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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Is now 6:45 pm EDT.  Spent the afternoon searching for a roadway suitable to walk.  US Route 20 is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in town(s) and between towns.  Narrow lanes are bordered by concrete curbs with no white side lines, with not a single inch given to a bicycle lane...and either NO sidewalks or broken ones to render them non walkable.

Looking at the map, a new route - Route 5 -has shown up for PENNSYLNANIA and NEW YORK which hugs the shore for a way.  Is too late to check it out this evening, but will do so in the morning.

PIZZA HUT has stopped WIFI in their restaurants, and the McDonald's in ASHTABULA has not a single electrical outlet for computers.  Also, $1.00 drinks have been discontinued in Ohio McDonald's.

Had SPIA oil changed at WALMART.  They lied to me about how much oil they drained...they said it was FULL, but I checked it yesterday and it was only 1.4 on the dip stick.  The motor main seal has leaked for over 10 years...not a serious condition as I always check the level at each gas fill up.  Uses one quart between oil changes.

Just before changing the oil, I stopped at a national Tire Store, where all 4 tires checked at 32 psi (I watched him do it); whereas, WALMART certified each tire had 35 psi.

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper at the moment...then again, I owe WALMART a great deal for the many nation wide over night parking they have extended to me and thousands of other travelers. 

Perhaps I must get away from population density and go back to the farm lands.

Sign of the times, or perhaps I should look internally.  We shall see in the next couple days as we cross PENNSYLVANIA and into NEW YORK.

Also, internet signal keeps dropping out.  Bad signal...or perhaps overloaded system.

STOP IT- Bruce...

Count your blessings !

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