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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Brakes Are ON

Hi, all...great news today...SAM HAS NEW SHOE BRAKES ON....

It took some guidance from the factory, but SAM has received her new shoe brakes....and what a gift from above. Took a while to figure out the installation/tuning process, but the initial 1.5 mile test walk was a rousing success. SAM negotiated steep down-grades in great control (not to mention her front wheel hub motor purring back up hill from the two battery packs). Also, both solar panels were out in all their glory, pumping electrons into the battery pack on standby.

The knee is still VERY tender, so am taking it cautiously easy. Was able to keep up with SAM, but kept at a 3.0 mph walking speed. No knee pain during or after.

Upon returning to her garage, SAM received a complete inspection of her new brakes. Finally...I figured out the fine-tuning process and gave SAM a soothing do-over. Her brakes are now tuned to a knife edge. Tomorrow she gets a longer (perhaps up to 5 miles or so) test.

And then, there is question of Brucie-baby...a handle put on me by a Company of all ladies many years ago while doing expositions around the country. Remember, I still have a fully operating Company to run every day. Just for the record, I see some encouraging signs the we might just be lifting ourselves out of this recession. Not to be fooled. My Company and I have, in the 30 years of our existance, been through seven (7) of these recessions. Being in the Candy business, we lead the nation/industries by about 18 months into recessions...but, we also lead by a similar 18 months out of recessions. I.E.; if repitition is valid, I see this recession coming full circle by September 2011 & not before. Not encouraging, perhaps, but I can only speak from 30 year experience.

If the truth be known, my Company should have gone extinct many years ago. I projected this downturn to be much so that most of my "friends" quit coming around and everyone stopped listening to one likes a know-it-all, especially when forecasting economic disaster. But, I did take my own advice. I downsized the Company. I eliminated 75 percent of my physical office/warehouse space, and quit throwing $$$ into the exposition playground (each exposition costs minimum $15,000.00; which means you must sell $150.000.00 just to recover the cost of the exposition. Such is no longer possible for most Companies.) Also, I eliminated all overhead items not essential, such as extra phone lines, non-essential insurance - kept liability - , and kept the heat turned DOWN requiring a change in manner of dress, such as wearing an extra sweater...not to mention turning off all lights & electronics not essential to moment-to-moment operation. Now, I have sub-leased my warehouse, resulting is an additional overhead saving. Ok, OK, OK...I'll shut up - for now....

....just know, that all this has led me to seniorswalkingacrossamerica and SAM.

I promised a few blogs ago to give my walk route. Goofed, huh !!! But, next blog I will give the major route of my walk from the Peace Arch, Blaine, Washington to Key West, Florida.

Perhaps I will pass by or nearby you...I truly hope so and invite you to contact me to help you in your current chore(s).

later.....Bruce & SAM

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