OTTAWA, Ohio.

Roadways are in rather good condition...this primarily due to the absence of big Rigs.

Corn crop is coming along nicely.

Not nearly so many floral gardens as in the previous 100 miles or so.

AMISH Buggy - used as an advertisement.  Have seen NO AMISH the past couple days.

Please say HELLO to DANIELLE (15), MCKENZIE (16), and JAYSON, with whom I had a lengthy chat at WALMART in FINDLAY.

* * * * * * * * * *

The storm seems to have stalled or slowed.  Still big puffy white clouds about, but no wind or rain clouds are to be seen.

Will drive to find the "old town" FINDLAY to take some pics; then decide if it is FINDLAY or FOSTORIA for the night.

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Rodney Hess said...


As you get further east into Ohio, you will find lots of Amish communities, and the food is just delicious. The Amish have some really great restaurants. You will run into the Miller and Yoder names very often in Eastern Ohio, and their restaurants are spotless, and the food scrumptious. Behind the Amish restaurants, you will always find a hitching rail, for the horses and buggies.

As soon as you see steel wheel marks on the blacktop, you know you are approaching the Amish communities. Also, you will begin to see their wonderful and beautiful furniture shops. Whenever I have been in Ohio, I really enjoyed the Amish folks, very kind and courteous.